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  1. On 4/9/2019 at 5:16 PM, BigPapi44 said:

    Gun to the head do you guys like Bryse Wilson or Gallen more?


    Gallen went bananas on the Iowa Cubs today 6 IP, 3H, 1 ER, 0BB, 8K

    Iowa then put up 4 ER against the bullpen after Gallen exited with his pitches at 84 - 59 for strikes.

  2. 17 hours ago, BIG SKI said:

    Puk got hurt 1 year McKenzie is the next Carl Edwards(way to light to be a SP'er full time). Has yet to stay healthy for a full season


    Yes similar build to Edwards... So that is a concern.  But I'm willing to roll the dice as look at Chris Sale he's a long wiry guy too.  Triston is so young and so lanky putting weight on as he ages shouldn't really be a problem.  The impressive thing is how hard he can throw while being so light.  The kid already probably has more pro innings than any pitcher his age, which tenders more experience but also more wear and tear.



  3. 12 hours ago, brockpapersizer said:

    @FouLLine As someone with a few shares because of you, thoughts on how he finished the season and what you expect for next year. He's still basically not on lists. 


    Yeah his production was sneaky... He wasnt playing in games to start the season I want to say it was well into May before he saw his first action and naturally started slow.  But yeah his 2nd half was really good.  So if he carries that over next year his stock will continue to rise.

  4. 3 minutes ago, BIG SKI said:

    I could see a young high school kids doing that in Rok and  low-A, but when college kids do that is it not a red flag?


    I mean I certainly aren't projecting eliteness from that.  But I'm also not going to say he didn't hit.  I'm with you India shouldn't be in the top 20 the way I see it.  But that's where they have him.  I think a lot of it has to do with how good he was in college and sometimes it takes that first year to really adjust to wood.


    Honestly at first glance I'm thinking India just might be one of those guys that loses quite a bit of power from composite to wood.  

  5. 5 hours ago, oswald737 said:


    1. Deivi -  Love the player. Really do.... but he is 5'10"/163 lbs. That's a tough combo to expect to be that much higher when he is still in A-ball (other than 1 appearance at AA to end the season). There have been guys his size that have been very successful, but its definitely an additional challenge to overcome.


    2. Agreed on Tyler Freeman. Definitely under-rated.


    3. I am not sure I would call them statistically the same considering Gimenez has consecutive 28+ steal seasons and Paredes has 8 total steals in his career, but this one feels like a trajectory assessment. That is, Gimenez has gotten better more linearly that Paredes.


    4. Kieboom is higher because he's been better longer. Lux really surged last season.... before that he was way under-performing. I agree that Lux will surge this year in the rankings if he repeats. I don't think you'll see much difference after this year.


    5. This is the one we'll disagree most on. I don't think McKenzie, Keller, and (especially) McKay have near the mult-+ pitch stuff and control mix that Luzardo has. Puk dominated spring training last year before getting hurt. He also has 2 potentially elite pitches. I don't believe that McKenzie/Keller/McKay combine to have 2 elite offerings. They are all solid number 3 starters.... and McKay might not even be that. He needs to start pitching against like-aged competition before I accept that he might not become Matt Davidson.



    Gimenez does offer more SB potential but will taper off as he advances.  His SB% isn't all that great, which isn't a good sign in the lower leagues.  But outside of that Paredes flat out, out hit Gimenez... Better peripherals too and got stronger as the season went on.  I like both players I just don't get the gap between their rankings.  I'll take the better hitter projecting to translate easier over the guy who will steal 15 maybe 20 bases.


    Kieboom and Lux will be good prospects to parallel this season.  My point is they too should be within a few spots of each other.  Not 14 to 58 or whatever it was. 


    Puk is hurt his stock should have dropped more than it has.  He really hasn't gone down much from where he was ranked before the injury.  McKenzie is highly under rated.  I've watched extended tape on McKenzie and his fastball curveball combo is good enough to devastate even MLB hitters his first time through the league over a 60 game period or so.


    McKay is playing with guys his level.  The vast majority of good college players drafted in the same year ended the season if not played most of their season in advanced A ball.  McKay will be in AA to start and his pitching could be big league ready next year.  I assure you McKay will be a better hitter as well as pitcher than Davidson if they let him do both.


    Luzardo got hit hard in his small 4 start sample in The PCL.  Real hard.  Now I wouldn't take Keller over Luzardo but Triston for sure and McKay maybe too.  Luzardo has 150.67 innings (42 of which were in rookie ball) in his minor league career Triston McKenzie has 328.33 and Luzardo is less than 2 months younger.  Triston has more innings in Advanced A and AA than Luzardo does in his entire minor league career.

  6. 2 hours ago, Coach George said:


    Pardinho is so small...he wouldn't crack my top 100 either. He's listed at 5'10 but apparently that is even a stretch.  


    I get that would prevent him from being at the top of the list right now.  But dominance is dominance and he dominated much more so than Libeatore.

  7. On 1/26/2019 at 3:22 PM, BackyardBaseball said:



    hes 18 overall for prospectus although it’s not a fantasy ratings list. But still they only have luzardo and Whitley ahead of him.  The only other prospect I’d put ahead of him without question is probably Reyes and maybe Honeywell depending on how he looks after TJ.  There are others with higher upside but Keller needs more respect for how solid he has been.  It’s not like he’s throwinf 92 either he’s got a 95+ mph sinking fastball that will play at any level.


    It not being a "fantasy based" ranking list makes it a better case for Keller as you're getting guys bumped up for defense on this list that in fantasy you could either ignore or bump much further down.


    My concern with Keller is the mad drop off at AAA.  Was this truly because his lack of a 3rd pitch has finally caught up to him?  Or is his arm starting to go?  I honestly didn't catch any AAA tape on him so I'm curious to see where his velos are in spring training.

  8. On 1/18/2019 at 5:14 PM, daynlokki said:

    I see by the reactions that you guys don't understand this concept.  As a part of the MLB or NFL the players union represents their player in any dispute with the league.  Once he doesn't show up to spring training he is in breach of contract and will no longer be subject to the MLB union backing (they pay all court costs for any player in a dispute with the league).  As he has not been drafted by the NFL already, they also will not use the union to back Murray.  At this point the only financial backing he can receive is from himself or his family and friends.  If they time it right, they can bury him in court costs just by waiting for him to not show up to spring training.  He already will have to pay back the money he received from the A's, that money cannot be used unless he replaces it from his own money anyways.  He easily could lose millions of dollars in a protracted battle.  That would be a net loss against his future NFL earnings, which he would definitely feel as he's so far been all about how much money he can make.  If you subtract just 2m in court costs from his rookie NFL contract, he now definitely must be picked in the first round in order to make more than he would by honoring his current contract.  Happens all the time.  Large entity with large pocketbooks forces smaller entity to settle because they don't have the money for a long, protracted battle in the courts that can not only last years but also cost millions of dollars.  MLB doesn't even have to win the suit in this scenario, just force Murray to spend enough money that the A's would actually end up paying him more with dropping the lawsuit and him sticking with baseball.  Easy concept overall that major lawyer literally do everyday. 


    Now I'm not 100% on this but... While he will eventually have to give signing bonus back this will have to be disputed in court.  So in the mean time he can dip into that money to find himself plenty good representation (I'm sure he's already done this).  Good enough to where The A's (a small market team) won't be able to bury him he did sign for 4.66 million dollars.  We've seen what money ball is all about... Do you think The A's want to invest multiple millions to go toe to toe with this kid?  Cause I'm sure Kyler and his family if it came down to it would invest everything they had if they had to.


    Also how bad do The A's want to look in this situation.  You are trying to bury a kid?  I can see the headline now, The Oakland A'holes continue to attack a kid with a dream.  I'm pretty sure that's something both parties would love to avoid.


    The A's would lose more in PR trying to bury him rather than reach a reasonable agreement with him.  Besides from all reports I've heard The A's have been very understanding an patient in this entire process.


    Look if you want to go to The NFL then just pay back the signing bonus... It's pretty clear cut.  Sucks The A's wasted a draft pick but players don't sign out of the draft all the time and The A's should have done more dewdiligence it was known that he also played football.


    I'm honestly hoping there's a way that he can do both.



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  9. Glad to see Deivi made the list but why so low?


    Love to see my boy Tyler Freeman made the list.  He is so under rated.


    The difference between Andres Gimenez and Isaac Paredes just shows they got it wrong on one of them.  They statistically are the same player except Paredes hit better in AA and carried better peripherals the entire season.  I like Jazz, but seriously  how is he ranked higher than Paredes?  Let alone nearly 50 spots higher?


    Kieboom vs Lux... How is Kieboom ranked that much higher on the fantasy end?  


    Triston McKenzie at 93, Keller 99, and McKay at 90 is absolutely laughable.  I personally would take McKenzie over Luzardo #16 and especially Puk at #22 dude's hurt right now.



  10. 21 hours ago, blabuwe said:

    Some analysts/entire sites decide to punt catcher in their rankings rather than understanding that an exceptional one has a lot of value. That said, maybe the difference between Bart and Ruiz is the difference between one of those rare tier 1 offensive catchers and the next "good hitting" tier which is 7-8 deep to the point where the value is not much


    I personally can't understand how Bart and Keibert are viewed so differently.  This is the classic mainstream mistake of "oh look a shiny new toy" ... 


    Bart is good but Keibert is not only younger but further advanced in the minors while maintaining better peripherals.  Walked more in AA while striking out less than half as much as Bart.


    It's a pretty close call to me right now Bart just has the allure of being a shiny new toy and Keibert is easy to over look with his pedestrian OPS because he's at a demanding position and at an advanced level for his age.


    At this point they project to be pretty close, Bart showing more power but Keibert showing an advanced hit tool for a 20 year old switch hitting catcher.  That is a pretty rare feat.

  11. On 1/15/2019 at 10:47 PM, TheTruth024 said:



    I took your advice and traded Nelson Cruz for Garcia and Zimmer.  Hope you are right!  Thanks


    Yeah in a dynasty league you're going to win that trade easily.

  12. On 1/15/2019 at 10:02 PM, Saucy said:

    What are your preferred settings to deal with streaming? Feel like its a constant problem in my league, with people either streaming, putting starting pitchers in RP slots, etc. How do you guys deal with this?


    Easiest and most fair way to "regulate" this is make your league deep enough so that most streams are not quality pitchers.  Add another SP slot and a P slot to all 10-12 teams, that's 20-24 less SPs to stream.


    I say if people want to go crazy streaming let them.  The only time it ever really is a problem in my eyes is when it's the playoffs and they are just hoarding guys without ever planning on starting them.


    Otherwise honestly if they are beating your regularly rostered players with FA scraps then that's really on you not on them.  Streaming is a tough strategy and if someone is going to dedicate a roster spot or 2 to do it then I feel like they are already at a disadvantage in that league.

  13. 15 hours ago, Coach George said:

    He is in the CBS system now


    Exactly how good of a value he is right now... He just got added to the CBS database over the off season.  If you're not in the CBS database yet you are far from a mainstream prospect.


    If you can trade for Deivi in your dynasty draft do it!  Could be last call before he costs a king's randsom.

  14. 16 hours ago, sleepysock said:

    Simmons is quite possibly the greatest defensive player any of us will ever see. If there's any hesitation about his argument for the HOF -- assuming he doesn't completely fall off a cliff in the next few years -- then I think you're discounting defense a little too much. 


    There's an old adage ... Shake the tree of baseball and 10 gloves fall out but only 1 bat.


    I already am certain Javy is a better defensive player than Simmons...  The versatility is huge.  Let alone superior range and arm.  Sure Anderlton is more consistent and slightly better of a SS alone as well as grades out better in defensive metrics (Javy's own versatility I feel screws him badly in defensive metrics).  But as far as top end web gems Javy's got him beat.  At this point in their careers I have to say Javy projects to be a more likely Hall of Famer to me and weather you agree Javy > Simmons for a Hall of Fame career path it's clear that Lindor and Machado are both on a better HoF career path than both Baez and Simmons.


    So if Anderlton retires with a .700 OPS and only plays 14 seasons than it's likely be a hard no for me.


    Now if he finishes his career strong and ends with an .800+ OPS and breaks 2500 hits, is that enough to get him in?  What will guys like Baez, Lindor, Correa, Seager, Machado, Story, Trea Turner's numbers look like when they end their careers?  I would think most would (with a fair chance of all of them) end their careers with clearly better offensive numbers than Simmons.  Then you've got Bo Bichette, Tatis Jr, Royce Lewis, Wander Franco coming up very soon.  It's hard for me to see the Hall putting all these guys in.  


    The game has evolved Shortstops can now in this era hit.  When the Wizard was around this wasn't so much the case.

  15. 4 hours ago, MrBrown said:

    Maybe the White Sox want to trade Jose Abreu to the Yankees. Just sayin.


    I was drawing similar conclusions post Yonder Alonso trade news.  It certainly makes it easier to do.  


    I still would really like for The Sox to trade Abreu in season.  I wouldn't want to trade him in the offseason in which he just had his worst season statistically in his 5 year career.  Let him bounce back a little, use his leadership to establish a tone with the young guys then if you have someone by the balls as the trade deadline approaches pick off a couple top prospects.  Plus then you'll have a few more months of information to evaluate the return players as we all know how fast the minor league landscape evolves.