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  1. I've got some theories on this. First and foremost in the 60's and 70's very few if any guys were consistently throwing 90 MPH let alone upper 90's. So that in itself is a big reason for this. Less velo less strain on the arm. Also a lot of these kids now a days do nothing but sit around playing video games until their travel team has a baseball tournament. Then they go and pitch balls out Fri, Sat, and Sun for the tournament. Yeah when you're a kid you heal quick and don't really notice it. But if you aren't consistently building up arm strength through playing catch consistently throughout the week you are going to over stress the hell out of your arm when you pitch 3 days in a row for a tournament. A lot of pitchers say they play catch on flat ground 5-6 times a week. Playing catch and throwing 75-85% is actually going to build your arm up where as pitching a balls out bullpen is going to eventually start putting negative stress on your arm. More catch, less balls out bullpens, and more cardio. Honestly the best thing after a start is to go run 3+ miles the next morning.
  2. Exactly try to get your award get the ABs while you can... At this point if he does opt for surgery it won't be until the season ends.
  3. Sproles was terribly ineffective and at 34 I don't see him getting much better as he's been fading the last few seasons... Corey Clement on the other hand averaged 5.2 yards a carry. Yeah one good run but broke for a 21 yard run in 5 carries.
  4. Clement's role will only increase as they slowly phase Sproles out... That being said I'm probably dropping him but will plan to pick him back up before mid season.
  5. Minus Melvin's SBs. Yeah a new and improved Mark Trumbo.
  6. The White Sox have one hell of an exciting staff going forward.
  7. Story and Baez fantasy wise are basically offensive clones this year. Story walks more... Baez has better run production (I wonder how 2019 will shake out in the run production department with Rizzo and Bryant being 100%).
  8. If you can get CMC at a reasonable price go get him... I'd stay away from Bell... Unless he's at a vast discount. I'd try to trade for Bell after he has a lower production than usual in week 1. Last time he held out he only got 13 touches in week 1.
  9. Well you're going to probably need to trade for an upgrade at RB. But you do have a very good lottery ticket in Sony Michel. I can't believe the value you got on him. He went by pick 70 in all of my drafts. I'm not a huge fan of Luck this year. But I pretty much went all in on Jimmy G in all my drafts.
  10. Damn... I'm seeing Marlon Mack was sidelined at practice on Wednesday and may not even play this week...
  11. I'm right with you in this line of thinking. I'm almost thinking this similar logic applies to Marquise Goodwin as well.
  12. I love Jimmy G always have... watched this guy play in highschool as he's only a few years younger than me. Everyone in the Chicagoland area wanted The Bears to draft him. But ultimately probably better for Jimmy's development that he got to be a Patriot for the first few years of his career.
  13. Yeah not cheating ... It's called strategy ... Unless your league is so soft that they put in the rules you HAVE to draft a K and a DST. Which I've seen some keeper leagues with that rule (makes a bit more sense in keeper leagues but still a stupid rule).
  14. Thanks fellas I was pretty much to that conclusion just wanted some reassurance from y'all.
  15. Goff for sure.... No Mack, Raiders camp has been extremely distracted over the Khalil Mack trade. The Browns are a sleeper defense. Hell Myles Garrett could be as good as Khalil Mack this year already. WHIR me back:
  16. Do NOT make this trade. Keep Josh Gordon and Ingram. Both could carry you in the playoffs. Josh Gordon may have a slow week1 but I think he's a beast week2 forward. WHIR me back:
  17. CMC and Jamaal Williams.... WRs Antonio and Robinson for sure... I'd probably go with TY Hilton as the 3rd one. WHIR me back:
  18. Josh Gordon by a mile my dude. The upside is #1 overall WR. Bilal Powell is a very good value for the fact that he was going undrafted in like 50% of leagues. But Gordon for sure not even close. WHIR me back:
  19. I would. Last time Bell held out he only got 13 touches in week 1. The Steelers will try to give Conner more of a workload to probably show Bell what's up honestly. I think week1 is easily one of Conners best week outside of Bell getting hurt. WHIR me back:
  20. Yeah I would try for a little more in either trade. But I prefer bringing in Wentz (but also he should be discounted due to he won't play week1 and maybe not week2). WHIR:
  21. I'd drop Eifert don't need 2 TEs and I'd rather have Njoku. WHIR me back:
  22. Jordan Wilkins Corey Clement Keelan Cole I need to drop one to pick up a kicker in a league. Who is going to have the least impact in the first 2-3 weeks?