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  1. Yoga is a great way to stay healthy. Builds core, flexibility, strengthens tendons and ligaments (where as a lot of weight lifting can wear them down). Tony Horton founder of P90X is in amazing shape and in his 50's and swears by Yoga.
  2. Like Beckett, I can only see it getting better from here on out. Think of how awesome it would have been to draft Beckett circa 2007, after he put up a 5.01 ERA his first year on Boston. Shields this year could be similar, probably not as extreme though. Been huge on Pineda for 2 years now in my keeper leagues. He will be given an opportunity to make the team out of spring, but I think he gets called up with all the super 2s, after a bit of minor league seasoning. In most leagues under 16 teams he's probably a waiver wire add.
  3. After how terrible his last season was I couldn't see it getting any worse. It isn't like Beckett is at the age to where he would start seeing a decline. He's only 30. If Beckett can get close to his career totals 3.96 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP (Which should net him at least 15 wins) through a whole season (even though we all know he'll miss his 2 - 3 starts annually due to blisters), I would foresee him to be a steal on draft day. But I say this not knowing exactly where this guy is getting drafted but I am left to assume it's fairly late.
  4. I remember hearing a whisper about an ambidextrous pitcher last year. I finally found the guy, just came across this article randomly too. Crazy stuff.