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  1. After a rough patch, gets back on track with a 5-7 doubleheader. .338 .380 .547 wRC+ of 169 I would say he has acquitted himself well thus far at a tough AA park/league. I kind of figure he will see AAA pitching pretty soon if he continues this pace.
  2. I will admit to being surprised at his .327 and strong OPS start to the AA season. I thought he would struggle more than this.
  3. Interesting note of his time in AA thus far. While the home run power has been a bit scarce (2 homers in 26 games), he has been crushing doubles. In fact in a 162 game projection based upon his first 26 games, he hit 75 doubles (and also steal 50 bases). With the difficult hitting environment in BHam, and reality that at his next promotion (either AAA or MLB) he will be able to hit a compressed ball, Robert is playing VERY well. His fans/fantasy owners have to be pretty excited about what they have seen considering the tough year he had last year.
  4. Which is why I stated he would have to do something special. White Sox have no intrinsic motivation to start his clock. Most likely he is a 2020 call.
  5. La Pantera has to separate himself in AA if he wants the callup this year. He is playing pretty well, but he isn't forcing anyone's hand at this point. It takes something special to make the leap from A ball to the Majors in 1 year.
  6. .300 avg. decent k rate. 2 homers and 5 steals. Better start than I expected.
  7. I am more concerned with the K/BB ratio than anything. Birmingham is a tough place to hit. If he can hit in the .250 - .290 range with good walk numbers that will be a success in my opinion.
  8. Solid start to his season. Doing what he does..has good at bats, makes hard contact and isn't afraid of taking a walk. I think he is a top 50 hitter from this point forward which is a steal considering where most of us drafted him.
  9. Told you this guy was going to get consistent at bats. Kind of hard to believe that he will hit 3rd vs. lefties, but that is a huge show of confidence in his bat. Middle of the order production and you only had to wait a month. He is going to pay off a huge value this year imo.
  10. Shohei is going to smash.....can't wait.
  11. Agree with Oswald. Most of what I read on La Pantera before he was signed was that he had unlimited potential, but that he needed refinement. Major League body and athleticism, juco refinement. I still think his BA will struggle as he rises up the ranks, but the power/speed tools are phenomenal and he has a nice quiet approach to the plate. I see big things for this kid.
  12. Glad to see La Pantera get the promotion. Now is when the true test comes. Birmingham is a TOUGH place to hit. He isn't going to produce like he did in A+, that is for sure. BB/K rate will be important as he will have to learn to have a more discerning eye. Tough to lay off any pitches when you are hitting .500.
  13. Yahoo would be better served combining pitchers and hitters into the same category and then just giving eligibility to the position they play. Ever understood why you have to have a brick wall between pitching and hitting. In ohtanis case, he would have SP, Util eligibility. Would make total sense. You would have to choose which stars you were going to play him in (when he is pitching he couldn’t get hitting stats and when he is hitting he can’t get pitching stats) but it is odd to separate the two, particularly for keeper/dynasty leagues.
  14. ..... jeopardy theme song...... Don't need nitpick injuries to sideline his ascension to AA.
  15. 2018 ranks based on the previous 421 at bat projection: Runs (3rd) RBI (1st) HR (T-9th) AVG (1st) OBP (3rd) SB (DEAD LAST...guy is slow as crap)
  16. MLB career thus far: 137 At Bats 46 Hits 32 Singles 8 Doubles 1 Triple 5 Home Runs 4 Strikeouts 19 runs 28 rbi 3 BB (+ 2 HBP) He is on pace for 421 at bats this year. His minor league numbers suggest his major league production is not out of the norm. 421 at bat projections: 141 Hits 98 Singles 24 Doubles 3 Triples 15 Home Runs 58 Runs 86 RBI 9 BB (+6 HBP) .334 AVG / .357 OBP Now who wouldn't take the above from their catcher at the start of the year? Of course you would. In fact that would be a top 3 catcher off the board. That would essentially be Buster Posey in his prime minus a few walks.
  17. I would rather have production when they are in the lineup, than a crappy hitter that plays a lot. You can make a case for Garver, and if Astudillo is sent down, Garver would be a nice pickup as he is guaranteed more at bats and doesn't really hurt you, but I don't want a crappy catcher that plays 130 games. I would rather have a 110 game catcher that produces pretty good numbers. Astudillo has an 80 hit profile. That kind of hitting profile doesn't come around often....Ill be patient personally.
  18. Yes, but there are a TON of defensive minded catchers in the league that you would never want in your lineup. Catchers with more plate appearances that you would never want to own: Blake Swihart Francisco Cervelli Martin Maldonado Danny Jansen (yuck, I had this guy for a minute and he is overmatched right now) Robinson Chirinos Josh Phegley Jesus Sucre Christian Vazquez Tucker Barnhart Austin Hedges Mike Zunino (hello .215 BA) Grayson Greiner (who?) Tony Wolters Roberto Perez Gary Sanchez (just seeing if you are paying attention) Yan Gomes And here are the legitimate catchers that are above him and should be above him: Yasmani Grandal JT Realmuto Wilson Ramos Wilson Contreras Gary Sanchez (for real this time) Frankly, the next tier is where I put the Turtle Buster Posey Jonathan Lucroy Omar Narvaez Yadier Molina Austin Barnes Catcher is ugly. Might as well own a guy that you can feel pretty certain is going to hit around .300. At least then he is not hurting you when he plays. Most catchers only play about 110 games anyway.....if he plays 4 times a week that is basically what you are getting. I think as the season moves on he plays more and finishes in the top 15 plate appearances for catcher eligible players, and finishes a top 10 catcher. Thats pretty solid for a WW pickup.
  19. Yeah, I don't get why people are down on him to be honest. No catchers outside the elite couple are performing. He is getting at bats. He hits in the middle of the order when he plays so the counting stats should be decent. Actually hit a bomb today....He can swing the bat really well. He will end up top 10 catcher by the end of the year for sure.
  20. I can't see a scenario where they call him up anytime soon. He is still so inexperienced. My guess is that he spends most of the year in AA. Aggressive model would be that he makes the team out of spring training next year. It all depends on his level of success though. If he is able to translate a similar success at the next level (obviously not this crazy pace, but Soto like production) you never know what will happen. To be honest I am not 100% sure if his contract works like a normal minor league contract. I know he was paid a $26m signing bonus to play for the White Sox, but I am not sure if he falls under the same Super-2 / Arbitration rules as a draftee. That will probably play a role in his callup.
  21. Luis Robert 162 Projections based on his 13 game Single A start to the year .482 AVG .525 OBP .946 SLG 1.4771 OPS 50 Doubles 25 Triples 75 Home Runs 75 Steals 199 Runs 212 RBI I would say he is off to a decent start. 🤣🤣🤣
  22. That first video is incredible btw. Routine groundball to second, no bobble by the defender, and he is able to beat the throw because is the 1b bunny hops. HE should have been out by 2 steps even with a hop.
  23. That was my point. None of the scouting reports had him at anything above 65. Can't find the tweets right now, but different live scouts stating 80 speed. Here is a quick vid from last year and one from this year
  24. It makes a big difference in Toronto's ability to succeed 7 years from now.