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  1. Ridley in standard for sure. Thanks for the help with mine
  2. It kind of seems like he should be getting more attention. How do people feel about him going forward?
  3. Of guys who could be available, Nova is actually a solid QS option (5 of last 6 were QS). Liriano and Gant are decent as well. I assume guys like Castillo are owned in most all leagues.
  4. Streaming options slim today. Very torn on Reid-Foley.
  5. Thoughts on Reid-foley today? K upside is huge but blowup ratio potential and that Tampa offense is legit. He’s also only pitched more than 5 innings once in his last 5 starts. I am ashamed to say I might like Ian Kennedy more than him today.
  6. Love the Good Place. I’m waiting to start him, but I’m thrilled to have him on several of my teams. The lions franchise is so starved for a bell cow RB. It’s been forever. Riddick will always be in play for some passing down packages, but I’d be very surprised if the reins aren’t handed over fully to Kerryon soon. Certainly has the potential to be an every week starter for fantasy teams during the second half.
  7. Too early to give up on Barber regardless of roster needs. He’s getting carries and in a great offense. There’s no one really seriously competing with him for touches at the moment. Thanks for the help with mine!
  8. I’d grab Clement now over Buck Allen. I’d probably start Robinson but if Ajayi is out, Clement is your play no question. Thanks for the help with mine!
  9. I’d go Howard. Indy RB situation is a mess (take it from me: a colts fan). Howard is both more talented than Ebron and doesn’t have to compete with doyle for time on the field. I think Howard’s role will continue to expand throughout the season, and he will be a beast by next year. Thanks for the help with mine!
  10. Excellent WRs wow. I’d go Davis, Funchess, and then Williams. All worth of a roster spot ideally though. Thanks for the help with mine!
  11. Who could be more deserving of the NL MVP? Outside of his hitting and speed which have both been elite, he’s such a great defender and has been playing all over the field to accommodate Cubs injuries.
  12. 2 homers last night. Might be worth a pick up for the final stretch.
  13. I’ll be starting regardless, but Indians benched a ton of starters on Sunday. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them do it again with their playoff position locked up. Might not be as imposing of a matchup if that’s the case.