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  1. Reminds me a lot of Dustin Pedroia in his MVP season.
  2. 17ppg-4rpg-3apg-1 steal-2.2 3PTM=45%fg.......................14 Games Played
  3. These things rarely if ever end well. Dealt for him in a keeper league this year and this one will hurt.
  4. I stopped reading it when I saw Jokic before Westbrook and Anthony Davis.
  5. For those that care...
  6. 1st Career HR!!! HAHA
  7. There are two bogdon Bogdonvich's which always confusing. Who knew.. https://
  8. teeth
  9. lamb down
  10. picking up gausman be like........
  11. a team that wins 44 games
  12. Here is you waiting for Mudiay to develop into a consistent point guard.
  13. Fair comments. The difference I see with regards to weight is that KD didnt get pushed around early in his career the way that BI did last year. Ingram will need to get to playing weight of 210 at a minimum to maximize his skill set imo. I was surprised with how poor his jump shot was last season. He shot just 29% from 3 last year. Thats concerning for a modern NBA Small Forward. Playing with Ball should be a god send for his value. He and Russell looked like a terrible pairing from my personal observation last year.
  14. Those are pretty aggressive projections. Basically a Paul George like stat line. He has a lot of work to do to get there, most importantly developing physically. Honestly, I personally wasnt impressed by his game last year. He looked subpar based on the eye test. Of course young players can improve, but i'm not there with him yet. I personally like other young player from the 2016 draft better like Jaylen Brown, Thon Maker, Taurean Prince, Hield, Murray
  15. dude has been hot as a firecracker. Really seems to be coming into his own If he sticks in that cleanup spot he might be huge down the stretch.