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  1. he should have had a huge game yesterday but josh got too excited because smokey was soooooo wide open deep and he just overthrew. but yes smokey and allen have an amazing connection already, and i cannot see a situation in which brown finishes outside of the top 15-20. they were made for each other. weather is going to get worse though, but it looks like we finally have our #1 wr.
  2. he was fine lol, it was a cramp. was ready to go back in after a few minutes. this kid has the juice and i cannot wait until he gets 12 carries a game because he's extremely talented.
  3. he is just so much better than last year, he has literally improved at everything he sucked at last year. i am so so so excited. i believe he will finish between 8-10. remember the weather here gets bad pretty soon. the line looks pretty good too. things are great here right now.
  4. no i actually historically hate on the bills on this board. been doing it since 2008. i just have always been a believer in brown and i just dont think the washington offense will be good, and i also dont believe in a rookie matching up with cb1s.
  5. please dont add mclaurin over john brown lmaooooo
  6. Fantasy is about opportunity, mostly.
  7. Allen has 4 4th quarter comebacks in 12 starts, I believe. He's got the juice. He also has markedly improved his short-area accuracy. I think he showed a lot yesterday to feel good about. However, our play calling is absolutely terrible. dreadful. Fullback out wide, are you serious? I really hope it improves. Also, when you make Josh Allen be a quarterback as your defensive game plan, bad things are going to happen to you. He's not in the Trubisky, Winston, Jackson (of last year) class. He just isn't. To think he is is indicative of someone having never paid attention to our team. He isn't nearly a finished product yet, but he has something.
  8. Punted my FanDuel contests on this guy. Never again.
  9. In the same stadium, no less. An easy week considering they started with two road games, kinda nice having the continuity of the hotel, meeting rooms, stadium, routine, etc. I think Brown has a monster week if they can give Allen a few more seconds, which should be more than doable.
  10. Brown looked incredible yesterday. He gets open at will, his speed creates separation, and suddenly, Josh Allen seems like he can throw timing routes. He even beat one on one tight coverage down the field to get in perfect position for the touchdown. There are few receivers better made for Josh Allen than John Brown, and I've known this since March. I can't wait to see how this year goes.
  11. i did not, at any point, have a chubb with this man in my fanduel lineups today
  12. gore is completely washed. yeldon is trash. that's all you need to know.
  13. it wasnt his fault on two of them.
  14. hey ayyyyyy ayyyyy ayyyyyy 16-0 babayyyyyy