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  1. Long live Jay Cutler
  2. A Gms favorite words.....______________ "has been ruled out"
  3. I'd take all of those dudes over Paul easily, without hesitation except for Turner.
  4. I think managers really have to consider dropping in competitive leagues without an IR spot. 8 weeks would mean hes back in late March. Owners will be lucky to get 10-15 games out of him with a couple of those games the "ramp up" games where hes on a min restriction. Paul has an opt out and wont take any chances with his health (nor should he). He's looking at 25-30 million per season on a 5 year deal in what will surely be his last big contract. He'll prioritize his health and being 110% for the playoffs. This is a conundrum for managers.
  5. Already ruled out for tomorrow.
  6. Just packaged he and Rubio for Kemba Walker in a 12 cat league roto league (base 9 cats, plus FTM, FGM, 3%). Im just too concerned that the ship in NY is sunken. So much risk with him. He has trade risk (probably minimal), health risk (knee and shoulder woes), shutdown risk (either due to injury or NYK being out of it). I would have preferred to keep Rubio, but I'm just THAT concerned with his outlook.
  7. Love to hear young players talking like this. Malcolm Brogdon said he's played with a chip on his shoulder his entire career, and falling to the second round on draft day only added fuel to the fire. "My whole career, I’ve been an underdog, I’ve been underestimated," Brogdon said. "Therefore I’ve had a chip on my shoulder my entire career. Being drafted in the second round when you think you’re supposed to be in the first round, a lottery pick, the chip grows bigger. And you have more to prove." Brogdon is emerging as a draft day steal with his impressive play as a starter, contributing 9.1 points, 3.9 dimes, 1.0 triple, 0.9 steals and 1.5 turnovers a night on 45.6 percent shooting.
  8. Starting to really get a man crush on this dude's game. He's a great talent a near perfect fit in that system. Very smooth, controlled game and can get into the lane at will. He's got a ton of upside going forward
  9. Serious as a heart attack. CJ might be the worst defensive SG in the entire league. He is that bad. The putrid perimeter defense of Lillard and CJ is as big a reason as any as to their struggles. He's a great offensive player in today's nba but he is one dimensional. He isnt quite your classic "good stats on bad team guy" but he isnt far from it.
  10. Reminds me a lot of Kevin Martin sans the injuries and amazing FT prowess. The numbers are great and eye popping, but he isnt a great real life player. I sadly say this as a blazers fan.
  11. Fair trade no veto and not even close. RW and butler are close and Williams makes us\p enough of the small difference for the deal to be equitable to both parties.
  12. Ate too many beans at chipotle
  13. Another one of these dudes that when I watch him play I can't figure how he scores points. Can't dribble, awkward athlete, no post game. But Puts up numbers somehow on occasion
  14. Rest well DMC. Rest well
  15. This happens every single day in ML baseball. Position players are routinely given off days for rest from the rigors of a long season. It also happens all of the time in soccer. I'd make the argument this should have long happened in the NBA. So many good players retired way too early or were shell's of themselves based on being overused and played. I'm talking about all star caliber players like T-Mac, Danny Granger, Amare, Brandon Roy, Gilbert Arenas. There is no doubt in my mind that these dudes careers were impacted by all of the back to back games and heavy mins. Teams need to protect their players and so should the league. I'm a big believer in eliminating back to backs. Period.