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  1. I think Zeke is somewhat a product of the Dallas line. He's good, but when you look at his advanced stat numbers, he isn't elite. If you search through the football outsiders web site, you can see that in their DVOA (defensive value over average), Zeke ranked 18th in running backs last year. DYAR (defensive yards above replacement) he ranks 9th). Success rate he ranks 21st (depends on down and yardage...how succesful they were at gaining appropriate yardage). My point isn't to say that Zeke isn't a first round pick (he clearly is), or that Pollard is going to steal the job from him (he isn't), but Pollard does something extremely well that Zeke doesn't...catch the ball. Zeke is 20th in DYAR and 29th in DVOA for receiving, and the Cowboys now have incentive to keep him healthy as they are paying him for a longer time period now. I kind of expect Pollard to be in the mix for 4-8 carries a game and get some third down work. Additionally, if Zeke were to suffer an injury (which often happens after a player has held out and didn't go through training camp) I think Pollard would have 10-15 carries coming his way, all the passing down work, and playing behind a stud line. I kind of liken his position to Darrell Henderson. I think both Memphis backs will receive some work while the workhorse in front of them is healthy, and if either Gurley (more likely) or Zeke (less likely) suffer an injury, they vault into RB2 territory immediately. For deeper leagues, or shallower leagues with deep benches, these are the kind of players you want to have stashed. I would much rather have Tony Pollard sitting on my bench than a Lesean McCoy or Carlos Hyde.
  2. Thompson....hes the most talented back. Reid won't be afraid to deploy him come midseason. Early on it will be a time share. Halfway through McCoy will either be injured or fade away. Damien is JAG, and Thompson is younger and a better fit for the offense.
  3. Left the park for the third straight game. I guess this guy is so good it doesn't even warrant a bump until midmorning. Really wish they would start his clock this season in September, but I think we see a delayed call up next year similar to Vlad Jr. this year.
  4. I think the homer off Navarro traveled 500+ feet. Was like a home run derby swing....absolutely crushed it... https://twitter.com/whitesox/status/1163280721286488064?s=20
  5. in 76 games he is hitting: .286/.353/.509 15 homers 9 steals 35 runs 43 rbi 162 Pro-rated 31 homers 19 steals 74 runs 91 rbi Obviously you have to have a player you can move into his spot when he sits against the NL, but when he is in the lineup, that is the production you are getting. Hard to beat that when you should have selected him with a late pick, or even a waiver wire pickup.
  6. Great progression from last year to this year for Ozzie. Walks are slightly up and strikeouts slightly down, but the biggest difference is that he has moved 8 percentage points from Medium Contact to Hard Contact. 22 years old and he is going to put together another 20+ / 10+ season. 25/15 looking very reasonable, and he is closing in on .300/.350/.500. Keep up the work little guy,
  7. Also despite being 3 years older than Pantera, Brinson is striking out more, stealing less, hitting for less power, and hitting for less average in the minors. The tool set might have some similarities but it seems like you are comparing a rubber mallet to a ten lb sledgehammer. Yeah they are both technically hammers, but they aren’t really a fair comparison.
  8. As a dynasty owner (which I have to assume all of us are on some level), I would prefer him to not get the call this year, and then come up sooner next year. If he gains service time this, he could be delayed even further next year.
  9. Exactly. Cameron was a stud and he never reached the heights of what people hoped. If Robert is a rich mans version of that, you have a hall of famer.
  10. I agree with the Mike Cameron comp. kind of see that as his baseline. If his hit tool improves he is a difficult comp because the physical profile is so elite.
  11. Made this prediction last year but injuries got in the way. I was just a year off.....
  12. I also expect him to stay in the minors this year, but I did not think he would be in AAA this quickly either. He has outperformed all expectations this year up to this point.
  13. For those of you who own him in Yahoo as a hitter, what kind of dynasty value does he hold? Yahoo forces two separate decisions. I think his long term value as a pitcher is a no-brainer based on what he showed last year, and I targeted him as a hitter this year primarily because I felt he would play almost every day as the DH without having the SP concerns....but the Angels plan on pitching him, so his at bats will be limited... The hard thing is that he is a super young hitter that absolutely mashes. He is 25 years old and in his first 561 plate appearances ... AVG: .290 OBP: .359 Run: 84 RBI: 96 2B: 27 3B: 3 HR: 34 SB: 14 That is top 15 hitter production from a guy in his first full season. He is just difficult to project in Yahoo if he only receives 330 at bats a season....
  14. Wait...taj gibson is going to take minutes from 23Savage? I don't think so. Knicks are all in for more lottery, and the best way to do that is play young guys. He is locked and loaded for 25-30 minutes a night and will be a top 20 producer in fantasy next year.