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  1. Last person I read with Labrum fraying was Glen Perkins of the Twins. The Grim Reaper swallowed him whole. Welp.........
  2. I do. I just think it prudent to assume a lower floor. Tds are always fluky and subject to variation.
  3. Unless Jamaal Charles disappears from the face of the earth I would say no. Best to underwrite more conservatively at say 900 yards 6Tds with upside
  4. lol at Kemba Walker before Lowry
  5. Nothing like that cot damn Bikram Yoga
  6. Agreed. He doesnt have anyone who is a consistent perimeter threat besides Mirotic and McDermott
  7. welp
  8. You and I know that but does Mikey D? This dude used to play Boris Diaw and Shawn Marion at Center in Phoenix neither of which are rim protectors.
  9. One would think he'd be a factor next year, but with Mike D'Antoni at the helm who knows. Wouldn't surprise me to see a lot of Ryan Anderson and Moitejunas at the "5" in small ball lineups.
  10. unreal
  11. Colome just filthy in the 9th...
  12. Hamels 6 up 6 K'd
  13. Reason to Play roto and not the gimmick that is H2H
  14. I think this very possible and probably right on the money as far as an objective, logical projection
  15. I haven't drafted a San Antonio player on any of my teams going on close to 5 years. The only player that I would want is Leonard and even that is a question mark for me personally. Too many random DNP "Pop" games or other games where there is either a blowout or where Pop decides to play starters and key players low mins. In addition, over the years, I have observed that Spurs players have reduced trade value to fellow Gms for the reasons I just mentioned. LMA's stat dropped last year by 25% and he was massively over drafted. I expect a drop in Pau's stats a minimum of 25% with potentially a drop of even more given his age and need to be fresh for the playoffs. I predecit he'll be overvalued and out of my personal comfort zone. Essentially Pau is on my do not draft list.