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  1. I would do trade 3, but send Boyd for A Jones. Bell will be back week 7 so Conner's will be a handcuff, unless Bell gets traded away.
  2. I need some help on my flex spot. R Freeman vs KC A Jones vs BUF Agholor @ TEN
  3. I'd definitely try and move one or two of your WR to get a RB. If you have 2 flex spots I think you have a deep league and TE's are bare on the WW? IF so i'd do my best to keep Gronk. I like the idea of trading away Rodgers but with the knee scare, I dont think anyone would want him or pay what he is actually worth. Plus the Rodgers/Adams stack would work well. I would say buy low for mixon or D Freeman, but you need a serviceable RB now. Maybe shoot some offers for Cook, Hunt or Drake, worse case is it's declined, hopefully they can send you a counter offer and work from there.
  4. Id roll with agoholor and Freeman as well. I like Mwilliams too , but I think chargers will be ahead and run the ball.