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  1. NBA Playoffs Talk

    This is a really strange post. You're saying Rodman was more valuable than Jordan? Ooookay.
  2. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Or KAJ
  3. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Great? I was 14, I remember watching this exact game. What is your point?
  4. Demarcus Cousins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Fourth round, yes. Third round, maybe. Before that, no. It's not just that there's huge ambiguity around his recovery, it's also that he's not coming back til Januaryish anyway.
  5. NBA Playoffs Talk

    lmao Is this a joke post?
  6. NBA Playoffs Talk

    As a Bulls fan, there's three types of LeBron haters: - Fans of teams he's ******. Celtics fans, I get, because he's been playing you guys forever, right up until now. Everyone else, move on (again, I'm a Bulls fan). - Fans of players that at one point he contended with as the best in the league. Kobe's been retired for awhile now, time to move on; Durant doesn't really have fans that followed him from OKC to GS, so whatever. Everyone else? lol - Jordan fans. I'm a huge Jordan fan. I'm from Chicago and he won his first championship the summer between my 5th and 6th grade, and he won his last while I was celebrating high school graduation. To say Jordan's personality as a cutthroat a**hole who won at any cost shaped my life isn't really an exaggeration, my idol through puberty was this man that just ******** succeeded and f--- anyone who got in his way. I've modeled my life on that. That said, LeBron is right there in the conversation (along with Abdul-Jabbar). Jordan stans need to stop refusing to face reality and recognize that LeBron is basically just as great as a basketball player.
  7. Markelle Fultz 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    A glance at the user name will tell you what the point is.
  8. H2H is dead with the resting - other options?

    The issue is no other major sports team can be swayed by such a significant margin by one player. It's baked into basketball itself, the sport. Baseball/football/hockey doesn't work that way. One player can't typically change a team from a bottom feeder to a contender in those sports. In basketball, they can, so that reality is reflected in the draft and the way teams approach it.
  9. Players on winning teams/players on losing teams

    You just remember your punts and when someone is hot or someone gets injured, it happens in every league (obviously) so it's easier than you think. The points or threes punts are hardest because they're the least intuitive. I made over 2 grand on them but that said, it's about the max I can actually handle.
  10. Players on winning teams/players on losing teams

    So I did some basic analysis of the 11 standard Yahoo leagues I was in, plus one 16 teamer (whoops, I forgot it wasn't standard when I did it, oh well). Keep in mind these ended on the Sunday that just passed. One thing I found was that these players were on two or more first or second place teams: 7- Lebron 6- Redick, DeAndre 5- Skal, Capela, Olynyk, Embiid 4- Mitchell, Ingles, Beal, J Rich, CP3, Drummond, Dwight, Gasol, Dedmon 3- Noel, Rivers, Aldridge, Harden, Bogdan, Lou Will, Simmons, Collison, Kemba, Durant, Thad, Collins, Draymond 2- Westbrook, Gordon, Jrue, Saric, Jokic, Oladipo, Nurkic, Bullock, Kuzma, Giannis, DeAngelo, Favors, Adams, Rubio, Kuzma, Klay, Lowry, Aminu, Batum, Ariza, Teague, Lillard, Hardaway So again, in my sample size of 12 leagues, in ******** SEVEN of them, if you had LeBron, you were in the championship game. Dude gave crazy value this year, and played in a s--- ton of games.
  11. Championship squads

    All 12 team standard H2H: 97-79-4 PG- Augustin, Dinwiddie, Schroder, Rubio SG- Gary (never played a minute for my team), Nwaba SF- Durant, Gallo, Draymond PF- LeBron, Portis C- Capela, Marc Gasol 103-76-1 PG- Augustin, CP3, D'Angelo, Dinwiddie, Schroder SG- Hardaway, JRich, Bogdan SF- Paul George, LeBron PF- Markkanen C- Kanter, Dedmon 99-79-2 PG- Teague, Collison SG- LeVert, Middleton SF- Giannis, Stanley Johnson PF- Nance, Nerlens, Draymond C- Drummond, DeAndre, Dwight This team lost 5-4, on .01% in FT, 96-81-3 PG- Rubio SG- Beal, Bullock, Hezonja, Redick SF- Aminu, JRich, Batum PF- AD, Powell C- Olynyk, Harrell, Jonas Obviously some of those were just streamers. I didn't have Stanley Johnson on my team all year, I just wanted his sweet, sweet steals on Saturday and Sunday.
  12. 2017-2018 Cool Story Bro

    All my Yahoo leagues are done. 3 championships, two runner ups, one third place finish out of 13. Got back roughly 2.5x my buy ins.
  13. Otto Porter Jr. 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I get what you're saying, but that's not really "locked in" at all lol
  14. H2H is dead with the resting - other options?

    I'm in a bunch of rando leagues, but my main league that's been going strong gives out $$$ separately for - making the playoffs - third - second - of course winning the playoffs - best roto record throughout the year So my Boogie/Porz/Booker/Tyreke team, that also had Lillard and Hardaway and Nurkic and can imagine it dominated right up until those weeks where most of my best players suddenly got hurt. But I still made the playoffs, and I still (barely) won roto because I had enough of a lead. I could've won third( didn't), but in the end I was still rewarded. Of course this isn't perfect. There could be a team that one year decides they just want to the roto money and specifically design a team to first win that, and only secondarily compete on a H2H level. But no one has done that yet and I really doubt that anyone would.
  15. H2H is dead with the resting - other options?

    Nah, it's boring.