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  1. While this is always a concern I would think The Ravens are well aware and will generally keep him on the outside going deep running past all the big hitters.
  2. Dude passes the eye test for sure. One of the hardest runners I've seen over the last two seasons. I remember snagging him last year on speculation and when he finally was breaking out against Oakland he had that nasty forearm break (warning for those who seek the replay on youtube it isn't "fore" the squeamish). The talent is undeniable for those who have watched him run. His biggest issue is Matt Breida is pretty damn good too and looking like he's already got a leg up (at least a forearm lol okay I'll stop) in the lead back role of a 2 man committee.
  3. While 7.7 YPC and a 4.26 40 are incredible stats that are certainly a recipe for speculating on upside keep in mind his 7.7 YPC was in his senior season and only over 66 carries. Ty Johnson certainly has some lottery ticket value for sure but he isn't a player I'd foresee anyone starting over the next couple of weeks. But you never know he could break one for 80 yards next week and it all changes that fast.
  4. Pull Penny's college stats (7.8 y/touch over 530 NCAA career touches 25 TDs in 13 games in his last season in college) then factor in Pete Carroll's craze for the run... Chris Carson as good as he's been he was one of the last players drafted in 2017 and didn't really play much at all that year.
  5. So this is from an article written last night on the Penny injury that happened at a "walk through" practice. “Penny came up a little bit today, so we held him back a little bit. He’ll wind up on the injury report with a hamstring,” Carroll said following the 90-minute work on final touches for the game. “We’re putting him down as questionable until we know more. Just happened about 20 minutes ago.” The common term “walkthrough” practice for Friday workouts is a little misleading. The players do run, through plays and down the field on special teams. But it is the second-lightest practice of any Sunday game week, behind Saturday’s final gameplan review. Penny was catching kickoffs as usual at the beginning of this latest practice. Hopefully some information comes out today at some point updating Penny's status.
  6. Chris Carson is vastly over rated on these boards. Yeah the guy is a good RB but I seriously think people are over reacting to him having one of the best highlight runs last year (landing the flip). Chris Carson is not only injury prone (injured every season in the NFL as well as injured in his final season in college which is why he slipped to the 2nd to last pick of 2017). But Chris Carson has already fumbled and lost that fumble in both of the first two games. If Penny is healthy he is going to slowly start turning this into a 50/50 time share if not out right usurp Carson as the lead back. So yeah right now Penny isn't a guy you're starting but he has some lottery ticket value to him. If Chris Carson gets hurt or even fumbles again you have to think Penny's value goes way up. The real problem here is how bad his this hamstring injury. It happened at practice so that makes me kind of hopeful. But then again Pete Carroll is one of the best at down playing injuries.
  7. So I've been mulling over dropping OJ Howard [...] but this article now has me holding Howard for one more week.
  8. If his arm is good to go come playoff time I don't see why they wouldn't use him honestly. But ultimately his innings may already be too high.
  9. While Mike Davis has a huge lead on 3rd down and goal line work ... Montgomery is the far better overall talent. That being said Davis probably does posses more value this year due to the current roles and Cohen.
  10. They probably won't call him up until the season ends or until during the playoffs... They will want him on the roster at some point that I am fairly certain of. Also keep in mind this is the most innings he's ever thrown. So really they would be smart to give him a couple weeks off so they can get 3 - 5 innings out of him in the post season. The Yankees really should have made this bullpen transition about a month sooner to limit his innings a little better / get him more comfortable sooner. Think about it Deivi is probably the youngest player in AAA pitching with a juiced ball now and a ball that is vastly different than Adavanced A / AA already at far more innings than he's ever pitched in a season before in his life and on top of all of that they want him to transition into a bullpen pitcher. Couple that with Deivi's out pitch being the curveball (the different seams take time to get used to). Are we really surprised here with all Deivi's had going against him in AAA? People who don't have Deivi in keeper leagues or who plan to target him next year should be thankful he got light up because it keeps him more under the radar than if he was lighting AAA up. But the hype could boil over when he strikes out the side in the ALCS vs Houston. If you follow baseball card value you'll notice Deivi's cards are vastly higher in price than McKenzie Gore, Casey Mize, Michael Kopech, Nate Pearson, Brendan McKay all of these names entered the season with exponentially higher dynasty value than Deivi and most of them are still likely ranked higher in the mainstream they certainly are higher on the prospect boards but for some reason Deivi's card is 4x-5x greater in price (mostly people speculating playoff dominance I'm sure). The real problem to me seems to be that The Yankees really didn't even realize what they had in Deivi Garcia until mid season. I'm sure end May they had him at a 0% chance of making the MLB roster (otherwise you would think they would have started the bullpen transition around then anticipating he could help the MLB club) but then he was virtually unhittable in June in AA while being probably the youngest pitcher there as well and then that's probably when The Yankees started thinking hmmm...
  11. Aquino is set it and forget it... There is a really bad misconception floating around here that many have applied strongly to Aqunio. Which is that he WILL SUCK EVENTUALLY. Yes everyone understood regression was on the horizon when he was pacing for over 80 HRs. But that doesn't mean he regresses into uselessness. If he regresses to an .890 OPS guy the rest of the season that is still extremely useful. Guys who have these huge hot streaks everyone expects them to go 0 for 30 to make up for (or balance out) the hot streak and that isn't how it works.
  12. Lewis and Alex Young both were strong prospects. Yeah they weren't top 10 or anything but Kyle Lewis was the 11th overall pick and Alex Young was a 2nd rounder both were college players so you think they are older than they should be when in fact they are not. Everyone gets so caught up in Vlad and Soto's path to the majors that they try to compare everyone to that and that simply isn't fair. To be drafted you're already the 1% of the 1% guys like Vlad, Soto, and Tatis Jr are the 1% of those drafted. Also a lot of Alex Young is he was working on so many adjustments in AAA so while the results there weren't great the investment has clearly paid off.
  13. One game... Goff will still be a better value unless you got him for 50.
  14. LOL I saw a thing on Matthew Berry talking about his sick addiction to Winston... He went into eating an L lol.
  15. Yeah I didn't get the downfield action all game... Cam was inaccurate from the start. He missed CMC on some easy targets... One of them there were defenders in his face but CMC had a 8 yard radius of no one near him put some air on it and let him make a play.
  16. Yeah I'll change my fantasy team names to it when I'm not happy with their production lol.
  17. Winston has some Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde to him for sure. But he also has a lot of upside. In favorable matchups Winston can really go off.
  18. There are a ton of routes AB can run from the 5 to net a TD.
  19. I'm thinking AB hurts his overall work load and especially his TDs.
  20. He's the easiest completion in the group... He's probably forced to lean on him even more. DT just got traded over from the Pats too so there's that.
  21. Crowder 17 targets 14 receptions for 99 yards. Rest of the team 24 targets 14 receptions for 76 yards.... This includes Bell.
  22. Even if Melvin comes back to The Chargers it doesn't mean Ekeler will get phased out completely. Even last year Ekeler got in quite a bit of work. Granted if Melvin is on The Chargers for only the last half of this season I'd imagine they'd want to put the miles on Melvin over Ekeler for the most part. Especially for those tough yards.
  23. I would take Ekeler over Godwin but not Thielen.
  24. In PPR Crowder has a ton of value. While we cannot suspect 17 targets a game to be sustainable I don't see why he wouldn't be around 8-10 targets a game going forward. There was a ton of talk in preseason how Crowder and Darnold had great chemistry and Crowder seemed to be Darnold's go to guy week 1 very much so. But on the other hand of regressions to a mean Crowder only averaged 7.1 yards a reception. Last year he averaged 13.4 Y/R and 12.0+ yards a reception in each of the last 3 seasons. The Bills last year did allow the least passing yards per game. There's what 5-6 guys that catch 100 balls in a given season (last year 10 players did if I remember correctly) I really don't see why Crowder wouldn't get to 100 catches with how bad the other recievers are on the Jets as well as them the chemistry we've seen between him and Darnold already this season. In week 1 Crowder lead the NFL in targets with 17 (21.4% higher than 2nd place Evan Engram at 14) and in receptions with 14 (27.3% higher than 2nd place Evan Engram at 11). So while regression is bound to happen we could still be looking at one of the highest targeted receivers in the game this year.