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  1. League Ethics WHIR

    Yeah but does it make sense for them to make a trade that is so out of line with reality solely based on the fact that they are out of it? There is 0 risk for the bottom team and trading should trade and share risk. Just because you are out of it you shouldn't be able to give away your entire team for 1 guy catapulting a player from 5th place to 1st. Also they said this is a roto league which it is so much easier to project the standings in roto. Where I think the problem lies is the OP is saying he could have gotten those guys for less than he paid for but he wanted to over pay his buddy. It seems to be the same 2 teams out of it trading to the same 2 teams who are now in it because of those trades and that isn't a situation that should be allowed. Ever. Keepers or not. Now if every team out of it was just giving away their players for keepers then sure but from what I have read it seems to be the same 2 teams who are out of it working with the same 2 competing teams.
  2. League Ethics WHIR

    Yeah but value to a losing team and value to the rest of the league shouldn't be so out of whack. These trades are essentially letting the winner of the league be whoever gets to the lopsided trade first.
  3. Pick A Side Harper/Mookie WHIR

    Harper and Benitendi for sure
  4. League Ethics WHIR

    Maybe he's not sure about Syndergaard's return or arm health in general. But for just Darvish I think 99% of people would rather just get Syndergaard in the 19th next year for just Darvish rather than give up all that for Altuve in the 8th.
  5. League Ethics WHIR

    So he gave up the world to get Cano then used him later as a part of another trade? Seems very fishy it isn't like Cano is hurt or way out of line from the norm. I know father time is catching up but if you paid that much for him less than 2 months ago I'm not sure how his value just all of a sudden disappears.
  6. League Ethics WHIR

    Yeah but just because you're out of it one player shouldn't all of a sudden be worth all those top 60 players. That is just going to throw everything out of wack. It is basically letting last place teams decide the fate of the league and you can't have that.
  7. Greg Bird 2017 Outlook

    WOW what a complete bust!! This guy is literally on pace to hit 0 HRs for the season!! He's a must drop I can't believe the hype in this forum wow!!
  8. Ryon Healy 2017 Outlook

    I'm in an ultra competitive H2H points dynasty league. The scoring format tends to unearth many roto or 5x5 sleepers as it rewards good plate discipline doubles triples etc. It rewards you for hitting for a high average while takes away some points for hitting for a low average. Very complex and considers just about everything. In this scoring format Healy out scored Manny Machado on a per PA basis last season. There are maybe 10 hitters who were better on a per PA basis in this league format. Healy is one of my favorite sleepers I've been sure to get him in every league so far.
  9. Ryon Healy 2017 Outlook

    It was
  10. Yasiel Puig 2017 Outlook

    Having a really nice spring and he's cheaper than ever... Puig could have some good value this year.
  11. 2017 Taijuan Walker Outlook

    Wow another impressive spring from him .... Will it finally translate?
  12. Jorge Polanco 2017 Outlook

    Been trying to move him the last 2 seasons in a deep dynasty league but no one has been biting. Was basically trying to give him away as a throw in on some deals to put them over the top but no one liked him.... Could be a blessing in disguise.
  13. Mitch Haniger 2017 Outlook

    It'll be too late by then. Mitch is going to be huge this year.
  14. Ben Revere 2017 Outlook

    Coming off of a terrible season looking like he'll be on the short end of a platoon. He does have upside to him. But I'd temper my investment as he can be had for peanuts. He could be a solid last pick of the draft target.
  15. Trevor Story 2017 Outlook

    But why make it at least 5 SBs? What's the list just for guys with 40%+ hard hit rate and less than 30% O-Swing in general?