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  1. You're not wrong, but Collins went through a historic dearth of stocks last Nov-Dec that is unlikely to be repeated. That skewed his averages down. Now I know you'll say "Well, that's why averages account for highs and lows, it all matters". And again, you wouldn't be wrong. But you have to assume he won't go through a two month stock desert this month, so his stocks will be higher than last year, and he won't be Blake-like in that respect. Just my guess, anyway.
  2. I'm not arguing on Wiggins' behalf, but it's kinda interesting that even if his percentages did increase, we wouldn't buy it for the first few weeks anyway. We'd think he was just on a hot streak, and rightfully so. Then we all catch on, and he goes through a cold streak and we all bail... FG% and FT% are two things you can kinda look back on after a few months, but when it's happening, you can't be too sure.
  3. PG has fallen a lot to me at the end of the 2nd and even the 3rd. I'll take that (almost) every time.
  4. I think the worst picks this year are 7-9. After 9, your choices start to become easier (as far as first round goes), and then you get your pick of the litter for the second round, where the guys are basically as good as the end of the first.
  5. I think JJJ will be a top 20 player at some point in his career, but I don't think it'll be this season. But foul trouble is a concern. We always remember the great big men that had potential but struggled with foul trouble when they were young, and then got over it. But don't remember the bad big men that had potential but struggled with foul trouble when they were young, but never got over it. I'm not gonna bother naming those players, cause people will inevitably say I'm comparing JJJ to them. I'm just saying that fixing foul issues is not a foregone conclusion.
  6. This thread has inspired me to watch him closely, but I'm by no means drafting him in standard leagues.
  7. That is not a reach. Dude rarely lasts past the third in big money leagues.
  8. I want him to be good, I've ended up with him a bit more than I'd like (near the end of drafts, I just start chasing minutes and he's projected for a lot). His issue is no stocks.
  9. You have one build? That you've decided on before the draft? Or are you only in one league and you posted in between rounds?
  10. Or just punt FT, because you're gonna punt something anyway so it might as well be that. Yhis post reads so oddly. Like someone who's never even considered the possibility of ignoring one cat in order to be better at several others. It's calling punting and most serious players do it in H2H, which is what most people play...
  11. I don't think it's a realistic comparison at all, but Kentucky players lately have had a thing for being better in the NBA than they were in college.
  12. I can't think of a top 100 player from last year that I didn't own. You end up just cheering for your team. You don't care about specific players' performance until like Saturday or Sunday. Even then, it's rare you need a big performance from someone in one league while dreading it in another. Maybe I want big boards from LeBron in one league, want low assists from him in another, and in three more, the matchup is basically set one way or another so who cares. It also helps because you're more objective when it comes to players. You don't have a weird attachment to them because they're "yours".
  13. Diversify. Diversify. Diversify. When injuries come (and they will), they'll hurt you in 3 leagues but actually help you in like 9 (cause you don't own that guy).
  14. One of these things is not like the other. Beal at 15 is a no brainer. Siakam at 30 isn't.
  15. Obviously hot shooting, but if Warren gets even 15 shots a game, wow. I just traded baze for him in one league and drafted him outright in another, so I'm into it but...i dunno
  16. In my "family league" (not family, but you know: basically the same people who all know each other doing is for...this will be year 12) it's a tradition now: either during or at the end of every single one, someone says "Weird draft". It's like Star Wars and "I've got a bad feeling about this". Someone ALWAYS thinks the draft was weird as f---.
  17. Well then we're in agreement: have a list of those 5-6 guys. You should basically have a list of 5-6 guys: -for every position - for every round - for every punt Up until like the 7th round. It's a lot of work, but if you do a dozen or more leagues, like I do, you only have to do that work once and it helps you 12+ times. Your position is slightly easier because you control who you're getting in the first round. The 5 spot this year is a great position to be in, because all of the top five guys are awesome. But if you don't know which of them you're gonna get, you have to be ready for any punt.
  18. Exactly. OP's plan sounds fine. But when someone throws a wrench into it (and they will) it's all going to be for naught. In movies and comic books, the villains always know exactly what the heroes are going to do, down to where they'll be standing at a specific moment a month into the evil plan, so a piano can fall on their head or whatever. Fantasy drafts aren't so perfect. I try to put players into little compartments, then draft from those compartments as I see fit. For example, Love and Markkanen are in the same compartment: center eligible fg% punt, 3 point making big men. Not that it would be practical in any way this year, but Curry and Lillard are in the same compartment: PGs who get you a s--- ton of threes, points, and ft%. Then as you go through the draft, you see what you need. Am I punting blocks and fg% and need a big man? Let me look at that compartment. Love is gone but I don't want to take Lauri yet? Okay, let's look at PGs that fit that build. Oh, Rozier is there? Maybe. Middleton is still available?! Okay, I'll pick him and come back to big men next round. Basically, for every punt build and every player you want to fit that, you should have an OML (military talk, Order of Merit List) for a few players that are like that ideal player but a little worse. So that when your dude is taken, all you have to do is consult your lists in each compartment and take the next best guy to fit what you're doing. You only have like 90-120 seconds, you shouldn't be doing any research then. Just looking at your lists, looking at the guys you already have, and going from there. Saying in round 1 I'll take this guy, round 2 this guy, round 3 this guy is just a recipe for disaster.
  19. I like Josh a lot, but he says that and he's missing the point. Yes, that deal is dead. The point, though, is that he's seriously being shopped.
  20. Especially in what we think will be a league with several teams with realistic championship considerations, Adams' value could rise. A parking spot in the suburbs? No one cares. A parking spot in the city, where a bunch of people are fighting for spots? Suddenly parking spots can fetch a pretty penny.
  21. They make more as leagues fill up, usually.
  22. Anyone see the option for turning an already created league into a cash league? Hell, are there even cash leagues that aren't pro leagues anymore?
  23. The turn is great for punting because there's not much pressure as far as "will he fall?". Let's say you love Booker or Trae but your second round pick is at 16 and you think it's kind of a stretch to grab them there. But you don't know if you can wait for the third round, but you never know. All that uncertainty goes away with the turn, you know the guys you're looking at won't be there 22 picks later. So you just draft for your punts and f--- it. It's actually really freeing.
  24. If all your late draft picks hit, you can do this. I had a team that had like 127 wins in yahoo last week. I don't remember exactly how many weeks there were, 19? The would've been 127-44. But you can't draft expecting that, it's just not realistic. I went into that draft punting fg%, blks, and of course TOs, btw