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  1. Great points. Add Michael Gallup (19.3 pts in PPR 6.4% start) who coming into this week was sitting on most waiver wires. But with all this hindsight how many of these guys would you straight up trade your OBJ or JuJu or Julio Jones for?... I personally am a bit more on the risky side as well as really like DJ Chark so I'd consider it but I know most people in the fantasy realm if I offered my Chark for their any WR drafted in the top 20 picks they'd instantly reject with a really condescending comment.
  2. Hasn't this pretty much been the case since the dawn of fantasy football? I think the last few seasons fantasy players had success getting away from RBs early. Which was a result of a number of things that took time to really compound. All the offensive empowering rule changes, all the QB talent to enter the league over the last 7-8 years or so, college teams become far more pass heavy over the last decade, etc.
  3. This isn't an uncommon strategy. But there's always give and take. Certainly going to find more help with WRs off the wire.
  4. Yeah Michael Thomas has been the one guy worth it. Still a lot of season to go so we have to see what happens as keep in mind that WR production is generally more sporadic than RB production (yet another reason to target RBs over WRs).
  5. Isn't this exactly why most people draft RBs early? Every year in my drafts there are multiple teams who try to "horde RBs" like 4 out of their first 5 picks.
  6. Yeah I would not recommend trying to "sell high" on Josh Jacobs. Dude is legit and did it consistently against a damn good run defense.
  7. The thing with bold predictions is if you're correct on half off them you did a damn good job. If they're really bold and you are correct on half of them you probably won all your leagues. Problem with this forum is there are too many argumentative trolls who want to factlessly crucify people for saying something that isn't mainstream instead of actually having a civil discussion to learn & understand more / analyze better. I wish there was an option to brand a poster as a troll and if enough reputable posters did this they'd get a troll icon or something. It would be great honestly. Okay now that I got my rant out of the way I will leave a few bold predictions going forward: 1. Ronald Jones II is just as good as Chris Carson ROS... But better in the playoffs. 2. Sony Michel continues to the trend started last week of getting receptions and blossoms into a top 10 RB and ends up being the best buy low candidate atm. 3. Austin Ekeler despite getting less snaps and TDs than Melvin ROS ends up being equally as productive in PPR.
  8. Dang I'd be inclined the over on 3.5 receptions he hasn't had a game with less than 4 receptions all season and that's with only averaging 6.5 targets a game. Also Jalen Ramsey is better who DJ Chark gets to see in practice. But all that being said I agree he's a risky play this week I'd flex him at best.
  9. I see Quinn Priester and Alek Thomas mentioned in here. Two players I like a lot as I watched them in the travel / high school circuit out here in the Chicagoland area. I too like Seth Corry and SWR a lot they both should easily be in the top 40 next year when pre season prospect rankings come out for 2020. I will also second Miguel Vargas... He probably does take until 2021 to really become noteable. Once he fills out a little more and starts getting a juiced ball pitched to him his power numbers are going to see a huge jump he already is a very advanced hitter.
  10. If RoJo can get the lion's share of touches he could do some really big things rest of the season. [...] The guy has 71 receiving yards on 3 targets. Winston could be a top 3 QB ROS if he just keeps dumping off to RoJo in space.
  11. Best kicker in the game????!!! Is he carrying us to championships?!?!?!?!?!
  12. True I am probably over valuing Ekeler's game a little because it plays stronger for fantasy. Melvin is was an absolute stud last year on a per game basis. Going with the hot hand would be amazing but from a management standpoint it makes sense to beat on Melvin as much as you can before he leaves. Plus Melvin doing well means another team will have to pay him more handicapping their salary. So he's going to safely get the lion's share of snaps from week 6 on. I just think Ekeler is still going to get a higher percent of the share compared to last year with how well he's done. But if all the while San Diego has planned to resign Melvin and use him and Ekeler maybe it makes more sense to do more of an even time share? Time will tell but this week Ekeler should see quite a bit more snaps from what Anthony Lynn has been saying.
  13. Yeah I'm giving Drake one more game so 2 more weeks. If he doesn't score double digits against Washington off the bye week I'm about to cut him and I love Kenyan Drake and I'm still fairly certain he gets traded this season but it's been bad. But The Dolphins also have been historically bad.
  14. Ekeler had 130 touches in 14 games to Melvin's 225 in 12 games last year that gives Melvin just over a 2 to 1 on a per game basis or 2 out of 3. With how good Ekeler has been this year (yes he's looked better than Melvin ever has) you'd have to expect Ekeler's touches to be higher than they were last year going forward. Especially in the passing game where he's proved to be one of the most elite RBs. Bang Melvin between the tackles a ton keep Ekeler on the outside and for passing. Ekeler will easily outscore Melvin this week.
  15. It's a long season. But way to sneak in your last chance to gloat when Penny just came off the IR into a short week while Carson luckily and likely on Thursday got half of his total receiving TDs by season's end (if not the entirety of his receiving TDs). I hope you saw that receiving TD cause it was brutal and he nearly blew it. Carson is one of the more over rated RBs in these forums. In PPR Carson is a total sell high. Penny (who I will say did look a little fat on Thursday) will continue to eat into his workload as the season progresses... And I'm not advocating that Penny is some amazing must own player. The next few weeks are not looking good for Carson again he's still fumble and injury prone as well as he's a bad receiving RB with a good talent looming in the wings and a rough schedule for running backs coming up. So while Carson runs hard and can bang it between the tackles way better than Penny, Penny has more big play ability. Penny has 12% of his touches this season go for 20+ yards compared to Carson's 2.75%. If someone like most in here and the Carson thread want to value him as an RB1 then you could really make a good trade now that by the end of the season could look extremely lopsided in your favor.
  16. Yeah if you're honestly thinking it's collusion or something's up with the trade your best bet is to say something on the league. Try to do it in a nice not so threatening way (like avoid name calling or directly accusing) just raise the questions or concerns that are making your "spidey sense" tingle. Like how come the 2-2 team (who is really stacked honestly) gets to get a top 5 player and a top 5 WR for merely giving up bench players? Is the 0-4 team that stupid to not realize Ekeler has Melvin Gordon coming back. Because if Melvin wasn't coming back I'd still say the 2-2 team was winning this trade but there would be 0 question behind the trade's merit then.
  17. Well honestly after seeing Team Ditka's roster he could have given up much better players really. Again the trade is clearly being won by the 2-2 Team Ditka in my eyes but is it bad enough to call collusion? I dunno you have to look at the history between these two teams and maybe you do just raise the question so it's on record in your league. How long has your league been running? How many times have you questioned a trade? Honestly trades in fantasy football are pretty rare so you don't want to snuff them all out with the call of collusion on every trade that isn't 100% equal. But this guy has Ingram and Mixon who are going to rot on his bench and the throw in is Jimmy G and both of these teams are rostering 2x QBs is this a 2x QB league?
  18. I'm assuming the Zeke owner has holes to fill being 0-4. Also for Jimmy G to really warrant trade value right now I am also assuming this is a 12 team or deeper league? As he's only rostered in 34% of ESPN leagues but owned 55% of Yahoo! Leagues. So while I will say I like Jimmy G a lot and think he's worth a gamble I'm sure there are comparable QBs on the waiver wire unless the league is at least 12 teams. So why risk trading away who should be the 3rd most valuable player right now in most fantasy formats for Jimmy G?
  19. Seems legit. I do think the 2-2 team is getting the better deal as Zeke is a top 5 RB while Ekeler will be losing more than half his touches to Melvin and JuJu has under performed on a bad Pittsburgh team. Jimmy G is basically waiver wire material (not saying he isn't worth rostering but he's unowned in most leagues 12 teams or less). The real question is, what is the relationship of these two teams? Are they best friends? Do they have a history of trading like this? If the answer to either of these are maybe then you may want to voice your concern to the league. Doesn't mean the trade has to be denied or anything but at least get a record of this on the books so the next time they pull this you can then shut it down. So while the 2-2 team is winning the trade it almost makes sense the gamble for the 0-4 team as they need to start taking some chances (hard to make fantasy playoffs starting 0-4).
  20. Carson is prone to fumble. Some how his overall stats have been glitched out but the guy has fumbled and lost all 3 fumbles this year. Go back and pull the boxscores to his first 3 games. 3 fumbles in 4 games, yeah not good. He had 3 fumbles last year in 247 carries last year also not good. Not the worst but certainly not a stat any football coach would consider dependable. To highlight what a dependable back who doesn't fumble looks like: Between 2018 and 2019 Todd Gurley 0 fumbles in 305 carries (used to be prone) Saquon Barkley 0 fumbles on 298 carries Joe Mixon 0 fumbles in 284 Nick Chubb 0 fumbles in 270 Phillip Lindasy 0 fumbles on 246 Keep in mind with this list above that all of these backs get far more receptions than Carson as well (Chubb is fairly equal). Then there's an even longer list with guys who only have 1 fumble over the last 20 regular season games and even more guys with only 2 fumbles over that time. Chris Carsons has 6 fumbles in his last 18 games. So my question to you is, who are these fantasy relevant running backs that fumble more per touch than Chris Carson cause I'm going to say Chris Carson is number 1 and Zeek is probably the only other player close to him in fumbles per touches. But I've done enough research here this seems like a project for you the one digging their heels in on saying Carson isn't prone to fumbling.
  21. Sony got way too used to lead blockers ... He needs to learn how to make the first man miss again.
  22. Yeah you're pot committed at this point to keep him. You should have dropped him immediately if you really wanted that roster spot. At this point it's highly unlikely something better was going to emerge off the wire this week.
  23. Penny is honestly just as good as Carson... Carson is injury prone and prone to fumble. But that being said they both are going to step on each others touches. Plus Seattle is finally realizing they are a better team when they put the ball in Russ' hands rather than these RBs.
  24. No one in this backfield is worth more than a flex after this week. Chris Carson fumbles too much and Penny is just as good maybe better if given the lions share.
  25. He isnt even a year removed from acl surgery.