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  1. you watching? how hard is he throwing tonight? would be nice to see him get through 7
  2. assume he'll just play first against lefties...as Ruf was..Ruf wasn't Dfa'd yet..assumed it was coming but they were flying in one of Ruf's high school teachers for a teacher appreciation night this weekend so thought this move wasnt happening for a couple days.. should just be 1b, as he's officially done forever from catching due to the concussions.. he wasnt playing much 1b at AAA, mostly DH. happy for him after dealing with the concussions.
  3. maybe a little higher than that; i mean, if he averages 6 ip a start he'd reach 130 by the end of July; has anyone ever been shut down that early? they will want to give some starts to Appel, Thompson and Eflin late in the year so maybe they would put him in the pen in August to reduce the innings.
  4. you are strong at third base so maybe find someone weak there to deal with. is that Joe Smith?
  5. definitely the Gonzo side; Gomez might not even be closing in a month.
  6. only reason to deal Cueto is you fear injury, but Reddick has a bigger injury fear; i'd just be offering a lesser pitcher. i cant see trading Cueto for any of those OF.
  7. in a league with wins, not quality starts.. doesnt seem like much difference between Porcello/Tillman- both will get alot of run support. was leaning Porcello as he has been around a k per inning since last August, but Tillman has the uptick in velocity. so i have these 4 in this order but curious what others thought.
  8. just the first 2 of games of the ALCS apparently...hey, the less of McCarver, the better.... cant believe tbs has to resort to Dick Stockton for the phils/cards series...most of his quips, anyone under the age of 40 wouldnt have a clue what he's talking about.. they put up the list of recent NLMVP's yesterday and have pujols, howard and rollins in a different color, and stockton keeps saying "and 2 of those guys are in this series!" and finally someone must yell at him in his earpiece that rollins is in the series as well...