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  1. 10 minutes ago, Impreza178 said:

    In fairness MG3 did look better this week on a few runs... and The Chargers won’t be this inept every week.

    However,   I think we can dismiss the misguided notion that Ekeler is going to disappear.    He’s possibly the best back they have and this is a full blown timeshare with a line and offense that is struggling.  


    I totally agree with this.  But keep in mind Melvin will get more in the groove as he gets more practice time as well.  But it does look like Ekeler is the more productive RB by a wide margin so far.

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  2. 18 minutes ago, joshua18 said:


    A trade could save his value this year.  TB might try to feature him more to optimize the trade haul. Plus any team that trades for him will use him -- unlike TB who PREDICTABLY has not.


    Well OJ Howard is like an abusive girlfriend who just keeps sucking you back in .... I'm picking him back up lol.

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  3. 57 minutes ago, Zangief80 said:

    This is all part of Bucs strategy.  Make opposing teams forget about him and then BOOM unleash the juice!!!


    I was trying to talk myself into this for the first 3-4 weeks of the season ... I'll believe it when I see it.  Trust me if OJ puts up an 18 point game itll revitalize my faith in him.  But until he does something he can sit on the wire.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Guwop said:

    people were saying he was done for YEARS, and regarding this season folks were saying he's bench material after his first bomb post AB. It is what it is


    Even if you don't drop him, do you dare start him?  Guy is waiver wire material after tonight.  Revist once he's actually done something.  He may miss the next game fortunately for JG he got hurt on a Thursday so it gives him extra time to rest but there are likely better options on the wire.  Take a chance on a lottery ticket. 

  5. Sony got split out wide and got targeted... Dropped an easy catch though.  Come on man!  You're not helping yourself out when given the chance, still got 2 more receptions.  But Bolden honestly in very limited touches looked much more effective.  I need this man to break out.

  6. 3 hours ago, CooL said:

    Back to JG.

    So frustrating that he's up against a burnable corner, but now the concern is that "the Pats will get up big and they'll rest him in the second half", at least that's what some of the talking heads are saying.  WTH.  When can this guy ever be started with confidence?  Couldn't ball out last week against the Skins.  Now seemingly isn't a great start against the Giants?  Why do I own this guy?!


    Doesn't matter that offense runs through Edelman.  JG looked like his knee / hip got tangled up he may miss some games.  Anyone still carrying JG is missing out on better players on the wire.  Sure someone will pick up JG in your league but the first bomb he has for them they will drop him back to the wire.  Maybe he's someone we revisit down the playoff run if the situation starts looking more favorable.  But Tom Brady isn't going to be throwing deep balls to JG any time soon, it's all the short route game for JG and Edelman.  They'll let Dorsett take the top off every now and then but Brady isn't looking too good on deep balls at all this year.

  7. 39 minutes ago, Eddie Mush said:

    I haven't seen anything above 17 mph winds tonight, idk where you guys are coming up with 25-30 mph winds. Does windy automatically mean josh gordon won't get targets? I see a 5-75 game tonight.


    Yeah I just checked the weather and I'm seeing 19 mph winds and rain for during the game.  I did hear this morning though someone said storms with 25 - 50 mph winds expected.  So I'm not sure how much worse the prediction was a few hours ago but it's simmered.  But still even 17 - 19 mph winds is pretty bad especially with rain.



    So I expect The Patriots to run the ball more.  With Dorsett out Gordon should see an uptick in targets but is it enough to have a big game?  With what we've seen so far I'm not banking on it.

  8. 4 minutes ago, martinjlm said:

    Why are we still talking about a 4 target, un-startable, borderline WR3? Those who did not listen to the coach speak about being a running team and grabbed him early in the drafts like me just need to roll with the punches and move on.


    The trade hopes make me unable to drop him really.  But hey I dropped Josh Gordon yesterday so Diggs isnt that far away.

  9. 9 hours ago, nmartinez12443 said:

    Adrenaline is a powerful thing, but i agree all conjecture right so why bother. Probably wont know for sure until Sunday. 


    Plus swelling can take time to take place.  You could feel great after a game then the next morning you start feeling everything.

  10. 39 minutes ago, sasnumberonefan said:

    I think the Game being in London helps our chances here of a one week gold mine. Can’t imagine a 12 hour flight across the pond is good for CMCs back. Let him hang back, rest up this week and the bye. 


    This is a great point ... even if CMC goes his touches could be down. Dude was flipped nearly 7 feet in the air and landed directly on his back.

  11. On 9/6/2019 at 5:58 PM, fingers said:

    Nagy did him no favors calling all of those pass plays. Take some pressure off the kid and run the football! Coach looked like a boob last night


    Take some pressure off the kid and let him get some pre season snaps next year!!!!

  12. On 10/7/2019 at 11:45 AM, dmb3684 said:

    Talk radio in Boston is talking about Diggs as possibly gettable for the Pats.


    Been hearing this rumor for awhile... someone needs to step in and trade for the guy already ... anyone else patriots or not.

  13. 53 minutes ago, StevieStats said:

    54% catch rate... Career 53%... It's who he is.


    Yeah... it's hard for me to not expect Josh Gordon to be better than his career rates at this stage in his career.  Hes not abusing drugs (supposedly) and he never had a real QB in those early years of his career.


    But 5 weeks of this is more than enough for me ... 25 - 50 mph winds I'm expecting a lot of running tonight not so much Josh Gordon.  But you never really know maybe Edelman sits out the game? But even then I dont think JG breaks 20.

  14. 4 hours ago, HOF12 said:


    Yup, I’m definitely dropping him if he has another 14 point and below game. I got John brown playing better than him smh. 


    Dont even waste the roster spot 25-50 mph wind gusts tonight for the game.  Just bet the under.

  15. 7 minutes ago, hockeyfan77 said:

    Pats have O-Line Problems and JE and White own the short passing game: Gordon needs improved O-Line to snap out of it....He did have a sure TD that Brady overthrew him on against Washington...



    Or has JG lost a step?

  16. 56 minutes ago, HOF12 said:

    Shoot i can’t even give Gordon away nobody in my league wants him. 

    Even john brown has way more value than Gordon 


    Yeah I was trying to trade him forever no one in my leagues wanted him either... I'm sure they'll put waiver claims in for him though.  But if he's another 10 point performance on Thursday you can't carry that for another 2 weeks into NE's bye week can you?


    Either way I dropped him in 10 man and am on the fence in 12 man.  If something good on the wire surfaces he's my next drop there too.

  17. 12 minutes ago, itschief33 said:

    Exactly why I didn’t have CMC cuffed all season. Figured it would be an absolute mess, but Reggie is getting some praise from the coaching staff and obviously has some quicks.. Could be worse.


    After that flip in the endzone last week and the fact that CMC couldn't finish the game and now is questionable.  The touches are taking a toll.  Luckily there is a bye week around the corner for CMC honestly.  But if he can't go Bonnafon instantly becomes a top 10 RB.

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  18. Well I've come to the terms that now is the best time to give up on Josh Gordon as dropping him today no one would be able to pick him up until waivers run next week.  Plus @NYJ, CLE, @BAL, BYE isn't the most favorable matchups over the next 4 weeks.

  19. 27 minutes ago, KennyWoo said:


    I was calling him a streamer after Week 2.  Those who have held him to this point have missed out on plenty of good chances for a course correction.  And now you want to hold him to "midseason" and "maybe" drop him?  What would it take for you to actually cut bait on this guy?


    It just depends on who is out there.  Some leagues you get a few teams hoarding TEs you may as well continue to roll the dice on Howard's upside.