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  1. Wish we we knew as he could be a very attractive playoff add in many leagues, if he doesn't sit 3 games or so. You would think they might want to start resting some regulars and at the same time get a better idea what he can do now. If they give him some decent leash to close the season he could be lightning in a bottle for them come playoff time, as good as HOU offense is you can never have too many hot bats going for you.
  2. Out of lineup today too according to Yahoo. Was holding onto him hoping he'd play today and be a go next week.
  3. He'll be a very dangerous 2 start pitcher for the playoffs next week. Will be at HOU then home vs BOS next week. Not sure what I'm doing myself. He's been so good all season but the margin for error in the playoffs is a lot less forgiving than regular season.
  4. This sucks, not playing again today. I could really use his roster spot for someone else. Holding however as I'm likely to move onto round 2 and hope he'll be playing next week. Any news about his outlook for next week you guys have heard?
  5. Any of you in playoffs starting him @TEX ? He got hammered there earlier in the year but wasnt pitching as well back then either. Still a tough start at TEX, you'd think after his implosion against HOU he's likely for a bounce back game who knows. Then he gets TEX again but in OAK where he's pitched better. Tricky week owning Fiers during the playoffs.
  6. Would you guys drop Gary Sanchez with the latest injury ? I'm in round 1 of my playoffs, best C options seem to be darnauld and the rookie from OAK who's been called up, forget his name.
  7. You guys dropping ? This point in the playoffs it's hard to roster 2 catchers. Plus sure some of us have other key players banged up. This is a tough blow for playoff time and seems like he probably will be out a while.
  8. Coleman or Brown. Brown unless he goes nuts is going to share a lot of carries with Barber. Not sure either back is going to run away as the clear RB1, probably both have a few good games here and there, but will also eat into each others production.
  9. For my team below, would you try to trade for a RB upgrade or stick with who I got ? My team, QB Ryan, RIvers RB Henry, Sony, Barber, Singletary, Duke Johnson WR Julio, Davante Adams, Fuller, Godwin, Maquise Brown TE McDonald DEF LAC K Gostkowski Was debating shopping Julio or Adam's for a top tier RB. I'm a believer in Hery however, and feel like my team is strong enough to get by with Sony, Singletary, or Duke Johnson as my RB2. Was curious what you guys think however. This is non PPR by the way and I had the 9th pick.
  10. Anyone starting Cueto tonight home against PIT ?
  11. Yeah I was considering dropping Moncrief for Brown or Terry. Really torn on sticking with LAC defense or swapping for NE. Also curious anyone's thoughts dropping McDonald my TE for Waller in OAK.
  12. For H2H stand non PPR, I had 9th pick. Would you swap any players I have for a FA ? They are on waivers until tomorrow 9/11, would you use a 2 waiver on anyone you see ? FA WR- Emmanuel Sanders, Tyrell Williams, Allison, Hines, Sanu, Mclauren, Marquise Brown, Davante Parker FA RB- Hunt, Hines, Dion Lewis FA TE- Rudolph, Burton, OLsen, Darren Walker, Darren Waller (OAK) DEF- NE, SEA, DEN, DAL I wasn't sure about keeping LAC defense over maybe NE. Also McLauren seems promising as a WR. Daren Waller looks like he could get a lot of targets as a TE with OAK, especially with AB gone and they all the targets that clears up, plus Gruen said he wants to target him often and did week 1. My team, QB Ryan, RIvers RB Henry, Sony, Barber, Singletary, Duke Johnson WR Julio, Davante Adams, Fuller, Godwin, Moncrief TE McDonald DEF LAC K Gostkowski
  13. Marte might not play as he's been D2D last couple days. So I guess that's a big plus for Cueto if Starling isn't in the lineup.
  14. I'm on the fence about his first start back and first round of playoffs. PIT could give him some trouble but who knows, least it's a home start.