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  1. I’m also hoping he gets traded there. But according to a bleacherreport article, Phoenix is not interested in Fultz.
  2. Do the Sixers need KCP? Why can’t they just do Fultz for Ariza instead? It’s someone like Ariza they need.
  3. Watching the full game replay now, and i saw the Gobert-Harden play in two other different angles from the replays. Gobert did not give Harden a little nudge alright..he shoved him. Harden sure did an acting job to sell it to the refs by falling, but the shove is with enough force that even if Harden did not fall, the shove is enough to call it a foul. The vid link posted by @mihs shows just one far angle where it looks just like a little nudge to me. Game replays from different angles show a clear shove. Even Reggie Miller says good acting job by Harden but a good call by the ref.
  4. So we’re clear he was nudged. There u go. Now if he flopped, it wasn’t clear, at least not to me, not from that vid i saw.
  5. I’m not talking abt past flopping incidents by Harden, so idk why u need to post those vids. I’m referring only to the vid link posted by @mihs above. I am asking if that is a clear flop, that one incident. Coz from that vid, it looks to me Gobert nudged him a bit, at least from that angle. A different angle would make things clearer.
  6. Did Harden flop there? Coz it looks to me like Gobert nudged him a little as he positions himself, and Harden just got offbalanced with that nudge and fell. Should’ve been a no-call tho. That CP3 vid with Cousins, that is a clear flop.
  7. Who would u rather have and trust ros?
  8. Lol. Relax o ye of little faith. These people who easily jump to conclusions make me smh. When Simmons was playing passive early on when Jimmy came in, people immediately concluded Simmons’ value will take a massive hit ros. Look at him now with consecutive beastly games. These guys are trying to adjust to each other. Like Simmons, Jimmy will be fine.
  9. That’s my team name, lol. Ret. Gen. Soreness
  10. There are two Tyreke threads, if anyone hasn’t noticed yet.
  11. Jimmy and Shamet seems to have a good connection, chemistry. Jimmy looked for him to hit some treys. While Shamet threw an inbound pass to Jimmy for an alley-oop slam.