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  1. Al Farooq Aminu. Sorry for crummy formatting
  2. I'll Take Michael Carter Williams. Can somone format. Im on the road
  3. lol at Kemba Walker before Lowry
  4. Forgot all about Tyreke. Very nice pick at this stage. Well done
  5. I prefer Ronda Rousey
  6. Nothing special with Hibbert. Cheap blocks, contract year and a new team and scheme that I think will suit his talents better. I could see 9ppg-7.5rpg-1.5 blocks.
  7. I take Roy Hibbert Round 10 109. Candyisgood - KCP 110. Fabrar - Luol Deng 111. Young_styler - Timofey Mozgov 112. Mbroo5880i- Jusuf Nurkic 113.X_Nemesis_X- Avery Bradley 114. Brockpapersizer- Zach Randolph 115. v1n5anity- Danny Green 116. TOAA- Clint Capela 117. Kaboom- Bismack Biyombo 118. Super Jew - Taj Gibson 119. COH -Roy Hibbert 120. RDNC- OTC Team COH PG: Derrick Rose (9.1) SG: James Harden (1.2) G: Bradley Beal (6.11) SF: Demar Derozan (4.11) PF: Blake Griffin (2.11) F: Danilo Gallinari (7.1) C: Derrick Favors (3.2) C:Steven Adams (5.2) UT: Otto Porter (8.11) UT: Roy Hibbert (10.11) Bench: Bench: Bench:
  8. I'll take Derrick Rose Round 9 97. RDNC- Aaron Gordon 98. COH- Every Derrick Rose is a Thorn99. Super Jew- OTC100. Kaboom-101. TOOA-102. Vinsanity-103. Brockpapersizer-104. X_Nemesis_X- 105. Mbroo5880l-106. Young Styler-107. Fabrar-108. Candyisgood- Team COHPG: Derrick Rose (9.1)SG: James Harden (1.2)SF: Demar Derozan (4.11)PF: Blake Griffin (2.11)F: Danilo Gallinari (7.1)C: Derrick Favors (3.2)C:Steven Adams (5.2)UT: Otto Porter (8.11)UT: Bradley Beal (6.11)Bench:Bench:Bench:
  9. Nothing like that cot damn Bikram Yoga
  10. Agreed. He doesnt have anyone who is a consistent perimeter threat besides Mirotic and McDermott
  11. Was sniped again regrettably
  12. Round 7 73. RDNC- Ryan Anderson 74. COH- Danilo Gallinari75. Super Jew- OTC76. Kaboom-77. TOOA-78. Vinsanity-79. Brockpapersizer-80. X_Nemesis_X- 81. Mbroo5880l-82. Young Styler-83. Fabrar-84. Candyisgood- Team COH PG: SG: James Harden (1.2) SF: Demar Derozan (4.11) PF: Blake Griffin (2.11) F: Danilo Gallinari (7.1) C: Derrick Favors (3.2) C:Steven Adams (5.2) UT: UT: Bradley Beal (6.11) Bench: Bench: Bench:
  13. Good question.There are a few reasons. The body of work is too limited to justify a selection in the third or 4th rounds. To me, every Boston player in the starting lineup, other than Horford, has risk based on the presumed desire for the Celtics to trade existing assets to land a featured star asset like Blake for Westbrook. They arent trading these unproven picks to get a featured star without giving up one (or more) or IT2, Crowder, Avery B. Those players, if traded, may end up in place less desirable from a fantasy value perspective. I dont see much more upside with Crowder from a fantasy perspective to be honest. I think he's going to be overdrafted this year much like Demarre Carrol the season before. He was great as a late round flier or waiver pickup, but his ADP will be way too risky for me with a player with a more limited track record like his.
  14. I select Brad Beal. Headed to meeting but be back before 6 eastern Round 6 61. Candyisgood- Jeff Teague62. Fabrar - Reggie Jackson63. Young Styler - Goran Dragic 64. Mbroo5880i - Ben Simmons 65. X_Nemesis_X- Tobias Harris 66. Brockpapersizer- Dennis Schroder 67. v1n5anity- Enes Kanter 68. TOAA- Rajon Rondo 69. Kaboom- Darren Collison 70. Super Jew- Jae Crowder 71. COH- Bradley Beal 72. RDNC- Team COH PG: SG: James Harden (1.2) SF: Demar Derozan (4.11) PF: Blake Griffin (2.11) F: C: Derrick Favors (3.2) C:Steven Adams (5.2) UT: UT: Bradley Beal (6.11) Bench: Bench: Bench:
  15. I personally had him pegged as an 8th rounder, but I see and know why many will target him this season. He has major shortcomings as a 6th rounder in my estimation. His contribution (or lack thereof) in steals and blocks hurt a lot. I also wouldn't be surprised to see his fg% drop below 50% as a consequence of him drifting further and further away from the basket and becoming a "stretch 4" and the likely tougher looks that will come from the loss of KD and going against top flight defenders as opposed to bench defenders. I see 15/16ppg-7.5rpg-49% fgs. He doesn't really help that much in any one cat. He'll need to become an 18/9 type guy to offer some tangible value in my eyes as a 6th rounder. The good news with him is that I would imagine he's a lock for for close to 20/10 if RW ever gets traded (and assuming to alpha player comes back) so he comes with some upside.