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  1. New report out---Chargers want a First.
  2. Oh for sure...He will get paid in the offseason by another team definitely. But as for now, that team has to give up draft picks in order to have the chance to pay him. And the chargers probably want a first or two firsts. Which i don't see happening
  3. There's always 1 or 2 guys waiting in the wings on the depth chart that can put up similar numbers for a fraction of the cost. See james connor last year. Teams know this and will refuse to pay players that don't honor their contracts.
  4. Not reporting--Chargers aren't giving in. That's a wrap for Gordon this year
  5. Or drake could get traded and he's a bellcow
  6. Pretty solid...Wr's are all boom or bust type though
  7. I don't think Gordon plays this year so no from me
  8. Keepers were DJ - $26 and Connor $5 $200 budget I think my weakspots are QB/TE and Dst
  9. Im not basing anything off AZ Def---they have been getting throttled all preseason
  10. Cardinals miight have the worst Defense in the league...chargers did the same last week
  11. Murray has 14 TD's over the last two season's for a poor offense. I can easily see him with 10+ TD's this season
  12. And you argue with at least 1 fact next time if there is one you can find