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  1. Blazer fan here as you know. Id say 27 mins 12.9ppg-3rpg-2.0 apg-45%fgs-2.0 3PTM. If Lillard or McCollum ever get hurt this kid is instantaneously a top 50 player in that system. In years to come I think his upside is JJ Reddick like. He's that good of a shooter.
  2. Since when is Durant an "elite" playmaker?
  3. I swear this is eeirerly familiar from last season with that Back injury. Like a Broken record. As an owner I am getting very concerned. Derrick Favors (left knee) did not go through shootaround and is not expected to play in Wednesday's exhibition game against the Trail Blazers. Favors hasn't taken the court since October 3, and while IT band syndrome isn't typically a serious issue, the extended absence is concerning. Until we get some new info, we're going to consider him questionable for opening night, and with each day spent on the sidelines it's getting increasingly difficult to justify spending an early mid-round selection on Favors. If you do take the plunge on draft day, it would be wise to also invest a late-round selection in Trey Lyles as a handcuff pick.
  4. Kinda hoping as an owner that he doesnt sign an extension before the deadline to keep him motivated to produce at peak levels.
  5. Strange news on LMA. Very bizarre. Honestly, Im not sure we'll every see peak LMA Portland numbers ever again from him. He's looking like a very risky and volatile asset to own this year. He already has woeful trade value based on all of the Pop DNP's and nonsense. This wont do much to help. He's planted on my personal DN draft list and was already before this news broke. Could be good news for Pau if he's moved.
  6. Cant see way he doesnt increase assists with more pace and playing a few extra mins a game. I still think that ball is going to be in his hands a ton, if not more than last season. Teague isnt really a pass first, true PG. He's much more like a combo scoring guard to be honest. I'm taking the under on Teague's 6 APG from last year in ATL...
  7. I cant see any possible rationale for Westie over Harden in 8 cat or 9 Cat leagues. Harden does everything that Westie can do with way more threes, more ft% impact (based on that volume) and more durability and is playing in probably the most friendly offensive scheme in the league. Its a no brainier. I expect both to average 28-30 ppg with similar fg%. Steals and assist will be close and threes and ft% a major advantage to Harden. Westie will likely have the rebounding edge, which isnt anywhere near enough to warrant consideration over Harden. I personally think Harden is likely to have one of the all time top 9 cat fantasy seasons.
  8. To me, it is objectively very easy to present a bullish case on PG-13 this year. George became a much much better playmaker as the season wore on last year. His turnovers dropped greatly post AS break with an small increase in assists. I think this was a testament to being comfortable in a playmaking role and increased stamina/endurance as the season wore on. It should also be noted that he was monitored closely with respect to mins last year on a very tight schedule coming off the injury. His average of 34:30 MPG is much lower than your typical Alpha, high usage no 1 option. Prior to the injury, George was about at 37 mins. I'd expect to see him closer to that amount of playing time. When you add in the alleged increase in offensive pace, its almost a lock that his counting stats will rise. He's my favorite player outside of my preseason top 5 (Harden, Curry, KD, Westie, Kahwi) that I think could finish top 5 this season. If he even improves his shooting 1 or 2 percentage points, with last years counting stats, he'll be primed to outperform ADP. I think he's a good bet to be more efficient based on the presence of a much better supporting cast. This should be the best team he's played for from an offensive firepower standpoint. He's pretty much a James Harden light based combination of FTM, Threes, assists, and steals. My base projection for George this year is as follows, 80 GP- 24.3 PPG- 7 RPG- 5.1 APG -3.0 TOS - 2.9 3PTM - 2.1 Steals- 0.5 Blocks- 43.1%Fgs- 6.5FTM- 86% Fts
  9. Who knows where he'll play this year with a new coach and system. That data is almost worthless from a predictability standpoint given how D'Antoni has used players over the year.
  10. Just cant see how there could possibly be enough playing time and basketballs for Chandler, Harris, Barton and Gallo. They always talk about playing Gallo a lot at the 4, but I doubt that with Nurkic and Jokic set to be featured and Faried still on that squad. The Denver wing situation just seems like one to avoid.
  11. Looks like Lawson is to continue to be part of the Sac plans, at least in the short term.
  12. Fournier is an underrated fantasy cog, esp for roto. Has very few deficiencies for a fantasy SG, if any. I expect, at a minimum, a repeat of last years numbers with a change to push 17/18ppg. My expectation is something like this, 16.5ppg-3rpg-3apg-2.3 3PTM-45.5% Fgs-1.2 steals-1.7. His value is that he is so damn efficient. Very few players are able to flirt with 2.2-2.5 3PTM with that type of efficiency. Very valuable. I'd bet on him outperforming ADP. There is some risk that should be noted with the new coach and a new system. My spidey sense always tingles with those circumstances, but not so much with EF. Hopefully his defensive effort is enough to satisfy coach Vogel.
  13. Is Hill hurt??
  14. This is my favorite. Advanced analytics dont lie.