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  1. 12 teams $200 cap $120 entry feel Live Auction located in Bucks County, Pa - September 1st 11 am PPR + 6 Pts TD 9 Starters(Qb, Rb, Rb, Wr, Wr, Te, Flex, K, D) 8 man bench Misc - Tropies, Awards ect along with yearly promo videos PM me or email at
  2. Yes it is a Live in person Auction so you would have to be there in person.
  3. Had someone cancel last minute that couldn't make trip from another state. Great group of guys. Promo Video for our League:
  4. This is a Philadelphia based league online auction. One of our owners has had health issues and can not return. We are looking to replace him asap for a guaranteed spot in the league next year. If you live anywhere near Philadelphia or surrounding counties that would be great. The league would like to make it a live in person auction for 2019 or 2020. as the owner that is leaving was from California. email me at OCK’S AFBL 2018 Rules Entry fee is $150 – ALL PAYMENT DUE AT AUCTION ( Prize distribution ($1800) – top half of league is paid out as follows: 1 - $850 2 - $300 3 - $200 4 - $175 5 - $150 6 - $125 Standard 5 x 5 Rotisserie Style Scoring to include the following categories: There will be an innings cap of 1,400 innings. Active Lineup: 13 Offensive Players, 9 Pitchers, 7 Reserves broken down as follows: Player position eligibility managed by the CBS software. $260 – 29 players (IR not drafted) Minimum bid - $1 Maximum bid - $232 All 29 rosters spots are filled via auction style draft using CBS Auction Online Software. All players currently listed in the CBS database are available. Players not yet added to CBS player’s database are not eligible to be drafted in auction. Owners must fill starting lineup in auction. Keepers - CONTRACT RULES: A player obtained at auction may be kept at the bid price for 2 seasons. Following the second season, owners must decide whether to extend that player for 2 more seasons at a $5 increase, or option the player for one more season at the same price, after which time the player would go back into the player pool. If the player is extended, the owner may choose after the fourth season to keep the player for a 5th year at a $5 increase, or place the player back into the pool. Finally a 1-time 6th year extension of +$20 increase can take place or place player back in into player pool. No player will be kept longer than 6 years. Teams will be allowed to keep up to 0 - 12 players. Total keeper contract values will be cumulatively subtracted from $260 in the next auction year. Remaining money will be available to fill open roster requirements Owners will designate keepers 2 weeks prior to the auction (specific auction dates to be determined yearly) via e-mail list to commissioner. Full keeper list will be published the day following deadline for keeper submission.
  5. One spot open in a 14 team College fantasy football league: Year 2 redraft If interested email me at : -Year 1 winner received league winnings, trophy Plaque with player cards:(On me) REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE August 28th 2018 to November 5th, 2018. There are 10 regular season weeks. All of these will start on Tuesday and end on Monday. Playoffs Playoffs will begin in this Scoring Period: 11 (Nov 06, 2018) and last for 3 periods (rounds). Playoff matchups entered manually: Yes Number of teams qualifying for playoffs 6 2 Division Winners receive Byes(Tiebreaker 1 Record 2. Head to Head 3. Points scored) 4 wildcard teams get remaining spots( 1. Record 2. Points scored) Reseed each playoff round: No League Entry Fee $50.00 Total: $700 1st - $450 2nd - $150 3rd - $100 ROSTER SIZE and LINE-UP REQUIREMENTS All D1-A college football players are draft eligible. 16 man roster. Starting Lineup: 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 FLEX(RB/WR/TE) 1 K 1 D/St 8 Bench players 2 Injured Reserve spots (not draftable, can only be used once the season begins) SCORING SYSTEM PASSING: .05 pt per yard; TD = 6 pts; -1 pt per int RUSHING: .10 pt per yard; TD = 6 pts; -1 pt per fumble RECEIVING: .10 pt per yard; TD= 6 pts; -1 pt per fumble KICKING: Extra Point=1 pt; Field Goal= 3 pt TWO-POINT CONVERSIONS: 2 pt (passing, rushing, or receiving) TRADING-No trading allowed FREE AGENT/WAIVER WIRE RULES - Free Agency and pickups are done on a first come first served basis. - Teams are limited to 10 FA acquisitions for the season. - After completion of the draft and until 24 hours prior to the first game there are unlimited pickups which do not count against your 10 for the season. - There is NO trading - Pickups are permitted in playoffs if you have available FA acquistions left! TIE BREAKERS 1)Starting QB with highest point total 2)Defense with the highest point total PLAYER SCHEDULING Any player or D/ST that is scheduled to play a NON Div 1 opponent any week will NOT receive stats for the week. This will be considered a bye
  6. Bump have one opening Draft is tomorrow 8 pm. 4th pick in the draft
  7. 2018 League Standings as of 8/20/18
  8. 2017 League Championship Plaque - Team roster
  9. 12 teams $200 cap $120 entry feel Live Auction located in Bucks County, Pa - September 1st 11 am PPR + 6 Pts TD 9 Starters(Qb, Rb, Rb, Wr, Wr, Te, Flex, K, D) 8 man bench Misc - Tropies, Awards ect along with yearly promo videos PM me or email at
  10. ah it is still a Live auction and you have to be there in person. Didn't mean to confuse you
  11. Portland Oregon is on my bucket list - Very familiar with New Hope - grew up in Doylestown, Pa Spot open as I relize it is harder to fill a inperson live auction