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  1. All I need to do is tie in TOs and I'll advance. He has Huerter, I have Len. Huerter gets a TO and I'm winning TOs outright...then the scorers take the TO away from Huerter and give it to ******** Len! So at 8:59 I sat my guys, he has Gordon going and just needs one TO. The scorers give him one like 4 minutes into the game, so we tied in TOs and I'm winning the matchup again. ...The scorers just gave it to PJ Tucker, so I'm down a TO again. It's gonna be a long game.
  2. I have him in the standard Yahoo leagues, so he's already in today, I can't do anything about that. But in a way it makes it simple: if he plays tonight, then he's good right? If he doesn't play tonight? I can't risk NOT streaming him tomorrow (meaning, dropping him tonight) to seal the victory. Maybe he plays Monday, sure, but once you enter the protocol, it's hard to get back out in a hurry. So basically, if he plays tonight, cool. If he doesn't, drop him tonight for another guy tomorrow. At least he plays today, so we'll know one way or another in three hours. If he didn't play til tomorrow, it would suck.
  3. Those were faked though. Why do people keep falling for this s---? Between Jussie, the girl getting shot by a "white guy in a MAGA hat" or whatever in Houston, and the Covington high school thing, this is like the fourth thing that people have fallen for in three months. Maybe he's racist, but stop believing the same stupid s---, you're embarrassing yourselves.
  4. 25 teams, $7,100 in. Resulted in 19 teams in the playoffs, 9 byes. Kinda bummed out that I had 4 teams on the bubble yesterday and only 2 got some point it looked like all 4 would, but oh well. There's something to said about diversification, injury news will bum me out, but there's always someone I'm competing with in a different league that gets ******, too. Let's see how the next three weeks go.
  5. Earlier in the quarter he knocked right knees with someone and me and my buddy kinda held our breath, but he came back. Hopefully this is related to that and not a huge deal.
  6. Sato hasn't been on 12 team wires in like two months. Powell hasn't been in over a week. Isaac hasn't been for a month. White hasn't for weeks. Cedi might be but that's only because the cavs schedule this week sucks and a team struggling to make the playoffs (or trying to get a bye) could be using his spot to stream. If you're in H2H, no one cares about season long potential anymore. It's all about what they're doing this week or the next week you're playing (next week or the week after).
  7. I don't think he's the greatest add in the world, but his playoff schedule means he's a decent one, just to see.
  8. Any news on his availability tomorrow? Gotta know tonight, you know how it goes...
  9. Part of me thinks the "tear down LeBron to make Kobe look good" people are pathetic. Part of me thinks the "tear down Jordan to make LeBron look good" people are pathetic. But all of me thinks the "People arguing about this s--- on" are pathetic.
  10. ?? It said he's reevaluated in 1-2 weeks, not returning in 1-2 weeks.
  11. Don't get me started. In H2H, where you only care about your 5-7 cats and don't give a s--- about the others, he was tied with AD all year. People argue with me (I'm not using injuries or the trade situation against AD), but it's like these people don't understand why some players are better roto and H2H players and vice versa. Harden has been at least tied for the best player in H2H fantasy all year.
  12. Man, I was close to offering Isaac for this guy in a league where I'm guaranteed a bye (Isaac has a two game week), but thank you Larry Drew for reminding me that you're a dickhead and I shouldn't do that.
  13. It's gonna be funny if this guy balls out for the next month. He had a good few games to start the season- everyone thought it was the breakout- then garbage. Then a good stretch in late January- everyone thought it was the breakout- then hurt. Then he plays great for the end of the fantasy season and hopefully the playoffs? I guess we'll see.
  14. Same. I feel like this is gonna be some day on day off bull****, exactly when none of us need it.
  15. Reevaluated in 1-2 weeks is nice for Kings fans, NBA fans, and Bagley himself. Not good enough for fantasy owners though.
  16. The reason not to is because in the playoffs, someone fighting to win their matchup is gonna drop someone like Collison or something when they play on Friday and don't play over the weekend. It happens like clockwork, every year, and you can't blame them because it's win or go home. But the #1 waiver in the playoffs is gold, and using it on a Powell is usually not a great decision.
  17. It was bumped mostly when he was bad, by the usual crew that always disappears when he's good. You know, the people that are team fans first and fantasy owners second.
  18. Who said his line was good? But if he's getting 33 minutes, the chances of him getting a decent line are better than him getting a bad one, unless you think he's the next Tony Snell. Is that what you think? Say so.
  19. matters for one cat. Maybe two. But for seven, it means literally nothing. Meanwhile, minutes mean something for most stats. Like if you picked up Kenrich Williams to help in points, just give me your money, ya know? Just give it to me right now, venmo me.
  20. If you're tanking, it seems dumb to rest him. You want to develop him, he doesn't get better by not playing against NBA players. But out for the foreseeable future when there's three weeks before the playoffs also sounds really bad. I'm gonna hold in the leagues where I'm set, but in the leagues where I'm competing for the playoffs...I'll hold through tomorrow? Rabb isn't that sexy, and tomorrow's slate is full anyway.
  21. Is he? I'm looking at your Bucks flair and all I can think of is "You gotta know he's like the fourth option on this team, and he was tied for third on the Pels". The Bucks just seem to be too good for him to do what he did on the Pelicans. This isn't a guy who gets by on defensive stats. He's good based on his shots and how can he get as many as in Milwaukee as he did in New Orleans? I picked him up in one league where I'm punting points and threes. I picked him up solely to trade him based on his reputation in New Orleans, but I might need to just full on drop (again, keep in mind he's horrible for that build, not saying everyone should drop him) before people realize he ain't doing for the Bucks what he did for the Pelicans. I hope he blows up, though, no one is biting.
  22. Harris has been so underwhelming this year that I'm already looking at him to potentially be next year's Gallo (a guy you can get at 100 that can produce much higher). But I don't think Beasley is going to maintain much of a role here (as in, a great 12 teamer). I guess we'll get our first glimpse tonight, but I'd guess more of a streamer/14 teamer.
  23. Seriously, why even say that? It wasn't no news is good news: because he told us that, no news was bad news. Then he played him. Fantasy basketball is difficult enough without basically getting #fakenews from head coaches that we need to try to decipher.
  24. We both know that's not really a question anymore. Back to back FG% bet champ.