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  1. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    Yeah in a dynasty league you're going to win that trade easily.
  2. Easiest and most fair way to "regulate" this is make your league deep enough so that most streams are not quality pitchers. Add another SP slot and a P slot to all 10-12 teams, that's 20-24 less SPs to stream. I say if people want to go crazy streaming let them. The only time it ever really is a problem in my eyes is when it's the playoffs and they are just hoarding guys without ever planning on starting them. Otherwise honestly if they are beating your regularly rostered players with FA scraps then that's really on you not on them. Streaming is a tough strategy and if someone is going to dedicate a roster spot or 2 to do it then I feel like they are already at a disadvantage in that league.
  3. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    Exactly how good of a value he is right now... He just got added to the CBS database over the off season. If you're not in the CBS database yet you are far from a mainstream prospect. If you can trade for Deivi in your dynasty draft do it! Could be last call before he costs a king's randsom.
  4. I probably can't do it. Sorry fellas busy weekend and all I don't want to be the one holding it up.
  5. 30 team Draft

    Damn how did Deivi Garcia fall so late?
  6. Harold Baines HOF???

    There's an old adage ... Shake the tree of baseball and 10 gloves fall out but only 1 bat. I already am certain Javy is a better defensive player than Simmons... The versatility is huge. Let alone superior range and arm. Sure Anderlton is more consistent and slightly better of a SS alone as well as grades out better in defensive metrics (Javy's own versatility I feel screws him badly in defensive metrics). But as far as top end web gems Javy's got him beat. At this point in their careers I have to say Javy projects to be a more likely Hall of Famer to me and weather you agree Javy > Simmons for a Hall of Fame career path it's clear that Lindor and Machado are both on a better HoF career path than both Baez and Simmons. So if Anderlton retires with a .700 OPS and only plays 14 seasons than it's likely be a hard no for me. Now if he finishes his career strong and ends with an .800+ OPS and breaks 2500 hits, is that enough to get him in? What will guys like Baez, Lindor, Correa, Seager, Machado, Story, Trea Turner's numbers look like when they end their careers? I would think most would (with a fair chance of all of them) end their careers with clearly better offensive numbers than Simmons. Then you've got Bo Bichette, Tatis Jr, Royce Lewis, Wander Franco coming up very soon. It's hard for me to see the Hall putting all these guys in. The game has evolved Shortstops can now in this era hit. When the Wizard was around this wasn't so much the case.
  7. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    I was drawing similar conclusions post Yonder Alonso trade news. It certainly makes it easier to do. I still would really like for The Sox to trade Abreu in season. I wouldn't want to trade him in the offseason in which he just had his worst season statistically in his 5 year career. Let him bounce back a little, use his leadership to establish a tone with the young guys then if you have someone by the balls as the trade deadline approaches pick off a couple top prospects. Plus then you'll have a few more months of information to evaluate the return players as we all know how fast the minor league landscape evolves.
  8. Paul Goldschmidt 2019 Outlook

    Yeah wow I can't believe how much Goldy's stock has fallen but there's just that many good young players in the game right now.
  9. It always takes a weekend and a couple days to fill... I personally don't have time to get in one right now but would love to see another mock finished before the new year.
  10. Harold Baines HOF???

    This is a great question. While I agree with Ozzie Smith being in the Hall of Fame because he was head and shoulders better defensively than the rest of his era this includes Trammell. Anderlton Simmons while he may be the best defensive SS right now, the gap isn't nearly as glaring. Plus again let's look at era, guys are better hitters today than they were in the 70's and 80's. So yeah it's not longer good enough for a SS to get in on his glove alone. Also let's not lie to ourselves and pretend like the shift isn't drastically reducing the importance of defense as well as making the ability to hit for average much more important than OBP snobs will ever want to admit. I'm also okay with Stardom being taken into consideration some. Ozzie Smith clearly had a lot more of that than Anderlton Simmons. Which is where I can give some more slack to Trammell and even Baines as they certainly had the heart of the home town.
  11. new prospect list- Prospects1500

    Yeah Isaac Paredes is fairly unknown but yeah he's in my top 30 easily.
  12. Harold Baines HOF???

    Are you honestly serious? Okay first off I'm going to have to rant about how good every player at the MLB level is. Let alone the ones who even get considered for the Hall of Fame. You are splitting hairs just to begin with. Now you'll never visit the hall again because of 1 induction you didn't agree with? Yikes. But let's just further break it down. Let's go off of everyone's beloved WAR. Having a Mike Trout in CF instead of a AAA CF is only going to win you 9.8 more games over the 140 games Mike Trout played to get to his 9.8 WAR (in 2018). So 10 more wins over 140 games. That is a 7.15% increase. That is it. Now keep in mind that is only 1 player so it is pretty impressive in it's own right. But most people do not understand how close Mike Trout actually is to guys even in AAA let alone other MLB players.
  13. Harold Baines HOF???

    I didn't say he was a better player... I said going off of their career numbers Baines' career numbers are more hall of fame worthy. Or at least more of what you think about hall of fame. Trammell is another guy who is a frigne HOFer. Let's not try to act like he isn't right there with Harold. Also MVP considerations don't hold much weight here either. Especially when you are vastly misrepresenting the data in favor of Trammell rather than objectively. Harold's best 3 finishes were 13th, 10th, and 9th. Trammell's were 2nd, 7th, and 9th. Of those top 3 do you really think there's a huge difference in production? So now you've taken data that is very closely related and fairly equal on both sides and you have represented as if it is 3 to 1 in favor of Trammell... This is essentially the definition of manipulating / conflating data. Yes the higher WAR is the one and only valid argument you've made here and I'm not disagreeing with it. I will say though that WAR overvalues defense by an extreme measure (and it's getting worse with how baseball is evolving). But my main point here is, if it's a joke that Baines got in the HoF it's a slightly less funny joke that a sub 200 HR .767 career OPS Trammell got in, that is all. I don't care how good your defense is at any position you have to be able to hit to get in the hall as a player and that's something Baines did clearly better than Trammell for a longer period of time.
  14. Harold Baines HOF???

    Yeah this is a tough one for me as I grew up watching Baines at the end of his career (he could still hit). Numbers wise when you think of a Hall of Famer Baines doesn't jump off the page at you. But as Backdoor mentions above there are many worse players in the Hall. Look at Ron Santo their triple slash lines are very close. But Baines kept his nose clean while competing in the steroid era as well as by all accounts I've ever read is an all around good guy. So yeah So while Baines didn't do it with overall dominant seasons he did it the way that gets over looked by the masses... Through consistency and longevity which is going to be just as important as having a couple seasons of being an MVP candidate. So while his numbers don't exactly blow you away they were damn good and they were done over a long period of time. Yeah Baines may never have had a 5 WAR in his career but he also never hit 30 HRs in a season and still some how ended up with 384 home runs when it was all said and done. Outside of hitting 29 HRs Baines only hit 25 HRs 2 other times. Consistency and the fact that he was clean competing against guys juiced up makes me say, "Yeah I get it". Cause again as Backdoor said there are plenty of less deserving players in the hall. Harlod Baines' career numbers are clearly better than the careers of Alan Trammel and Jack Morris. Yes I get it that Morris has World Series credit and Trammel was a fan favorite playing all of his 20 seasons with Detroit as well as a pretty damn good shortstop but when you get to the numbers Baines more than doubled Trammel's HRs had more than 60% more RBI. more runs, a higher batting average, OBP, and certainly a much higher slugging and more of Baines' career over lapped in the steroid era. So while Baines may or may not be deserving of the hall of fame I think he's more deserving than Morris and Trammel on a pure numbers standpoint without a doubt.