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  1. I don't really think it is a no brainer either way. Roster makeup and availability area big issue here. It isn't as easy as who to draft first in the first round. They are similar value as both will blow up, but Betts isn't that much better than Bregman IMO.If you have to play a low tier SS, and bench a decent OF/Bat then it may hurt you. I am interested in what others say.
  2. Is the team owner Berrios' mother? Seriously, veto'd in a heartbeat.
  3. Shallow keeper league, keep ten. I have Hoskins at 1B and can get Benintendi for Pete Alonso and Eugino Suarez. I have Bregman at 3rd. Probably strengthens my OF. I don’t need steals as I have Mondesi and Tatis. Sort of seeing if I am crazy for thinking I should keep Alonso over trading for Benni.
  4. Thanks for the feedback and thoughtful responses guys. I am still not sure the route to go. Benni and Noah fit my positional needs better, but Bregman is the bestplayer in the trade by a large scale in my opinion. Alonso is good, but I will be selling high and on hype.
  5. Long term roto keeper league, keep ten. Which side? I currently ha e Bregman/Alonso Bregman and Pete Alonso for Noah Syndergaard and Benintendi thanks! My keepers - Rhys, Mondesi, Bregman, Blackmon, Stanton, Tatis, Alonso(I would think so now), Diaz, Trienan, Ohtani. Also have Voit, Muncy, Encarnacion, Suarez.
  6. I know it's the Royals, and they run a lot. But, man, they ran on him a lot tonight.
  7. I think you are wrong to think that, yes. Maybe next year no. This year, Bregman is quite a deal higher rated.
  8. Offered Benintendi for Stanton and Peto Alonso. Which side would you chose? Dynasty league where we keep ten. I have Hoskins who will be my 1B of the future, so Alonso would be in one of two utility slots if he keeps this up and is a keeper worthy player. Thanks, WHIR.
  9. Thanks for the response, it is a tough call.
  10. Who would you keep Boogie or Blake in a long term keeper? Boogie may not get max money, but he'll get something like 4/100M in New York or Brooklyn, maybe LA. Blake is roped to Detroit for a couple more years. Who would you hitch your horse to for the long haul?
  11. Boogie, KD, Blake, Klay on their 2nd night of B2Bs... I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of them rested.
  12. Don't let Rich Paul rep your star player. AD Don't trade Kyrie and Whiteside for KD for KD to disappear in the playoffs where Kyrie would have been better for me even if Whiteside is invisible. Don't trade a draft pick for Jeff Teague to help with assists, he will get further hurt. And Derrick Favors is very underrated.
  13. Rest of season pretty much. Me giving Murray for Blake. Keeper league, but I probably wouldn't keep Murray. My last keeper spot will either be Boogie or Murray as my roster is now. Any thoughts?
  14. Man, that's close. If Beal and Blake keep up the past month then those two. What about Blake or Jamal Murray rest of season?
  15. Roberts will bench either Puig or Muncy every game of the year. Can't win.