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  1. Yea, I can see how that will work out. -- A money league where you push through all trades. Think there will be any disagreements? I don't see how there could be any problems..............
  2. As the title says, I need an owner to take over a team in two leagues. The teams are not that bad and there are some good players to work with. They are Free Leagues that have been around 6 or so years. I would like someone to take over one or both teams and hang around for next year. Here are the Leagues. It is a 16 team, 5 or Less Keeper H2H Each Category League It is a 12 team, 8 or Less Keeper H2H Each Category League My email is If interested, email me as I will not check back here very often. Thanks,
  3. I run two leagues and a guy has bailed on both of them. They are Free. If anyone would like to take over the teams, let me know at
  4. Last year ESPN would note next to the player if he were starting or not. This year, with the new software, it does not note this. How have you adjusted for it?
  5. I tried H2H Points, but each league has different point charts and it is too hard to tell which way the league leans. I like the H2H Categories where 1 of a stat is the same no matter what.
  6. I played Roto for a lot of years. By June 1, 50% to 60% are eliminated from winning. With H2H Each Category, almost everyone is still in the hunt for the playoffs with a month left.
  7. I am looking to join an ESPN H2H Each or Most Category League, 12 or 16 teams. Prefer Free League. Want large Keeper’s, maybe 15 with 6 X 6 categories. No Goofy 12 X12 with weird rules. No Roto, Points or Minors. Have been playing a long time. If you have this or similar, give me an email at Thanks, Jim
  8. What is your opinion of him. Is he a top 100 draft pick?
  9. I appreciate the reply. I just had him rated in my head as a lot better than the average guy, I guess not since ESPN and you give him pretty much the same rating. Thanks,
  10. What kind of year do you think he will have? I had always thought he was pretty good but he is not rated very high by ESPN Ave. Draft Pice. What do you think about him?
  11. How about some Settings and how to join? Make it more than 2 Keepers, at least 6. Let me Know