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  1. My conundrums... * Currently have Kamara, Jamal Williams at RB...with McGuire as my flex. Do I play CJ Anderson ahead of one (presumably McGuire) if Gurley sits? * Julio and JuJu at WR...if Julio I play Sanu or Baldwin? I'm working on the premise that if Julio plays, I start him. * Is Baldwin a better flex than McGuire? * Do I go with the adage "Play your studs" and start Deshaun Watson, with Hopskins banged up, or, Mayfield with a great matchup? WHIR, or course.
  2. Breida...but I'm biased. Mine?
  3. I'm pondering this as well...but, I'd go Alshon due to Keke's health. Mine?
  4. Although I'm sitting Watson for Wentz (again) your case, I'd stick with him.
  5. .5 PPR... Need one from... Alshon, Duke Johnson, Coutee. Baldwin... WHIR
  6. I'm starting Duke in my lineup...but, I'd go Gordon if I had to make that call. MIne?
  7. Will Penny get snatched up right away if you drop him? Might you be able to grab him again later, depending on what transpires down the stretch? My weekly...
  8. Wentz...much higher floor. For the sake of transparency, I'm starting Wentz. Mine?
  9. That one is tough with Fitz showing signs of life...but, Evans.
  10. Davis...Breida. For the sake of transparency, I am starting Breida. Mine?
  11. I'd go Davis...then Robinson. MIne?
  12. doubt. Mine?
  13. .5 PPR...need an RB2 and Flex from: Breida, D. Johnson, K. Johnson, A. Jeffery, D. Baldwin. Thanks!!
  14. McDonald, Mostert. I have Breida, but, am skittish about him being able to go 4 quarters. MIne?
  15. Kerryon... Mine:
  16. I have Richard and am on the fence with him in .5, wouldn't start him in standard. I'd go OJ. Mine:
  17. Baldwin / Luck. Mine?
  18. Joining the crowd... Sanders Kelce Mine:
  19. Smith / Fitz Mine?
  20. was a "Duh" moment on my part!! Cohen.