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  1. Dion Waiters 2018-19

    ^ no worries..i picked-up Dragic too
  2. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    guys, lets just ignore this thread and not jinx anything.. we're all walking on a very thin ice and we don't want any positive/negative force affect Jeff Teague's ankles
  3. Goran Dragic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Just ran and picked this guy up: tough choice but I Dropped Faried Goran Dragic (right knee surgery) is "making a lot of progress" and is expected to return shortly after the All-Star break. Dragic is currently at the eight-week mark of his initial 6-8 week timetable, and while Erik Spoelstra declined to provide a specific target date for Dragic, there's a chance he could be back for their first game after the break on Feb. 21. Once Dragic is back, Justise Winslow will return to the second unit, which will complicate the minutes distributions for Dwyane Wade and Dion Waiters. Dragic is close enough to justify stashing in most scenarios.
  4. Dion Waiters 2018-19

    yep. picked him up and dropped Shamet
  5. Will Barton 20018-2019 Outlook

    waited half a season for this kind of production
  6. becoming more and more like Russell Westbrook.. switch 3PM with STL switch PTS with REB+AST
  7. Landry Shamet 2018-2019 season

    underwhelming in his first start against a terrible Suns team, was expecting more
  8. Jahlil Okafor 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I was in the same dilemma.. I decided to hold Okafor Been having regrets after the 2 games he missed.. but Zubac's production last game is not encouraging either
  9. Griffin combo is ok.. but you must be punting FG% with that build and strengthen 3PTM instead
  10. I have Giannis + Westbrook and Doncic and I'm loving every second of it.
  11. watching him closely..
  12. #mancrush on this guy.. thes are his basketball skills: - he has Kobe's killer mindset - he has LeBron-eqsue play making - he has James Harden's step-back and foul baiting imagine him getting physically better and more adapted to the NBA - athleticism and physicality - more basketball experience - better teammates around only a matter of time #Lukamagic
  13. Tyler Johnson Outlook 2018-19

    still watching..
  14. I argued about this a few pages ago before his streak of strong games. His initial inconsistencies were a product of not getting the proper offensive looks in Boylen's system, not the muscles that he gained during the summer, as someone was alluding to.
  15. Jahlil Okafor 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    What's up with this guy? It's a do-or-die week for me and I need every ounce of game I can get from everyone. Did he injured his ankle in-game? Has anyone seen the video?