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  1. Keke Coutee is available and some mediocre RBs, was curious if you'd make any add/drops. Would you drop anyone for Coutee, Alfred Morris, Blount, Bernard ? My team QB1 Ben RB1/2 Gordon, Lindsay WR1/2/3 DeAndre, Alshon, DeSean Jackson TE1 Burton W/R1 Kerryon K1 Bailey DEF1 BAL BN Goff, Thompson, Clement, Geronimo, Shepard, OJ Howard, Fournette, Fuller(locked in for week and cannot drop at the moment) Looks like Fulller season is over, but he's locked into the lineup after last nights game and I can't drop him yet. Coutee put up decent numbers while Fuller was limited and there isn't much else for WR in my FAs. I think Coutee can do well for himself ROS in that offense. Also up in the air on dropping Thompson and or Clement. Thompson had a couple good games receiving, not much on the ground. My league isn't PPR either, but he was getting enough reception yards to be a decent flex until getting banged up. Clement seems kind of meh, especially after last week and being in a RBBC. Having a hard time deciding if any of the available RBs are better than holding Thompson or Clement for RB depth.
  2. Won my head to head. Major contributions came from Voit, Mondesi, Dahl, Lourdes Gurriel.
  3. With how Freeland and Marquez have pitched, they have a shot to go on a run. Especially since both have shown they can pitch in COL as well. If they got any consistency from Gray and forget the other guy's name who had been ok for a while, I could see them be a tough out.
  4. Really hoping Folty pitches well tonight.
  5. I had never heard of him until recently, but looking at his minors numbers he has always hit very consistently. Gotta like what we're seeing from him, hopefully he gets a shot next season to pick up where he left off.
  6. I also wasn't using savior as if anyone is expecting Voit to be the next Goldy. Was speaking more on NYY's 1B struggles overall, not discounting anything Voit has done. Though when pitchers have scouted him a bit more, he gets less fastballs and more off speed stuff, will be interesting to see how he adapts. That's why I mentioned it will be nice to see what happens in ST and beyond. He doesn't need to be the second coming of anyone to be fairly productive and worth rolling out every day in real life.
  7. Picked him up for this BOS series, which normally you might not want to do. However he is hitting BOS well, hit good at Fenway from what I seen, hit LHP/RHP both over .300 so far, also he won't be up against BOS best SPs this trip. Hoping he continues to knock in runs, jack a HR or two this weekend. I'm not sold on him being the NYY savior at 1B for years to come, but he's done the job well so far. Will be interesting to see how ST plays out and who is the opening day starter next season, if they don't chase a FA 1B.
  8. Thoughts on tonights start @PHI ? He has pitched pretty well against them and seems to be a bit better on the road. I'm always nervous to start him as one day he's ace like then others throws a dud like the couple he has lately. Last couple starts he allowed quite a few walks which could hurt him at PHI in that park.
  9. My H2H non keeper championship starts today. Would you drop anyone I have for a FA ? My team C Molina 1B Rizzo 2B Adalberto 3B J Turner SS Machado LF Ozuna CF Villa RF Betts OF Brantley BN Sal Perez, Cano, Lourdes Gurriel, Yuli Gurriel, Suarez SP Kluber, Snell, Folty, Bauer RP Leclerc, Jeffress, Jansen (can only start 2) FA bats- Donaldson, Cain, Beltre, Moustakas, Moncada, Conforto, David Peralta, DeJong, Piscotty, Tyler White FA SPs- Buehler, Freeland, Trevor Williams, Flaherty, Fiers, Marquez, Anibal I know I've got 2 catchers, Perez has hit for good power, Molina had cooled off for a while, so I kept both to play the hot hand. Planned to keep Sal until Thursday which Molina has off. Some other decent bats available, tough call to drop anyone struggling on my team like Soto, Ozuna, Turner for FAs. They have ok enough schedules this week where they could wake up who knows. For SP usually we need 5 SPs, total of 5 to 6 starts and min 27 innings. However Kluber/Bauer each go twice with easy opponents, Snell should be golden, and Folty has PHI. Not bad SP matchups, decent pitchers in FAs but I could probably stream and keep more offense. RPs, we only start 2. When Jansen had issues I added Leclerc and Jeffress who both been great, but have also not had many SV chances lately, neither has Jansen. So it's tough deciding which 2 of them to keep and who to drop. Curious what you guys would do and for any drops and pickups.
  10. I'm in a 7-7 tie for my playoff match, winner goes to the championship. Would you start Lourdes Gurriel vs Snell or Ozuna vs Suarez ? Snell has been amazing obviously but Lourdes has been really hot, he's never faced Snell so not much to go by. Ozuna has been rather bad last week or so, but hits LHP very well, also hits better at home, and Suarez of course isn't as likely to dominate like Snell. Hard time deciding go with the hot hand Lourdes against one of the best SP's or Ozuna slumping bad but facing a worse SP.
  11. You guy's dropping Sal Perez with his thumb soreness acting up again ? Was a late scratch tonight and Yahoo note sounds like he'll get numerous days off, not sure how helpful he's going to be next couple weeks.
  12. My first round playoffs are off to a great start, thanks Folty ugh.
  13. Depends on other teams needs but you might try shopping DJ. Maybe someone would work out some kind of package, some sort of RB/WR combo back. DJ is your best player and even as good as he is, might have a hard time getting enough value back to really help considering what you're giving up. Other than trying to work a trade you'll have to pounce on any hot FAs to patch some holes.
  14. Anyone else with playoffs going on drop him in small leagues ? No saying when he will start again and even though he's been good against HOU, don't really trust Paxton against anyone these days. He had been very mediocre for that last month plus.