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  1. Do you guys think Jordan Wilkins Week 1 role will be all that impactful?
  2. Rams should handle The Raiders in week 1. I'll take The Rams -4 on the road all day.
  3. Dudes arms have never been so jacked up. Seriously if things break right Gordon has legit WR#1 overall potential. Especially since I think Antonio Brown is quite a bit over rated in this year's draft with his age starting to get up there and the emergence of JuJu.
  4. Hinged most of my drafts on sleeping on this guy got him after the 10th round just about everywhere.
  5. He wants Gordon to get into game shape... Meaning the cardio is there and he's used to being hit. This isn't a bad idea for week 1. Just wait, Hue Jackson absolutely loves Josh Gordon.
  6. ...and know the plays... and run the routes.... and stay healthy...
  7. Yeah I see what you're thinking... a little end around action.
  8. Peterman beat out AJ McCarron who just got traded for a 5th round pick. The guy will be just fine. Josh Allen is the future but he's not as ready as Peterman right now.
  9. Clement even with Ajayi there should be good. If Ajayi gets hurt Clement could be great.
  10. Him and Soto are probably going to be vastly over hyped and they'll go in the 3rd - 5th round range.... Vlad and Soto are 2 guys I think I'll be avoiding next year. Even though I've loved and followed them both intently through the minors these last few years. Keeper Dynasty leagues... I don't know from scratch? 2nd round? I couldn't really blame someone if they took either of these guys in the top 10 honestly in dynasty. I would hope to get one of the 2 in the 3rd round though to at least net some value.
  11. Yeah I got Clement everywhere I could myself... Every draft I had to draft him earlier and earlier though and every time people gasped. The talent is there just have to see how much opportunity he gets. Even with Ajayi there Philly's offense is going to be so good there will be more than enough to go around for Clement to get his.
  12. I'm right there with you guys... What WR being drafted after Josh Gordon has as much top 3 WR upside? Remember Gordon admitted he was playing games drunk and stoned... Has been supposedly clean of drugs and alcohol for the last couple years now. Been watching a bunch of videos on The Browns. Hue Jackson loves the guy. Also for what it's worth Josh Gordon's arms are absolutely jacked (even by NFL standards) so I have to think he's been getting after it in the weight room.
  13. I want the Players Union to push for all AA and AAA players getting service time for September regardless of being on the MLB 40 man roster or not.
  14. Like Deivi Garcia he's getting some extra playoff action in The Eastern League. Hoping we get to see these 19 year olds square off against one another.
  15. Yeah get your shares now while you still can.... Or if someone else beat you to him, trade for him now before it's too late and his price triples at the start of next season.
  16. Well at least put him in The AFL then so he can go win an MVP there.
  17. Been grabbing both Penny and Clement everywhere.... Penny's ADP is quite a bit before Clements.
  18. Keenan Cole is going to beast out this year.
  19. I'm talking all time obviously... So yeah the answer is middle linebacker is more important than defensive end... Especially when they are making audible calls at the line.... So how about trying to argue Reggie White had a bigger impact than Ray Lewis?
  20. The middle linebacker is the QB on defense. Honestly what D Ends had a bigger impact on D than guys like Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher?
  21. Elite Middle Linebackers > Elite Pass Rushers
  22. I'm hoping to get CMC in the 15-20 overall ... That's where I feel he should net some solid value.
  23. I suffered through every single Bears game... The offense was atrocious last year. The box was stacked 7-8 strong nearly every snap. Defenses will not be able to do that this year. Even if Howard's touches go down slightly his per touch production should be muuuuch higher. As well as more TDs.