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  1. Fournette Trade Value?? WHIR

    For any LF owner that has waited this long, they aren't going to give him up for M. Jones... Hilton possibly
  2. Burkhead for Kittle

    Agree with the majority... do the deal, pick up barber. Can't believe he is still avail, he is not in any of my leagues...
  3. PPR Keep 2 [WHIR]

    Ah... so its a potential drop and add situation. I actually like how you proposed it now. Seeing that Adams didn't practice today I may just stay as is. Cobb and Graham may split positive weeks.
  4. PPR Keep 2 [WHIR]

    Need more info but in a vacuum I would keep one of the GB WRs + Stills . (PPR most likely Cobb). Dorsett is nice but IMO harder to predict week to week. If these are your bench players then consider the match ups for the weeks you anticipate using them.
  5. Howard/Sanders for Barkley? whir

    I am high on Sanders this year as well... however I would do the deal for Howard / Fitz. I would also try to get Barkley + Goodwin, see if they bite given Goodwin's slow start. I do think Howard will have a good season, however Barley has no cohen in the picture and a much better passing attack to take off some of the pressure, Trubisky looking pretty shaky.
  6. Agree with the consensus... hold on to Morris Help in return?
  7. share your starters
  8. Should I grab Yeldon? WHIR

    Keeper league? Or did you just go heavy RB? Given you are pretty thin at WR for a 10 team PPR, I would try to package a RB + WR to get a better WR which would then open up a roster spot to grab Yeldon. I do think Yeldon is more valuable to you than you realistically see yourself ever starting Williams? Every other back you have has more upside. Hard to do this week because all your WRs had down weeks... but again try to package Jamaal and a WR to a team heavy at WR and thin at RB.
  9. Trade help. WHIR

    I would lean JuJu... without knowing your roster and how deep you are at WR have you explored trying to move him for RB?
  10. 12 team .5 ppr would you do this trade? My concern is being too thin at RB. Give: Ajayi + Tre Burton Get: Gronk + Sony Michel My RBs... Fournette Mixon Ajayi Aaron Jones Chubb Yeldon
  11. Doug Martin 2017 Season Outlook

    No I don't believe they will to start the game. But it is basically what they did last week, so it could happen again mid game.
  12. Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

    Can anyone explain this latest blurb? It seems so contradictory... can't make sense of it.'s Bryan Broaddus expects Darren McFadden to be the lead back with Ezekiel Elliott suspended. Alfred Morris has been the No. 2 back, but McFadden is a favorite of owner Jerry Jones. McFadden offers more of an Elliott skill set and could move ahead of Morris with Dallas on their bye. Morris should still be the favorite to start if Elliott's suspension holds, but it's far more a lock. Related: Alfred Morris Source: Bryan Broaddus on Twitter Oct 13 - 6:31 PM
  13. Amari Cooper 2017 Season Outlook

    The only way he can get worse is if he fumbles his only catch and ends up with negative points... if he continues to get no catches or 1 catch he is just the same as he's been the past couple weeks. It would be a questionable start against Balt anyway, now with EJ who know's how he'll perform but, I will be starting WR2 & 3 types over him this week.
  14. DeVante Parker 2017 Outlook

    It is juicy, but with the week 1 bye due to the hurricane, I am a bit concerned about this week... Its a fabulous match up with NO, but consider the dolphins spent week 1 in California when their game was cancelled and stayed the entire week until playing the Chargers. Then they go on the road to NY where they clearly didn't show up... now fly overseas to London? Its not just 3 road games in a row but add in the extra week of being on the road in cali, have these guys been home much yet? Also heard NO has been in London all week and Miami just going now... I'm sending him out there but a bit concerned.
  15. Adam Thielen 2017 Season Outlook

    I wouldn't be swayed one way or the other this week. Most weeks yes, but check what Keenum did to Detroit on the road as part of the Rams last year.... you may also prefer Keenum this week. Bradford vs Det last year: 31 of 40, 273 - 1TD 31 of 37, 224 - 0TD Keenum (Rams) vs Det last year 27 of 32, 321 - 3 TDs