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  1. What kind of impact are you all expecting out of him?
  2. Yes. My opponent had the misfortune of having both Keenan Allen and Lamar Miller in his lineup. Sadly I think I'm benching him in favor of Jordy Nelson for the finals.
  3. For RB: Connor or Cohen in 1/2 ppr? Pick 2 for my TE/WR Flex spots: Samuels, Foster, Pettis, Gordon or Nelson. Right now leaning Connor, Foster and Nelson. If I play Connor and Samuels though, I'm covered if it's a timeshare or if Connor reaggravates his injury. I know they don't mean much, but my team's a projected underdog by 15 points so need to go big I guess.
  4. Definitely Chicago. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737462-week-15-lineup-help-whir/
  5. Def Balt over Seattle. Different story if Seattle was at home. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737462-week-15-lineup-help-whir/
  6. My bad. I was remembering it wrong. In my head I was thinking the whole play was 51 yards and he only ran a portion of it. You're right, he should get credited for the 51 yards.
  7. It was a lateral to him, not a pass to him. He shouldn't be awarded a catch. Personally, I don't think he should be given the 51 yards, but that's another issue.
  8. I don't want to roll with Robinson. The past four games his highest point total was 6.27.
  9. Lost both Conner and Hunt and like an idiot, didn't back either of them up so now I'm dealing with a dumpster fire of a team fighting to get through the playoffs. Help with the question marks: QB: Mahomes RB1: Kamara RB2: ? WR1: Gordon WR2: ? WR3: ? TE: Ertz WR/RB: ? K: Zuerlein D: Bears These are my options: RB: Conner, Josh Wilson, Elijah McGuire, Gio Bernard WR: Josh Reynolds, Pettis, Allen Robinson, Dede Westbrook Hamilton and Dixon are also available on the waivers. Thanks.
  10. Didn't see the game today. How did he only reel in 1 out of 10 targets?
  11. My concern isn't that they're going to hand Bell the starting job in week 10. My concern is that they're going to have both Bell and Conner split the role. History bodes against that, but you never know.
  12. I have slightly more confidence in Matt Ryan and Eli Manning than Sam Darnold. Not the same.