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  1. All bigs in the first 6 rds? Wow. First time i’ve seen anyone do that. Aside from FT, you are also punting PTS, 3s. Not strong in AST and STLs too. Looks like u dug youself a very deep hole there.
  2. What’s the earliest you guys would take him? After Capela, it’s him, Favors, Adams, Whiteside i look at when targetting bigs in mocks.
  3. He’s usually taken in the 6th or 7th in mocks i’m in. So yeah, he’ll now probably go as early as rd 5.
  4. Very crafty too. If he keeps playing like this, he’ll get more and more comfortable, and he’ll get his comfidence back. And once his confidence is back, hopefully his natural shooting touch comes back too. I really believe in this kid and am rooting for him.
  5. Snail mail, fax, phone...Must be really hard. You guys must really know each other to do this, right? Thank God it’s so easy now with the technology we have. You can play from anywhere in the world, all you need is a phone. And how do you draft, via phone? And is it live? Must be tough coz u don’t have all the stats readily available, plus probably no fantasy forums, no player rankings, no articles to read, etc. You probably just have to rely on your own knowledge of the NBA players. (Apologies to OP of this thread. Just really curious how it works back then. And amazed to learn fantasy basketball has been on since ‘86, maybe even earlier.)
  6. My 13th and last pick, 13th round of standard h2h mock drafts.
  7. He’s mostly my 13th pick in mocks. Always available at the end.
  8. You can drop Gay for Mikal Bridges who’s elite in stls.
  9. 3rd, that’s like 9th rd overall including the 6 keepers. I’d say yes.
  10. Try to offer KD, KD is elite, but if you feel he may never be the same again with his injury, you should start thinking about moving him.
  11. What did you trade for him? I got him last year, before preseason started, around late sept., when he was still a Sixer and Prince was still with Atlanta and ranked high in the preseason. I got him and then rookie MitchRob for Taurean Prince and Jordan Bell.