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  1. Can I ask why? They're very similar. (Chavis/Riley): Swing% - (51% / 58%) Outside Swing% - (34% / 41%) Outside Contact% - (48% / 53%) SwStr% - (19% / 21%) Contact% - (63% / 64%) K% - (33% / 32%)
  2. Patience and swinging and missing are two very separate things though. I agree that with how he's been hitting the ball he doesn't need to be concerned with taking pitches and drawing walks. Riley has certainly been swinging - he has swung at 58% of pitches he's seen (6th highest in MLB) and has swung and missed at 21% of all pitches (2nd highest) which has resulted in a 32% strikeout rate (20th highest). It's extremely rare for a player to be successful with this kind of plate discipline because they need to make the most of the contact they do make. Javy Baez is very similar in terms of discipline (or lack thereof) and while he's made it work he is pretty unique and has extreme bat speed, something that scouts have labeled a weakness for Riley.
  3. Vladdy Jr. People drafted him in the 4th and 5th round and he hasn't produced fast enough for them. Just look in his player thread, they will tell you. Sorry Vladdy, I know you only just turned 20, but this isn't good enough.
  4. Because regardless of his walk rate his K% and whiff rate is extremely bad. Bottom-5 worst in the league bad. And his 41% chase rate doesn't speak much in the way of patience.
  5. We'll see who the real suckers are in the long run
  6. Yea he left a changeup up to Marte. Had good movement on it but it faded right into the heart of the plate. Happens.
  7. That's nice, but Riley's plate discipline is nowhere close to as good as Soto's and why it's extremely unlikely that this current level of production continues.
  8. Khris Davis with worse plate discipline. (Riley/Davis career): O-Swing% (41% / 29%) SwStr% (21% / 15%) Contact% (63% / 69%) MLB leaderboard (out of 309 players with minimum 110 PA): SwStr% - 21% (2nd highest) Contact% - 63% (4th lowest) ahead of only Chavis, C.Davis, Gallo O-Swing% - 41% (24th highest) I see Riley ending up something like .250/.300/.500 with 30 HR best case scenario.
  9. Bleh, I don't see the Mike Leake comparison at all (I know the author is making it, not you). His stuff is far better than Leake or even Mikolas. Leake is 5'10, Soroka is 6'5. And while Mikolas is also 6'5, his SwStrk% is in the 9% range while Soroka's is 11%. Which is significant, because K% is usually 2-2.5x SwStrk%. And his changeup is a filthy pitch with great movement that could get him more strikeouts if he were to go to it more often (10%). Slider is a solid pitch as well. Kyle Hendricks is the best comparison - a guy that seemlingly overperforms his metrics because his best skill is his command. My only concern with Soroka is the shoulder. If you look closely in his delivery you can see he releases the ball in a way that puts a bit more stress on his shoulder than is typical. And he's had shoulder issues already, so that is a concern long term. But uf he can avoid injury, I see a very long career for him.
  10. Agreed that trying to curate starts and sits for the most part is a fool's errand. I've sat plenty of stud lefty sluggers against lefty starters only for them to homer as soon as a reliever comes in. Gotta say though, Riley is not an 80 power bat. 80 is 3 standard deviations from the mean (50). He's a 65 maybe 70.
  11. 18 HR already. Past calendar year: Player A: 149 games, 548 PA, 41 HR, .247/.294/.542 Player B: 148 games, 529 PA, 44 HR, .245/.320/.521 Player A is Renfroe, Player B is Khris Davis.