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  1. LOL what?? Not at all... 2nd most points given up last year and I believe 6th most yards... This year they aren't much better and they've played some meh teams. Not like they've seen The Pats or Rams or KC. They gave up 32 to The Giants and 31 to San Fran... Carolina they played tough in the rain. Tampa is a bad defense again this year don;t think for a second they are even going to be an average defense. They were in prevent half the game too so a very easy way to break in a new QB.
  2. Danny Dimes did leaps and bounds better than I thought he would. Tampa though is a soft defense that got real soft on him once they had a commanding lead.
  3. I know it was like barely enough to hold on.... Clearly it was the Mike Evans show today wish they would have targeted him a little more though.
  4. The guy was a good receiving back in college not sure why they haven't given him more chances to pass catch?
  5. Hopefully that hype train has a transformer option to turn into a hype submarine Darwin Thompson is still the best lottery ticket out there right now. McCoy is going to be limited and has a high chance of reaggravating his ankle with these field conditions. Just let the rookie ball out and see what you've got!!
  6. Thank you Matthew Berry about time you started trolling these boards for your fantasy updates. I heard he's active but they still want to see how he responds in pre game... So he may still not play and he is likely to see a reduce work load today.
  7. Exactly my thoughts. I couldn't believe how badly NFL analysts were criticizing him for all those penalties. The way I saw it is Garrett was milliseconds away from 10 sacks in 2 games lol.
  8. I know right, judging by the Dave Chappelle meme posted earlier.
  9. Yeah they are calling for 15% chance at 11 and 15% chance at noon now. This was just updated within the last 15 mins. But they also are calling for a 65% chance of T-Storms at 2 PM again 60% chance of T-storms at 3 PM. So the field is going to be wet and the game will likely end with some rain but there shouldn't likely be rainfall at kick off.
  10. Yeah they are just waiting for a couple of RBs to get hurt to trade Drake for a higher price. They already traded away everyone else in the offseason.
  11. This would be great I've got him sitting on my bench in all my leagues for either this to start happening or a trade... One will have to eventually happen though right?
  12. Yeah no AB no James White... He has to see an increase in targets today.
  13. Looks like the vast majority of that should pass right around kick off give or take.
  14. The weather for game time is looking much better than last night. The field is going to be soaked as it's pouring there now but there shouldn't be much rain during the game. I saw 50% at noon then it was like 40-35% the rest of the game. Last night they were calling for 80% chance through the entire game.
  15. Is this the sign that it's going to be Darrel Williams having the breakout game over Darwin Thompson?
  16. Not sure how people came to the conclusion that turning Phillip Dorsett's 3-4 targets a game into Antonio Brown's 9-12 targets a game was going to help anyone other than Tom Brady here. Antonio Brown instantly became the highest volume player on the team with only 1 week of practice in so that would have only grown. Pretty much Michel & Gordon were both going to week in and week out give up 2-4 touches a game each to AB.
  17. No, AB's presence hurt everyone on NE's fantasy value except Tom Brady just another superstar to take touches and not just 5 or 6 touches a game AB AB got 8 targets and 1 rush his only week in a Patriots uniform. That role was only going to grow as he got more comfortable in the offense. AB being out is a good thing for Michel.
  18. LOL Don't we all love a good hype train. He's just sitting there in one league...
  19. LOL expect Danny Dimes to be just as bad as Eli... I really don't see him being fantasy relevant.
  20. Pettis has as many throws as he does targets.
  21. Honestly every time I see this thread I just look past it because I know Jordan Howard is better.
  22. I've been wondering if this AB debacle is going to be a distraction for Hollywood or not. Also I've been hearing on here they are calling for rain on Sunday.... hopefully not.
  23. Ahh damn hopefully it doesn't I want to see a big time shoot out between Lamar and Mahomes.
  24. Hollywood could be the #1 scoring WR this week.