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  1. What hard evidence is there to say Edgar juiced? Also not to discredit how far Boggs came as a fielder cause he is known to have improved dramatically throghout his career. Just keep in mind that gold gloves should be taken with a grain of salt. As Gold Gloves generally awarded the most popular top defender rather than the actual best defender for that given season... That's why so many players end their career with 5+ gold gloves some players with 10+.
  2. I calculated him at a rough .810 OPB without HBPs and Sac flies. I did quote that. A .732 OPS isn't junk for any position for a 6 - 7 week span, especially in your sophomore season. Your view on real life baseball is clearly diluted by fantasy baseball. The entire reason you are even debating with me is because you are stuck on fantasy baseball and I'm over here projecting real life career arcs. Tommy Joseph at this point in his career could be worth something... For The Phils to leave Hoskins in the minors to find out only benefits them. Power hitters can have big gaps in OPS on a month to month basis as a lot of their OPS is dependant upon slugging. Do you realize you can OPS .732 and have 10 flyouts on the track over that month? Then the next month hit the exact same but because 4 of the 10 track flyouts get over the wall your OPS on the month is drastically different? A pretty good rule of thumb for you to think about is. If a guy is rostered in 12 team fantasy he should net some trade value in real life. TJ is far from junk and I say this when I never was and still aren't a Tommy Joseph supporter. I just can see the writing on the wall for what it's worth. Which is why I always get into these unnecessary arguments with you. I am over here with dialog looking for truth and you are over there combating my dialog with your dialog that is out to prove a side that you have some blind loyalty towards. You picked your side then you search for the information to justify it. I am the exact opposite my side is chosen after I believe I've gotten as much info as I can.
  3. Keeping Hoskins down right now really has nothing to do with his arb clock. As outside of catastrophic events Hoskins should break camp next year.
  4. Keibert had a terrible April absolutely awful. But with him being one of the youngest players let alone likely the youngest catcher in A ball that was understandable. Then couple in he's a switch hitter, that's almost always going to develop slower than a non switch hitter. Then towards the end of April he started to hit better then really got rolling in May and then caught fire in June and July. It even may look like he's finding his power stroke. As last year and most of this year he's been a mostly doubles very few HR hitter.
  5. He's certainly on the squad in September and even if he's playing OF he should carry over his 2B eligibility. I'm right there with you on this.
  6. Stevie this is actually very true and it is proven statistically. Yes while May has bolstered his stats it isn't like he fell off a cliff in June or July he's been still putting up average stats, far from "junk". A couple big games and his numbers shoot right back up. His OPS without April is approximately .810 ... Which I know the average fantasy player scoffs at that because they don't see the entire picture of the MLB. But that is a very real life relevant OPS for a 1B or not. This puts him in the production of guys like Gallo, Bell, Wil Myers, Brandon Belt.... Hell Tommy Joseph has been an offensive equivalent to Miguel Cabrera. Yuli is right on par with Tommy Joseph as far as post April goes and that's considering Yuli is right now on a huge hot streak. I get it, you all want to justify the shiny new toy coming up but Tommy Joseph is very close to having some decent trade value and The Phils need that. The bottom line here that you all are ignoring is Tommy Joseph just turned 26 a few days ago and already has 36 HRs (69 XBHs) in 701 MLB PAs. That is legit power that is worth something in this league. More than half of these PAs have been compiled in his sophomore season.
  7. Well it's now or never for CJ Cron... 4 starts in a row, hope I didn't jinx him.
  8. Yeah I was just comparing him to Starling Heredia earlier. Certainly so far one of the more intriguing bats out of the 2017 draft class.
  9. I figured Milwaukee would have moved him by now for another starter.
  10. Starling Herida in a small sample has an extremely strong sample. Especially considering how young he is. Another similar bat out there is Heloit Ramos, essentially a year younger. Just drafted this year so most keeper leagues will have him off limits.
  11. Dang he's starting to come into his own.
  12. Keibert is a beast. He was one of the youngest hitters in the Pioneer League last year. Probably the youngest bat in The Cal league now too.
  13. Tommy Joseph post April has actually been pretty good. Not sure what he'll net in a trade but take his April out and he's been posting some strong numbers.
  14. Well worst case scenario seems like he'll be up in September for sure and have a chance to break camp next year.
  15. It could be either of these if not both?... A rebuilding team giving up a SP would likely have interest in Chance Adams.
  16. Hit his first professional HR today.
  17. Well in about 60% of the games Bo has already surpassed Eloy's walk totals from when he was in A ball and has nearly matched his extra base hits. All while maintaining a better K%. Also over this time we have a 50% increase in stolen bases with a better success rate. Then factor in Eloy's extra base hits have almost disappeared this year in Advanced A. Yes Eloy's HR rate is up but the doubles are way down.
  18. Bo is on a whole different level when compared to Elloy
  19. I thought this was him getting the call ... I guess not lol. If he stays red hot like he's been it'll be sooner than later guys just be patient. His June was pretty bad.
  20. Well thanks... Too bad Bench Heat was on my bench.
  21. he'll stick and starting against left handed starters are two entirely different things. Wanting him to succeed would be sitting him against lefties.
  22. I'd imagine he won't be starting against lefties any time soon.
  23. I really think they should have given him at least a few more games. Just to be sure as all 4 of his HRs did come in 2 games. But Schwarber one way or another is going to get it going. He was just very exploitable to start the season.
  24. \Willie's bat is no doubt ready to make a showing in the MLB. He's just gotta keep working on the glove.
  25. I mean it only seems fair... Don't want to be breaking kid's confidence in rookie ball.