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  1. You see the score man?
  2. Anything to see here? The Mariners purchased the contract of RHP Andrew Moore from Triple-A Tacoma. Moore, a second-round pick in 2015 out of Oregon State University, has posted a promising 2.59 ERA, 1.057 WHIP, and 253/50 K/BB ratio in 284 2/3 career minor league innings, advancing recently to the Triple-A level. It looks like he might join the Mariners' starting rotation, possibly debuting Saturday at home against the Astros.
  3. Even with shedding the Mozy contract I find this deal shocking. Lopez is older, injury prone and a free agent after next season. Russell has 2 more years left on a cheap rookie deal and started to grow as a player. A real bizarre transaction. Great score for the nets
  4. Hows this for a start to things?
  6. Guy looks like he eats concrete and metal for breakfast...
  7. I always think of this crap cigarette when I think of old Austin....
  8. Agree. They've been cheating death and the grim reaper for years. Time to pay up now...
  9. This dude is for real. Looks to be seeing the ball so well. Im wondering if he might evolve into one of these Adam Jones/Vlad Guerrero dudes that doesnt walk, but uses contact skills to be a near plus in average........
  10. Dude looks like a nice find...
  11. Hes been something else. One of the biggest fantasy stories of the year. I wonder if he can hit .290 plus? He's gold in all OBP, OPS league formats....
  12. Id let a lamb play on my bed if I can win the chip this year in my big money league...
  13. sorry cant help it