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  1. I'm picturing you in your living room
  2. I'd be concerned with a few things with the injury to Conley now. 1. More pressure and playing time which may compromise health 2. A drop in efficiency with the increased load and attention. He's already shooting 43% from the field. Tough to have confidence that he's going to increase his fg% to a more acceptable 46/47% clip..
  3. I watch a lot of Wolves games and in my opinion Wiggins is much more the problem than Lavine
  4. This dude seems to be getting better and better every game. I didnt think he'd average 20ppg this year, but it sure seems like a good bet. He's been handling the rock more in pick and roll/pop situations. I wonder if he could flirt with 4 dimes per game. He's going to beat his ADP pretty handily.
  5. Evan Fournier just isnt going to average 20-5-5. The only players in the nba that did that last year were Curry, Harden, Westbrook, Durant, Lebron. John Wall just missed by .1 rebounds per game.
  6. The counting stats are climbing for Fournier. Assuming he can push his fg% closer to his career average of 44% he should finish as a top 50 player (give or take). I'm not sure he'll end the season averaging 20ppg, but 18/19 seems about right.
  7. Happy rest day to Joel Hans Embid. Rest and drink well old friend........
  8. Imagine how good this dude is going to be when the jumper comes. Dude is just 22. I'm thinking on how he'll be in his prime in his age 25-30 seasons. WOW!
  9. Happy rest day to one Joel Hans Embid. Rest well friend
  10. Time for Rest for the King aka Lebron Raymone James.
  11. Funny how life works. Lopez is going to make a lot more money in his life by having been forced to shoot the 3 ball............
  12. A new Bargnani!
  13. Funny huh? What games have you been watching. KD is a piss poor defender by both the eye test (subjective) and advanced analytics (objective). He's equally as bad as Harden.
  14. Harden is a clear below average defender. No different than many of the other stars in the league like KD, Curry, and others.....
  15. My quick two cents (and I own in 2 leagues). Dude id looking like a more athletic Dion Waiters or Monta Ellis type. Yuck. I personally have never been a fan of his game, but I had expectations that he would perform well together with RW in that backcourt. It seems evident and obvious that Westbrook has to be surrounded by off the ball three and D types, much like the Rockets have done with Harden. There just isnt room for another ball dominant, iso type player with Westbook. That being said one would think he has to get be better than this.........