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  1. I don't think anyone is drafting Powell for his scoring. He's a center that gives you threes (average for his position anyway), steals, and fg%. That can be helpful. It looks like the Mavs are gonna run Pozingis as a 5 defensively and Powell at the 4, then switch it up on offense. It's said that they both prefer those roles, so one can assume Porz will prefer being on the court with Powell.
  2. I mean, I don't really care if a league is "garbage" or not. It's a $250 yahoo public league, I'm there to win my $1250 and keep it moving. Last year I profited over $4k across a bunch. I have my "real" league with friends that has been going for over a decade, everything else is just random leagues with random people scratch an itch and make a profit doing it. My point, though, is the guy saying that you can't let people "steal" your money by cheating. That's just dumb, as most trades you don't like don't have anything to do with cheating. It's the same guy that thought the wizards played in Seattle, so I get the sense he's gonna have the impression a lot of people "stole" from him come May. Not to mention that it's silly because Hield legitimately outplayed AD after the ASB under H2h settings anyway.
  3. Well there's two issues: 1- Most leagues don't interfere with trades so long as they're not collusion. So it doesn't really matter either way. 2- Having AD could've very well lost me the league, and having Buddy could very well have got that owner into the playoffs (he finished 7th). But the point is, no one was "stealing" money, the other owner was straight up whining. That was what I was saying: lots of times it's just people butthurt that one owner swindled another.
  4. On topic, this: Makes me doubtful as f--- that they have their s--- together. Sad day.
  5. Because half the time it's not collusion. Last year, AD demands his trade and the AD guy panics. I'm in second at the time, I'm like f--- it, Buddy has been a top 40 player, let me see if I can assume AD's risk in exchange for losing Buddy's pretty replaceable stat profile. The guy bites, he accepts. I now have Harden and AD on the same team, I'm feeling smug. One dude in particular goes crazy. "Collusion! That's crazy! You could get way more for AD! You guys are cheating! Bet you know each other in real life!" He contacts Yahoo, Yahoo vetoes the trade. In the end, we know that AD never really was consistent again and Buddy kept up doing exactly what he had been doing and I took the championship. So it LITERALLY couldn't have worked out better for me. The whiner might've saved my season from myself. But it was still whining. More than that, if you play in multiple leagues, like 10-15, and you make a lot of trades, it only takes a small number of people to complain about things like that before Yahoo will start looking at your account with some suspicion. I have absolutely no idea, but if like 5-6 different owners, across different leagues, accuse the same owner of collusion, they might start to take any individual accusation more seriously. At least, it's a risk that's annoying to have to even think about, because some people get upset at other teams making trades.
  6. I feel like I was drafting at least a month before the season last year, so's about that time, yahoo, hurry this s--- up.
  7. I got that, I'm just saying that when you're looking at player ranks outside the top 80, little differences and variations in stats can leap players up past others. With that in mind, it's a common new owner mistake to not realize that for some guys, their rank is being inflated by being "elite" in that one category compared to someone else. I don't want to point out any two players in particular, partially cause I think that could result in a convo about those players which would be off topic, but more causeI'm on my phone and lazy. But I'm sure you can think of a pair where one has a comparable rank to another but on your team, the guy that gets double the turnovers (1 to 0.5) is obviously much better in all the other cats.
  8. There's two reasons: #1- He focuses mostly on H2H. Roto is a secondary and less popular focus. It's like the inverse of the guy from Fantasy NBA Today who knows he's talking about a H2H league and still sees a team pick Drummond and Capela and is like "Hmmm, well their FT% is ******". Like no s--- dude, but that shouldn't be the first thing you're thinking of when you see those picks in H2H, just say "Oh they're punting it" and move on. That guy can't help but look at things from a roto perspective, Lloyd can't help to look at things from a H2H perspective. #2- Because if you looked at people's ranks using turnovers, you start seeing some very stupid s---, as it elevates people that play five minutes a game because "omg they're elite in one category!" So most people will ignore and then just hope for the best/sit people on Sunday to win the cat. Like imagine picking people that are average (for their round) in turnovers in the 1-4 rounds. Now you're using tools to see players' ranks and you keep getting comparative (for the round you're looking at) scrubs pushed higher than they should be. Smart fantasy bball owners can be like "Wait, this guy is showing up higher in the rankings because he's playing five minutes less than the people behind him, so he's getting less turnovers, so it's pushing him up." But those aren't the people that need to be told what the shooting guard tiers are, so...
  9. It sounds like some of you guys are conflating the private cash leagues with the pro leagues. Pro league: pick H2H or auction, pick how much you want to buy in (from like $25 to $1000), then you're given draft times and you pick from that selection. They'll open and close leagues a lot between now and opening night. They take a cut, usually one team's buy in worth. There is no commish, yahoo will veto trades as they see fit. Private cash league: There's a human commish, the buy in can be anything, the payouts can be as wild as you can imagine. Yahoo holds the money, but they don't take a cut. Neither of these options are open. Which is annoying, cause I usually participate in like 10-15 of these two types a year, and I want to draft again (last completed a slow draft like two weeks ago).
  10. What about where SGA literally doubles Schroders stocks and shoots like 6% better? I'd also be shocked if SGA averaged 12 points.
  11. I might take him in a punt fg%, but if I've decided to punt fg%, I probably have like Harden and Trae or something to that effect in the first two rounds. When am I taking a third PG? I feel like by the time I'd be looking for that, he'd already be gone.
  12. Doncic shot 71% from the line last year. His international average is 76%. The difference is like ******** four rounds. Food for thought, my dudes.
  13. Wasn't a mock. $200 fantrax H2H. Someone had the name "Stifletower" but I figured that's a common enough of a nickname that it might not be you. But I also thought a person psychopathic enough to draft this early in a money league might post here, so... Ya know...