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  1. Why does he have to be? Just out of curiosity. ZIPS and Steamer are both projecting Brasier. Not saying that either is necessarily right, just stating that it seems to be a coin flip for most experts. What makes Barnes the obvious choice and what are guys like Steamer seeing/not seeing? i honestly see Barnes and Brasier both as JAG bullpen arms. Neither is really exciting. Brasier actually has a better swinging strike rate than Barnes despite a lower K/9. Seem like similar pitchers. Barnes a little more polished, Brasier a better fastball.
  2. Was listening to the fantasy pros podcast the other day and both commentators who are extremely reliable sources stated they expected Brasier to to win the job. There are worse gambles this time of year than the potential Boston closer. Even if it is only a 25% chance. Personally based on Barnes spring results I have to think it is more 50/50
  3. Prognosticators were projecting Ryan as the closer this year before his toe injury. Has the potential to be elite in K’s and closing for a top 5 MLB team. Right now he looks to be the setup man, but anyone else with a share of Brasier to start the season to see if he wins the job? Projections for this year?
  4. I take him over gobert and Capela. Primarily because he is showing me that he can hit a free throw. I expect him to shoot 75% next year from the line. That is a massive upgrade over both Capela and Gobert. He wont have the rebounds of either of those two but he will have more blocks Better fg and better ft. A shot blocking bug that doesn’t tank your percentages is massively valuable. I would probably take turner before Capela but not gobert.
  5. He really doesn’t play like Gobert though. Gobert is a lumbering giant. Mr. Robinson plays like a more athletic Marcus Camby. That is a scary thought for the teams that passed on him (which is everyone in the league).
  6. That ranking is just going to keep skyrocketing. After his last two games he will be ranked in the top 30 for the past month in most leagues.
  7. Just going to leave this here.... Mitchell has exceeded my expectations thus far, but this was a pretty good trendline for MR's season. If he can stay healthy the last 1/3rd of the season those who own him will be rewarded for their patience/foresight. I ended up dropping him when he was hurt, but as soon as it looked like he was coming back I made the add. MR has the ability to consistently produce 25% - 50% of your weekly block totals (depending on your roster size). His block contribution would be the equivalent of a player scoring 60-90 points per game, or grabbing 30-35 rebounds per game. Plus he has really improved his free throw shooting to where he doesn't kill you in that category. He won't ever be an 80% shooter, but based upon what I see I think he will be 70%+ next year (will probably have a stinker here or there to really drag his average down this year). Anyway, kudos to those of you who own him. Besides being a valuable fantasy player, he is really fun to watch out there.
  8. He won't play a lot at first, but I bet he is pushing 20+ minutes by the end of the year. Should be a nice bench player for anyone in a deep league. I will go with 13 points 5 assists 1.5 threes. Hard to find assists this late in the season. He should be a nice bench guard. He is productive even in limited minutes as an injured player. If he is actually healthy again, there is no reason he won't be instant offense off the bench for the Nuggets.
  9. His blocks are extremely valuable in and sort of 8 or 9 cat league. He he has only played 39 of the 55 games for the Knicks. Is averaging 6pts 4 rbs amd 51% ft during those 39 games and the guy is still ranked right at 150 for cumulative stats in standard 9 cat leagues. That is silly. If he is able to chip in 10-12 points and get his rbs to 6-8, then he is a top 70 player and the guy barely knows how to play. He is just running around. His athletic profile is insane. Like Clint Capela on pogo sticks.
  10. I think Zu is in a good situation at LAC. Harell is going to get his minutes, but Zu should get 25-30 most nights as Harrell and he play together for a 5-7 minutes a game. Zu's game is extremely fantasy friendly if he just gets minutes. Plus contributor in FG/FT/RB/BLK that is nice combination to have. Doesn't hurt you anywhere. The fact that he is barely the legal drinking age also helps when projecting forward. I think he will will resign with the Clips this offseason and become a quality real life and fantasy basketball player.
  11. He plays a good amount of minutes at C, any chance Yahoo gives him eligibility there? Vote here! https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/35877415-noah-vonleh-c-eligibility
  12. I dropped him, and I really like him, but he isn't getting the productive minutes. Can't afford to sit for too long when you are trying to compete. He will probably come back around at some point, but right now they are clearly going to give everyone minutes, and that hurts his ability to produce.
  13. In real life, yes - in fantasy it is close simply because KAT shoots 90% from the foul line. In a 1 year league there isn't a player I would trade Embiid for. Dynasty you have to weigh in his injury past and downgrade him some (depending on your tolerance for risk), but for the next 2-5 years I can't imagine there being a more appealing player. He is averaging: 28 points 13 rebounds 4 assists 1.5 threes .3 steals (has to improve this number) 2.1 blocks 47% FG 80% FT 3.0 turnovers (down from 3.75 average the previous two years) He is also continuing to improve each offseason. It doesn't take a whole lot of improvement for him to get to 30/15/5/2 threes/2 blocks which would be absolutely insane. Plus he is hilarious. By far the most entertaining player in the NBA and has been so since he stepped on the court (and was already killing Twitter before he played).
  14. Yeah, I don't idolize the guy at all. Your points are well taken. I have been thinking of changing for a while anyway, but you kind of start recognizing people by the avatars and I was always the Che guy, so I just kept him. I have replaced the much hated Che with a similar figure of lore. Except this is a man with whom I hold extreme reverence and awe. Let us return to discussion of the wiry wonder known as Mitchell Robinson.