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  1. I have Brown, but, bias aside, play Brown. Mine?
  2. Currently have DJ and Carson as RB1 and RB2...obviously, DJ is an issue again. Opinions on how you would rank the following in .5 PPR? Asking as I need to Flex 1 and, if DJ is out, use 1 as an RB and 1 as a Flex. J. White L. Murray F. Gore Thanks in advance and, of course, WHIR.
  3. Now that Henry's back...and I'm looking for RB Trade Olsen and Fuller for Ertz...maybe grab J. Williams on waivers? Or... Trade Olsen straight up for Carolos Hyde? WHIR
  4. I also have OBJ, and, rebuffed an offer this week that included Chase Edmonds (I have Johnson...this was before DJ practiced)... I wouldn't give up the potential of a RB like Singletary...figure that OBJ and Landry will be, at minimum, a wash ROS. Don't do it.
  5. All over the road from "experts"...some start, some sit. Monday night game makes it worse...and, although Stafford is available, he's pretty much unanimously a sit. Should I pick up Minshew and start him over Rodgers? WHIR
  6. So...D. Johnson is now gimpy...I have little depth there, and, my WRs 1 and 2 (as drafted) are arguably the most disappointing duo in FFB (OBJ and Diggs). Have the number 1 waiver pick, so, should I: * Pickup Chase Edmonds * Pickup Will Fuller, who's on the wire (and was last week) What say you group? WHIR
  7. Woods (and I own and like J. Brown) and Michel.
  8. Breida, Michel, Kupp. Mine:
  9. Need one of each from: Diggs J. Brown M. Williams Samuel Gore Mostert Right now I have Diggs at my WR2 and Gore in my flex... WHIR
  10. Yea...with Breida there, you have a solid 3rd (for now, but, probably as solid as Lindsey)... I'd certainly give it hard consideration.
  11. Have Rodgers... Should I drop another player (probably Darrell Henderson) for Josh Allen or David Carr? WHIR
  12. Duh... Thanks to everyone for not calling me the dufus that I am...