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  1. Sit Conley... Boyd is a high end talent Conley has 1 big game in his career and I have a feeling The Chiefs are going to run the ball a lot more than they have been to mix it up and to really get Spencer Ware going. WHIR
  2. This is a good problem to be in they both should have good weeks. I think KC is going to go out of their way to showcase Spencer Ware though. So I say Ware. WHIR
  3. White and Adams. Lamar will be keyed after what he did on MNF, plus most of that was his one 97 yard run. WHIR
  4. It's honestly probably a toss up but go with Green if that's your gut's initial reaction WHIR
  5. Ware, Breida, Conner in that order for me WHIR me back:
  6. I'm in a similar predicament ... I'd go with Ware @Oak though. WHIR me back:
  7. Juju, Philip Lindsay, Barndin Cooks, Spencer Ware, Josh Gordon Which 4 to play out of these 5 I also have DJ Moore @TB on my bench. WHIR
  8. So Spencer Ware is probably going to be the last real good fantasy pick up to transpire off the wire.
  9. What's considered good pitching anyway? MLB Pitching? Well not many prospects can hit MLB pitching and when they can they aren't prospects for much longer. It's kinda the whole point of "developing talent".
  10. Yeah Austin Meadows and Glasnow was a complete over pay in my eyes and for what? To fall 10 games short of the playoffs? That's a pretty terrible miscalculation by management if you ask me. In the next year or two Meadows and Glasnow could both be single handedly worth more than Archer.
  11. Dodgers purchased Keibert Ruiz's contract to protect him from the Rule 5 draft.
  12. Nimmo is a strong OBP OF that is still quite a bit under valued. I'm sure his ADP will continue to rise as people do more research though.
  13. Yeah Brandon Lowe really had a monster year last year in the minors. I don't know how much of that will carry over to the majors in '19 (I hope a lot of it). But his numbers were just great. Also if you take his first 2 weeks out (slow start) his triple slash line in the minors over 86 games (40 in AA and 46 in AAA) .313 / .410 / .598 most of this done in The International League. Also note that he had a slow start in the majors as well when he went hitless in his first 22 plate appearances. Take out his first 22 PA's and his triple slash line (126 PAs) would read: .273 / .357 / .546 for a .903 OPS. Take Brandon Lowe's 25 RBI in the Major Leagues. Pace his 148 PAs over 600 PAs and those 25 RBI become 101 RBI. This is pretty encouraging considering he only hit higher than 5th one time last year and about 60% of his games were hitting 7th, 8th, or 9th in the lineup. Extrapolate his RBI after taking out his first hitless 22 PAs over a 600 PA season and he'd pace out to 119 RBI. Now obviously this small sample stuff ever rare translates 100% as well as you have to take September pitching with a grain of salt. But that's a pretty impressive 126 PA trend. Nathaniel Lowe looks like a really good under rated prospect as well. Nathaniel is about a year behind Brandon Lowe also in The Rays system.
  14. Yeah Whitley will probably be MLB ready by opening day but they will likely leave him down until post Super2.
  15. Yeah okay so this guy is just trying to be talked about... Let's just call him a non credible source and not give him the satisfaction about talking about his d
  16. Yeah I'm giving you 0 credibility if you're drafting Acuna #3 ... I'd have more respect (still very little) for you reached for Soto or Vlad at #1.
  17. If you can trade off Ridley to get Howard then yes do it.
  18. Seems most people think Clement just has the job. I honestly have to give Smallwood a slight edge though. Especially for Thursday.
  19. Really though? Smallwood has been far more efficient in a gaining yardage standpoint. Smallwood did have a redzone drop and missed a blitz pickup last week though. But Smallwood is the same age as Clement but was drafted a year earlier. Where Clement went undrafted the following year. To dig deeper into their college stats Smallwood his final season (junior year) averaged 6.4 yards a carry compared to Clement's final college season (senior year) at 4.4 yards a carry. Smallwood also was the far better reception back in college (yes a lot of this is scheme but I'm going off of the evidence we have). It's honestly very close. If Smallwood has a good game on Thursday he could very well lock down the 1A making Clement the 1B. In all likelihood both Clement and Smallwood get a fair share of carries. Right now though I have to think Smallwood is trending a bit harder despite almost everyone on this forum saying otherwise.
  20. Duke Johnson got much more work than Chubb
  21. Yeah he'll likely open the season in AAA as long as he's healthy. If his bat keeps making nose he'll be up in June (probably will be held down from super 2).
  22. I personally would like to roll the dice on Chubb... The guy has been insanely efficient on his limited touches and Hue Jackson is going to commit to him more than ever. I'd flex Will Fuller unless you need to get dicey for upside and roll out Keke