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  1. It's a pretty fair trade but I'd rather have Thomas than AB while Aaron Jones and Gurley could end up being pretty equal as The Rams are going to use him less to prevent injury.
  2. I love David Montgomery that being said I'd much rather have Mixon. Don't let one bad game get you down on Mixon he probably misses next week too with the injury but he's the clear cut #1 guy there. Montgomery has too many cooks in the kitchen.
  3. In a vacuum I'd say keep Henry way more upside and you need those RBs, but since you have Travis Kelce that makes this x3 as true. WHIR me back:
  4. In PPR it's Chris Thompson for sure 10 targets last game. Also AP was put on the inactive list as a healthy scratch (coach's decision) that being said I honestly think Thompson will get almost as many carries as AP going forward let alone 90% of the RB targets. But I'd imagine AP gets the vast majority of goal line work. WHIR me back:
  5. John Ross III, Ronald Jones II, then Chris Thompson is how I'd rank those. AP probably isn't better than Thompson unless it's non PPR. But I'd try to get Ross and Ronald Jones for sure. Drop Trey Quinn for John Ross for sure. I'd also drop Guice and Sanders for Ronald Jones and Chris Thompson. WHIR me back:
  6. if there are any points (0.5 or 1) per reception then you have to go with Chris Thompson 10 targets last week. AP is coming back (healthy scratch coach's decision) but Thompson will be the change of pace receiving back with Guice out with the meniscus. WHIR me back:
  7. Drop Lockett for Watkins for sure. I'd also try to get Brady and Hollywood on my team just for the pure upside. #2 keep OJ Howard. He will be better than those guys for sure. #3 you may just want Brady as your bench player. I know it's hard to have 2 QBs in such a shallow league with no bench but Brady could realistically be in the top 5 for overall points. WHIR me back:
  8. 1 pt PPR League Who scores more points the rest of the season Marquise "Hollywood / Jet" Brown or John Ross III? WHIR as always.
  9. How much does AB hurt Gordon's value? More 1 on 1 matchups but less overall targets? As someone who targeted Sony Michel and Josh Gordon heavily I am hating AB going to The Patriots.
  10. There are few players I'm more excited about than Josh Gordon going into the season.
  11. Watch Ekeler shine in Melvin's role.
  12. Dang conflicting decision here... I like Hill's upside but am concerned with how many RBs there are in Baltimore.
  13. I have strong RBs but really like Justive Hill's upside. Would you drop Sutton or Dante Pettis for him? WHIR
  14. I would go with Duke being a .5 PPR league. WHIR back:
  15. I would personally keep Mixon and it isn't even close for me. WHIR me back:
  16. Well so far only 4 of the 10 owners have chimed in... Well 5 if you include the guy who traded CMC. I was just trying to get out in front and get some perspective on this before some crazy argument broke out off the rails.
  17. It was awful which is why the complainer wasn't invited back. But the back story is the trade happened right at the trade deadline between a father and his son (both been in the league for years and are both good owners) but they tried to argue that because the father was likely out (not mathematically eliminated yet) he shouldn't have been trading with a team trying to make the playoffs (the son's team was in 6th place top 6 advanced to playoffs). But it was such a trivial trade that the playoff contending team was actually over paying for that there was no reason to complain really. I mean its very rare that one team doesn't get somewhat of the better end of a trade so you can't expect it to be perfect.
  18. I really like Lockett and Diggs but I like Josh Gordon and Mike Evans more don't do it. WHIR me back at:
  19. The explanation was he got a phone call in the middle of making the offer and never got to finish the offer. Other teams verified he offered them the same package but for a far higher price (Kamara and Barkley involved). So far everyone that's spoken up said they think we should just reverse the trade.
  20. It's an insanely competitive league.... But trust me the guy who got on the soap box for this one wasn't invited back this year. But yeah it was bad and this is a 1 point PPR league so Edwards probably ended up being the RB that scored the least amount of points.
  21. Clearly Melvin has to miss at least a game if not a few at this point as he can hold out for 10 weeks. He needs the Chargers to feel his absence, their clock is ticking as Rivers isn't getting any younger and they do not have a QB learning on deck yet. Also expect Melvin's negotiations to halt until at least Zeke (who seems waaay closer) gets his deal done (which may happen tonight? Probably happens in the 11th hour right before the first game tho). So I fully expect Melvin to sit out at least 3 weeks after Zeke gets his deal done. So expect to 99% not have him for the first 2 if not 3 weeks of the season. If Ekeler and/or Justin Jackson end up goffing off Melvin may end up reporting sooner rather than later as that takes away from his leverage so why continue to miss game checks and hurt the team if Ekeler ends up being just as good (or dare I say better?).
  22. I am not big on Fournette personally he's been under 4 yards per carry in each of his first 2 seasons. He is at 3.7 yards per carry on his 21 career games. Jacksonville was 2nd to last in scoring offense last year I don't expect them to improve a whole lot there either. Trade for someone else as Mack and Boyd both could end up scoring as much as Fournette. WHIR me back at: