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  1. I’m interested and desperate for a 3B, so I’ll be making a pickup. Hope the head injury isn’t serious.
  2. FINALLY. Let’s go!!! He’s a no-brainer add in all leagues.
  3. You got to assume that it can’t be hard for the Marlins to find someone to DFA from the 40 man, but I do agree it’s not a lock he gets called up.
  4. Certainly explains his recent performance. I can’t imagine why they would call up anyone besides Gallen to replace him in the rotation.
  5. Yea I’m wondering this too. I assume they are not calling him up to not play every day. I believe I saw in the Travis Shaw thread that he has up to two more minor league stints, so maybe he gets sent down to work on things?
  6. He’s worth a pick up in all leagues. Let’s go!!
  7. If Luke Jackson gets the save here, he could be the guy for the Braves going forward maybe?
  8. Per Mark Zuckerman, he just got promoted from AAA. Is he an immediate grab in most leagues?
  9. Yea this is a very tough call. I think he’s a bench in roto, but I would play him in H2H or points leagues with ten or more teams.
  10. I love the upside, but he’s been out of the lineup 50% of the time over the course of his last 10 games. This makes him tough to roster even in deep leagues. Does anyone see anything on the horizon that will permit him to be playing more in the very near future?
  11. Very interested to see tonight if Eduardo Rodriguez can build off his Baltimore start. Hard to trust in lineups tonight with his early season issues.
  12. Braves’ bullpen has just been a disaster this season.
  13. His strikeout numbers are excellent today. Anyone watching it have any insight as to what he may be doing differently today that would account for this performance?
  14. Probably Kimbrel. I think this injury may force the Braves’ hand.