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  1. 1 pt PPR league. Who has more upside this week? Mark Walton or Taywan Taylor? Walton should see an increase in touches with Gio out and Mixon limited. Taywan Taylor though continues to see an increase in targets every week. WHIR
  2. Ingram, Michel, and Lockett all the way
  3. Me personally I think Alshon is just the safer play. I would wait another week on Freeman. WHIR:
  4. Corey Davis and John Brown are the for sure starts here. Talent wise and health wise. WHIR:
  5. For me it's close between Lindsay and Aaron Jones. I'm leaning towards Aaron Jones as I feel he'll just continue to see more touches. WHIR me back:
  6. Ha I'm in a similar conundrum with Goff vs Big Ben. That being said I think I'd go with the home team QB in this one and start Big Ben. Juju and AB are better than Jones and Ridley by a fair margin. WHIR me back:
  7. It's a tough call... Kamara should see a few less touches with Ingram back. But still should be as good if not better than Barkley. Diggs is probably too good though. I'd try to get a little more put on the Kamara side. WHIR:
  8. I'm already down pretty big with Ebron going off against me. So I'm looking at Goff @ Seattle or Big Ben at home vs Atlanta. WHIR as always
  9. He's next year's Matt Olson... Who likely will be a much better draft value.
  10. Story and Baez are pretty identical as far as fantasy goes... Story honestly has a slight advantage with the more walks.
  11. Seems like Yeldon is just too good not to take production away from Fournette.
  12. Well that sucks. I think Bo would quite have possibly been the favorite to win the MVP there.
  13. Take out the last inning this kid pitched and his numbers would read over 49 innings: 1.84 ERA, .0939 WHIP, 11.76 K/9 Pardinho could make an elite jump next year.
  14. I really want The Bears to make a play for Gordon... Hell been trading all the draft picks away already why not keep on that trend... Besides whatever picks you trade for Gordon you aren't going to be drafting a better talent with them.
  15. This cat could be huge in Daily Fantasy today. No Goodwin, Jimmy Gesus needs a new favorite weapon (other than Kittle who won't be surprising anyone today).
  16. Leads off tonight with a HR.
  17. Gavin Lux in the Texas League (AA) playoffs is hitting .429 with 2BB, 5 doubles, and a HR in 5 games. 3 multi hit games in a row. The 20 year old is leading off in a pretty stacked lineup with Keibert Ruiz and DJ Peters.
  18. To dig further into why this isn't true. NFL despite having less games has always brought in substantially more revenue than The MLB. Less games = less overhead. So if revenue was equal on both sides the less game playing sport is more profitable. 16 to 162 you're talking 10 times more profitable. You're staffing your stadium 10 times less. Paying for the utilities of that stadium 10 times less (well not quite 10 times in this case but you get the picture). Just one last question while we are here.... How is the average NHL Player's salary higher than the average NFL player's salary? Their revenue is insanely disproportionate.
  19. This is highly untrue and the lie that NFL owners keep wanting people to believe. The NFL continues to get away with not even having to sustain a minor league system cause college does that for them for virtually free. Just mathematically compare average salary of an NFL player to an MLB player. Then remember that The NFL brings in substantially more money than The MLB. Granted this gap has been being closed over the last 3-4 years. The Salary Cap was more so intended for owners to have an excuse not to pay guys rather than make all teams competitive. Baseball the most competitive sport has never had a salary cap. Granted baseball the sport itself is a more competitive sport than say football. But there are other ways to make rules than limit the players and everyone has fallen for this lie that the salary cap makes The NFL more competitive when really it's only allowed owners to keep more money instead of giving it to the players.
  20. Exactly... But he doesn't want to pay him as much if he doesn't do these things. Honestly NFL teams get away with murder on the way these contracts get structured. Look at how good baseball is to its players, who don't have to deal with CTE.
  21. Peterman is going to surprise some people this year. The dude isn't a probowler but he's also not as bad as everyone is saying he is. Dude did beat out AJ McCarron & Josh Allen and looked like an absolute machine in pre season.
  22. Right? Isn't that the point of having multiple entries?
  23. Yeah do NOT take PIT.... Big Ben was bad on the road last year. Cleveland is much improved. No Bell, and tropical storms coming in. I've had a bet on Cleveland at 4.5 for days now and the line has recently dropped to 3.5 with the Bell holdout leaking into week 1. There are far better games to go with.