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  1. This is a great question. While I agree with Ozzie Smith being in the Hall of Fame because he was head and shoulders better defensively than the rest of his era this includes Trammell. Anderlton Simmons while he may be the best defensive SS right now, the gap isn't nearly as glaring. Plus again let's look at era, guys are better hitters today than they were in the 70's and 80's. So yeah it's not longer good enough for a SS to get in on his glove alone. Also let's not lie to ourselves and pretend like the shift isn't drastically reducing the importance of defense as well as making the ability to hit for average much more important than OBP snobs will ever want to admit. I'm also okay with Stardom being taken into consideration some. Ozzie Smith clearly had a lot more of that than Anderlton Simmons. Which is where I can give some more slack to Trammell and even Baines as they certainly had the heart of the home town.
  2. Yeah Isaac Paredes is fairly unknown but yeah he's in my top 30 easily.
  3. Are you honestly serious? Okay first off I'm going to have to rant about how good every player at the MLB level is. Let alone the ones who even get considered for the Hall of Fame. You are splitting hairs just to begin with. Now you'll never visit the hall again because of 1 induction you didn't agree with? Yikes. But let's just further break it down. Let's go off of everyone's beloved WAR. Having a Mike Trout in CF instead of a AAA CF is only going to win you 9.8 more games over the 140 games Mike Trout played to get to his 9.8 WAR (in 2018). So 10 more wins over 140 games. That is a 7.15% increase. That is it. Now keep in mind that is only 1 player so it is pretty impressive in it's own right. But most people do not understand how close Mike Trout actually is to guys even in AAA let alone other MLB players.
  4. I didn't say he was a better player... I said going off of their career numbers Baines' career numbers are more hall of fame worthy. Or at least more of what you think about hall of fame. Trammell is another guy who is a frigne HOFer. Let's not try to act like he isn't right there with Harold. Also MVP considerations don't hold much weight here either. Especially when you are vastly misrepresenting the data in favor of Trammell rather than objectively. Harold's best 3 finishes were 13th, 10th, and 9th. Trammell's were 2nd, 7th, and 9th. Of those top 3 do you really think there's a huge difference in production? So now you've taken data that is very closely related and fairly equal on both sides and you have represented as if it is 3 to 1 in favor of Trammell... This is essentially the definition of manipulating / conflating data. Yes the higher WAR is the one and only valid argument you've made here and I'm not disagreeing with it. I will say though that WAR overvalues defense by an extreme measure (and it's getting worse with how baseball is evolving). But my main point here is, if it's a joke that Baines got in the HoF it's a slightly less funny joke that a sub 200 HR .767 career OPS Trammell got in, that is all. I don't care how good your defense is at any position you have to be able to hit to get in the hall as a player and that's something Baines did clearly better than Trammell for a longer period of time.
  5. Yeah this is a tough one for me as I grew up watching Baines at the end of his career (he could still hit). Numbers wise when you think of a Hall of Famer Baines doesn't jump off the page at you. But as Backdoor mentions above there are many worse players in the Hall. Look at Ron Santo their triple slash lines are very close. But Baines kept his nose clean while competing in the steroid era as well as by all accounts I've ever read is an all around good guy. So yeah So while Baines didn't do it with overall dominant seasons he did it the way that gets over looked by the masses... Through consistency and longevity which is going to be just as important as having a couple seasons of being an MVP candidate. So while his numbers don't exactly blow you away they were damn good and they were done over a long period of time. Yeah Baines may never have had a 5 WAR in his career but he also never hit 30 HRs in a season and still some how ended up with 384 home runs when it was all said and done. Outside of hitting 29 HRs Baines only hit 25 HRs 2 other times. Consistency and the fact that he was clean competing against guys juiced up makes me say, "Yeah I get it". Cause again as Backdoor said there are plenty of less deserving players in the hall. Harlod Baines' career numbers are clearly better than the careers of Alan Trammel and Jack Morris. Yes I get it that Morris has World Series credit and Trammel was a fan favorite playing all of his 20 seasons with Detroit as well as a pretty damn good shortstop but when you get to the numbers Baines more than doubled Trammel's HRs had more than 60% more RBI. more runs, a higher batting average, OBP, and certainly a much higher slugging and more of Baines' career over lapped in the steroid era. So while Baines may or may not be deserving of the hall of fame I think he's more deserving than Morris and Trammel on a pure numbers standpoint without a doubt.
  6. Well I think this hinders the chances of Jose Abreu getting moved before the season starts
  7. I didn't change anything. Never did I say "these guys should wait as long as they can because that will set precedent for future players" that's what you heard though as evidence of this misquote. I do think the players waiting out the owners will help players get more money this offseason. Now getting more money will set future precedent. I'm not saying make the future precedent holding out as long as possible. So I'm sorry if I wasn't clear on that. Think about it. If you had 30 job interviews lined up to go to and every company interviewing you knew you had 30 other job interviews would you agree to a job before talking to everyone else? Sure a lot of people may. But I know I wouldn't and anyone else who thought their skillsets were even close to elite wouldn't either. Even if you were offered your dream job would you NOT try to use the other 29 suitors to leverage your position into an even "dreamier job"? Which is my main point Look at Carlos Carrasco up front with management how he loves Cleveland and wants security they raked him over the coals in this latest signing. He's a 4th round fantasy pick set to make less than 10 mil this year. His 3 year extension is essentially 11.67 mil guaranteed over 3 years and the 4th possible year is a team option for $14 million??? QO's are 18 million and going up! Arb guys are getting 10 million. Greinke, Arrieta, Price all made 30-32 million last year. Verlander, Lester, Felix, Darvish are all $25+ million last year. Even Jordan Zimmerman made $24 million last year. Now I get it Carassco isn't a greedy capitalistic pig and wants security for his family and why not we all know the dude has had arm issues. But you just signed away the rest of your prime for less than half price. This isn't buying an item at the store this is your livelihood. QO's are going to be double what Carrasco got paid AAV wise by the end of this contract. Carrasco left so much money on the table here he should easily be getting over 20 million a year for these years. Can't help but to think the Valbuena car crash death may have had something to do with this? So back to the main point here, if these guys sign this weekend I am 100% certain they are leaving money on the table. Wait it out let the market continue to develop keep talking to all teams. Let the teams know you want to be enamored and blown away by a deal. Hell make a statement how this is a historic deal. Bryce and Manny should have already started making more PR noise about talking about their contract search. I mean this could be the team you're playing the rest of your 'likely' Hall of Fame career. Last year the owners knew this was the FA class so a lot of owners decided to sit last year out. So now some teams are in a position that they cannot afford miss out on signing some FAs if they want to compete this year (regardless of it being Harper, Machado, Donaldson). I'm honestly not sure why we aren't seeing Boras in the media every day saying some outrageous claims to hype this thing up. Machado and Harper should be shooting for $500 million dollar contracts. Hell ask for a piece of ownership. Shoot for the moon guys!!
  8. Yeah I've been hearing this on AM Radio here in Chicago. I'm not so sure The White Sox want to trade him just yet. If the Dodgers are interested I'd certainly shop him around at the winter meetings. But at some point this season Abreu is the last piece the Sox have to really overhaul the rebuild. It's either trade him or sign him to a 5 year extension. So depending on the returning package I suppose it could be worth it. I personally would love to get a package with the vastly under rated prospect Gavin Lux (he grew up an hour north of Chicago in Kenosha was a historic player in the area) who The Dodgers probably view as a surplus.
  9. Actually my response here was solely on Goldy ... You are merging two discussions in here.
  10. It's called precedent, future contracts will look back at these contracts. What evidence has to be provided... Do you truly believe these contracts will NOT be referenced in the future? Do you think teams aren't referencing contracts of the past when determining how to sign people this year? Bryce and Machado are on the verge of signing historic contracts, there's no denying that the numbers in which are being talked about are evidence of this a lone. If they leave money on the table it leaves money on the table for every player going forward. Don't forget about Donaldson... Also Andrew Miller and Craig Kimbrel. RP contracts will be based off of these contract for years to come. With the evolution of the bullpen over the last few years (another little something I've been squawking about years before it materialized into the mainstream) these will be huge contracts for the future of baseball. I advise you to open your vision towards a bigger picture that encompasses more of the history and the future history of the MLB not just "oh it's another year in free agency".
  11. See the thing is you can do both though. But yeah owners are being more hesitant of paying players big money contracts because of the young talent coming into the league... That is something I've been saying for a couple years now that the PA really needs to address and get young guys paid more and to free agency sooner. Rob Manfred owned the PA in the last negotiations and that can't happen again. The current CBA is good until December 2021 so we've got some time under this new contract. Also minor league pay and late round signing bonuses are ridiculous this needs to be addressed some how by the CBA I know minor leaguers aren't technically in the union but damn they are being screwed. I'm all for minimum to sign a player out of the draft being $50K if not more.
  12. None of this really happens until Spring Training so they've got plenty of time. If players just start signing contracts now they are likely leaving money on the table and a lot of it. But if they wait a couple months owners are going to get antsy and eventually have to pony up the money for the quality FAs. This is a historic free agent class the best in MLB history and these are critical contracts for all players going forward not just the free agents this year. I don't want any player to leave any money on the table. Also there is a new trend that is going to start happening and it's called don't sign veterans just bank on paying young breakouts league minimum or arbitration money. I know league minimum is up to 550k this year but that's only 10% from what 10 years ago? The PA really needs the push for a higher league minimum also less years of team control.
  13. Even as a rental I would have wanted more personally. This is especially bad to me because The Winter meetings are right around the corner. I get it if you want to hedge your bet and trade Goldy before spring training starts. But why trade him before you even let a market develop at the winter meetings. Goldy's value isn't going anywhere over the next few weeks so why not shop him around a little more or demand a little more?
  14. The players should demand as much money as possible and hold off from signing anything as long as possible. Much like the owners did to the players last year. Except this year the free agents are apart of the best free agent class in the history of The MLB. I hope Manny and Bryce both break 300 million (even though I wouldn't want my teams paying it lol)
  15. I thought Goldy would have fetched a bit more and I really like Weaver.
  16. Well I got Ware in all my leagues so I don't even have room to roster the next guy down. I'd just rather take my chances on the rookie rather than the guy with a few years of not producing in The NFL.
  17. Goff's upside isn't higher. On the road in a less favorable matchup. Gurley could take a ton of production in a blow out. Tampa Bay has Winston finally comfortable in it's offense which lead's the NFL in yardage and has had Fitzpatrick for half of it's snaps this season.
  18. Yeah but what if the game is a blow out? Gurely will just be running and killing clock. Winston has the starting job regardless of what happens today. You don't keep going back to a journeyman QB when the home town guy you drafted 1.1 has been producing. It only made sense when Winston was rusty and Magic was breaking records at this point you have to pick one and stay with them...
  19. No, Collins likley won't be ready to start in the bigs next season and will need probably at least another half season if not more in the minors. Kevan Smith is gone too from The White Sox. Looks like it's Wellington Castillo and then Zack Collins will compete with Seby Zavala for the back up catchers role. I'd imagine Seby wins it to at least start the season though.
  20. Darrell Williams is really the handcuff here.
  21. Pretty much if you missed Ware grab Damien who knows what could happen.
  22. Chubb is my favorite too most big play ability... I'd say Chub and then it's either Conner or Ekeler. WHIR