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  1. from: https://hashtagbasketball.com/nba-fantasy-schedule Which teams have the strongest playoff schedules?
  2. who is this guy? they are still not shutting down AD?? meanwhile Bulls are able to shutdown Markkanen?
  3. ^ Oh yes, I forgot to say that, we have a limit of 5 moves per week. Nice catch.
  4. as mentioned earlier, if it's just replacing players, then it might be best to start mid-week. but skewed schedules are totally a different story - it's one of the worst things during fantasy playoffs. suggest to make a move as early as possible. on a side-note, I also have Luka Doncic in my team, and there were a lot of complaints during his: 12 PTS 6 REB 7 AST 9 TO 5/18 FG 1/9 FT 1/7 3PTM performance versus the Spurs has anyone survived this and is pushing through to the semi-finals?
  5. Haven't played yet in weekly leagues. I think it has it's pros and cons. It will definitely be less time-consuming for fantasy managers but then it involves a lot of luck and foresight. it's like being in a stock market, day traders (daily leagues) vs short term traders (weekly leagues) vs fundamentalists (roto leagues) vs investors (dynasty leagues)
  6. last day of Quarter finals and I'm going up against the 3rd seed who is the favorite to win it all. I came all the way from being the worst team around January to eventually making it to the final playoff spot. I'm currently down 4-5 and he has schedule advantage (4 of his players are playing West coast) It's Team Harden (his) vs Team Giannis (mine) Assuming my opponent will be on-standby all throughout these games, the only way I win this is for me to take the lead 5-4 (BLKs and TOs): - after the 4:00 PM game - and after the 6:00 PM game Any time my TO becomes higher than his, he could just simply bench his players and win the game. Ideally, if he's really into it, he should bench Marvin Williams, Aaron Gordon and De'Aaron Fox and force me to make a decision on who to play. But he has never done that the entire season and I hope he won't do it tonight. For what it's worth, the players I streamed the entire week didn't help much: - Moe Harkless, Kenrich Williams, Abdul Nader, Ish Smith, Wayne Ellington and Alex Len Lesson learned is that instead of pre-planning your add-drops, sometimes it might be best to first let it all pan-out and adjust accordingly during the mid-week. ^ I do this in my other leagues, but I was so underdog in this match-up so I kind of micro-managed a little bit. Anyhow, cheers to the 2018-2019 Fantasy playoffs!
  7. i need monster FG% monster BLK and monster STL without TO. and yeah, where'd all your STLs go? I thought I could compete on that
  8. i kept him the entire week hoping for stocks.. he missed yesterday, i guess he'll also miss today
  9. you ok with 10 PTS 7 REB 2 AST 1 STL. pretty serviceable I guess.. would have kept him but I needed AST and STL
  10. i just need one more superb AST and STL.. like 15 ASTs and 5 STLs with 0 or 1 TO only please! just win me this week's Quarterfinal match-up!
  11. Same here. He might be back to being dumb tomorrow. I'll be happy with 4 AST and 4 STL though.
  12. Drafted this douche. Trailing 2-7 in my matchup. Now I've dropped him