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  1. Good, I have no interest watching the Bears. Parkey should have been cut weeks ago, keeping him was an epic blunder.
  2. Get Flacco in for the 2nd half. This game sucks.
  3. He's now the best WR in the NFL and he will only get better with another year of Mahomes throwing him the ball.
  4. I don't see how he wouldn't be interested in coming here honestly. I'm not biased, I don't want him. But people here are already talking about it and I think it makes a good deal of sense.
  5. Short move, unquestioned #1 target, able to get another raise with all the cap space, promising young QB, one of the most lit fan bases in football. I could see the appeal tbh, and I can definitely envision people saying here is a good place for him, and I'd hate to have him here tbh.
  6. I'm out as well. This year, Sark had to get explosive if there was any hope of keeping his job. That's when I started to expect a bounce back and took him later in the draft. Now with another new OC, if the guy doesn't have a reputation of letting that ball fly, I want no part of Ryan.
  7. People will recommend Buffalo, which is stupid because we don't want him. Let him go be Miami's/New York's problem.
  8. There is no universe where I would prefer a different receiver to Antonio Brown. The slow-down is definitely coming, but I'd rather witness it on my own team than to risk the kind of year he could have on someone else's team. Juju may arguably not even be a better value for where he will be drafted. AB is still relatively young, somewhat durable, and unstoppable one on one. I wouldn't want anyone over him just quite yet.
  9. Draft one of Kelce, Kittle or Ertz next year and your team will be fairly good. This guy does it all with suspect arms delivering it to him. What an amazing pick by Lynch. He's like a hybrid of the best TEs of this generation. If I was doing season-long next year, he's an easy late-2nd or early-3rd round pick.
  10. This thread should be a future reference whenever there is a generational talent that is coming into a suspect situation. Talent usually wins, and Barkley is a testament to that. The best athlete to enter the NFL in a few years now with every attribute you could ever ask for in a running back, and he will only continue to improve. I'd rather have Gurley over him next year if I had a pick of everyone in the league, but Barkley is the firm #2 in most leagues.
  11. I dumped on Allen all off-season long before he got into games, but he impressed me more than any player in the league this year from where he came from in college. Accuracy woes are still there, but he is an elite athlete in an offense where he has the green light to make plays however he wants to. I think the Bills offense is a ways away from being anything prolific, but with an NFL caliber wide receiver on the roster next season with Zay, combined with a TE that can actually stay on the field and run routes, I think Josh can be a low-end QB1 next season. It should be noted that he is a much, much better fantasy quarterback than real-life one, but I do think that the Bills finally have their guy. Watching Josh, you can just tell that he has "it." Whether that is heart, drive, motivation, whatever it is, he has it. The thing now is will the coaching staff have the competence to develop it, or will he hit a ceiling he should reasonably be able to break down?
  12. Position scarcity is the most valuable aspect of season long fantasy football. Protect and value great players at scarce positions (TE and RB) and you will have a successful year.
  13. I know, I work with people who have them. And a lot of them only change once they hit rock bottom. Losing an NFL career will be what finally helps him get right or what ends his life. It's clear that this constant back and forth between being able to play and being suspended isn't working, and it's also clear that he isn't buying in to whatever resources teams or the NFL are providing. It's been 5 years of this.