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  1. This is a good, competitive league, and teams have proven that rebuilding is not difficult if you are willing to put in the time both preseason and during the season.
  2. 30+ year DC Metro area 12-team NL 5x5 roto keeper league with live auction has team available. $300, so after paying for OnRoto stat service site top six get paid from $3500 pool. Sun. Mar. 31 auction 1 pm at a sports bar in Vienna, VA. No reserves, just standard 23-man active roster, and an inseason salary cap to control dumping. PM here or e-mail eerock at excite.com and I'll get back to you.
  3. Long-time league, standard 8 categories. Only one to three keepers, 11th and 12th teams (no more) would choose off players not kept, so you'd have a number of choices. Cost is whatever gets us to 1000 prize pool plus 80 Fantrax fee, so 90 to 98 dollars per team. Online auction Sun. Oct. 15, 8:30 ET. Post here or email eerock at excite.com if interested.
  4. Sent you a message with my email for LS invite purposes.
  5. Surprised about the lack of auction leagues on here.
  6. Down to one team left, and it will be the afternoon of Sun. Aug. 19 in a restaurant in a Maryland suburb of DC.
  7. Interested, but traveling alot through July 27, so can't commit. Will check back around then. You might mention it is 3rd round reversal, as that makes a big difference in leagues this large.
  8. This year's details still being hammered out, but this league is entering its 11th year, all on MFL so you can look at the league history. We'll meet on weekend day in August (likely Sunday the 19th), either in a conference room of a restaurant or hotel (in which case we'll get catering) in suburban MD, so easy to get to from NoVa and the DC-Baltimore corridor. In person attendance is mandatory. With 16 teams it will take 5 or so hours, so plan on spending from late morning to late afternoon. We use the Fatbox system for bidding and awards: Expect cost of 60 for the prize pool, 10 to 15 for MFL and bidding software, and 15 to 20 for food, with beverage cost variable based on your consumption. We use FAAB, and with 16 teams a couple of doubleheaders so everyone plays each other once before an 8-team playoff, paying 60/30/10 to top three finishers. Leave a response or send a message.
  9. Or is there demand for a startup of such? I'd be interested in 14 or more teams, bestball, maybe draft and hold.
  10. Categories? Platform? Number of teams desired?
  11. I'd be interest in this as well, but there seems to be very few AL-only leagues. I think people prefer NL to AL because the pitching in the NL is less volatile. eerock@excite.com