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  1. KA is losing some production to dare I say an emerging Mike Williams?
  2. CMC was #1 overall, Odell was a 2nd rounder, Aaron Jones a 4th rounder. I'm not sure where the other guys went off hand.
  3. Yeah a reversal seems like the easiest way to deal with this. Just can't let this become an all the time thing. If you're only having 1-3 trades a year and you have to reverse just as many that would be messed up lol. But better reverse this trade now rather than give one team the thought of their season being ruined and another team a clear advantage on everyone else. Where were the other guys drafted at?
  4. Unless there is some clear history of this happenimg. I'm sure there's more context but if those are the basic facts then I'd say yeah obviously reverse it as it already looks like a near collusion trade.
  5. You obviously just reverse the trade if it wasn't an intentional trade. When does the number 1 overall pick get traded the day after the draft? The entire point of a trade is 2 people agree to a trade if someone here is saying that their phone put it through then you have to go off of that especially when the trade looks that bad for them.
  6. I PMed you my email. Would be interested in joining.
  7. I'm down, who is the list so far? 1. jfazz23 2. turner46 3. TheBoatmen 4. SwayzeExpress 5. TrueShoe
  8. Maybe Puig, Kemp, Wood, and Farmer will help them get back on track.
  9. Whitley, Josh James, and McCullers would basically be the worst case scenario top 3 for Houston and that honestly wouldn't be all that bad. But yeah not likely a World Series winning pitching staff. As you stated Whitley can't be counted on for a bunch of post season innings at this point in his career. He's already gotten injured. But even so they have some time to make some moves. Also I read somewhere Verlander has an option for 22 mil in 2020 if he reaches certain incentives over the life of his contract. So The Stros may still have Veralnder in 2020. Honestly Bauer makes a ton of sense for Houston to trade for. He's still fairly young and would fit in well with Houston's "time frame". He's a steal at 6.5 million for this year.
  10. Yeah for me it's Sutton all the way here. Sure Jeffery will likely outscore him by 1 point most weeks. But if Sutton's potential is tapped into more and I see the reference to DT being traded he could be an absolute beast. Sutton was a corner back his freshman year in college and converted to WR.
  11. What about the concern with The Rams game becoming The Todd Gurely show? The Rams are favored to win the game by 10 points and that spread may go higher. Gurely had the least amount of touches going into the bye week (his lowest scoring out put in the highest scoring game too lol) I think he's going to get a ton of work and could really water down the pass game especially when Detroit can't keep up. I think the Winston Fitzmagic thing is over. At this point you have to just stick with Winston he's the future of your franchise you didn't draft him 1.1 to start a journeyman QB over him. I think there's plenty of concern to start Winston over Goff here... I'm leaning Winston but both should do well. I just think Gurley can hurt Goff if The Rams just decide to run the piss out of him fresh off a bye in a game they should blow out.
  12. I never said there weren't warts and risks to him. But if he does carry over that type of production to Advanced A and/or AA next year he would then find himself probably in the top 100.
  13. Keep Sale. I'd want a better pitcher (more consistent and younger) than Ray to trade Sale.