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  1. Oh man wanted to bench, but started him. While watching MLB channel he looked so loose and carefree thought he'd have a decent start, I put him in. Hope he doesn't cost me my h2h playoff match up. The lack of Ks makes this sting even more.
  2. For those in playoffs, anyone hesitant about @NYY tonight ? They have been on a roll and hit well at home, Kershaw wasn't bad last time out but doesn't face NYY often, might be catching them at the wrong time.
  3. I dropped on my team 2. This late into season/playoffs you need the hot hand. I'd make the switch if it helps you win. He's had a great call up but has cooled off a good deal, especially at home it seems too.
  4. Who's trusting him @ATL ? He's been worse on the road and got ripped @ATL last time out, but blanked them home in MIA previously. With the playoffs on the line I'm having a hard time deciding what to do here. I assume most are going to start him or tell me to do so, just curious if anyone who has a lot of match ups to pick from like I do, is skipping this start or rolling him out.
  5. What's the word on his Yahoo D2D status ?
  6. ROS who do you like more Pomeranz or Ervin Santana and why ? WHIR
  7. I'd keep Jake for reasons everyone mentioned, still has big trade value as well and being a Cub should rack up wins if they keep him long term. I think is perhps could rebound next year. I guess depending on what Duffy does ROS might factor in for me, but I'd still as of now lean on keeping Arrieta. I like Dahl and Carrasco a good deal too. I think you need to factor in what your biggest position or team need would be and if any of these guys will be trade bait or not.
  8. Would to drop Teheran for Ervin Santana? Teheran hasn't pitched well lately and has fallen of 2nd half of the season in years past. Santana has been ace like for some time now. WHIR
  9. Man he went from a hopeful top end SP this year to Jordan Zimmerman's twin. I gave him some slack earlier in the year missing spring training, but his starts are getting really scary recently.
  10. Friend of mine needs a SP and wants Sale, haven't been crazy about his offers, he sent 1 deal of Lamb then another of Yelich, both straight up for Sale. Going to post his team, looking to see if you guys think there are any deals to be made. He was also into Jofer who I'd only trade if Donaldson was involed but we couldn't work anything out, so seeing if any deal makes sense trading Sale. This is for team 2 in my sig. Any deals make sense trading away Sale ? His team C Ramos 1B Agon 2B Dee 3B Donaldson SS Seger IF Murphy LF Marte CF Jones RF Trumbo OF Yelich BN Soler, Dickerson SD, Kepler, Cesar Hernandez, Lamb SP Bundy, Lester, Quintana, Porcello, Maeda, DL Salazar RP Britton, Rodney DL Ramos WHIR
  11. Above post and today's start has me very leary of this guy going ahead. Not sure who he is anymore, getting late in the season and he's not looking good recently.
  12. In your case I might do Napoli, his OBP I didn't think was as bad as you might think either. He draws decent walks and carries decent OBP when mixing in some hits with his HRs. I might also look into a package of a SP and maybe Pence or someone, see if you could upgrade at SP. If you have some owners out of the mix, maybe you could make a move or two.
  13. I also like deal 2 if you make any of t he trades. Bum/Zack is a darn good shot in the arm for SP, getting Dozier or Pujols back both have decent years after getting over the early season hump is not a bad return. I agree is tough to give up Xman though, but having Correa as well makes this an easier move to make.
  14. Depends what you think your chances are to win now. Polanco has missed a decent amount of time here and there for different health issues, and since he's come back recently he hasn't produced all that well like he did to start the season. Braun has been having a decent year and the MIL line up and park are pretty decent breeding ground for production ROS, he might help you more to win this year. I'd rather have Polanco years ahead, but not sure what you have at stake if you win this year. If you were clearly out of it I'd go for it, but if there is a lot of money involved I'd sleep on it for a day.
  15. Tough call as Nunez has been good this year, Miler has been productive and plays a lot of positions. I like Hernan Perez personally, plays a few spots, offers nice speed with some pop. Hard to drop Musgrove how well he's pitched against 2 very good line ups. I'd drop Miller/Nunez I guess as well, Jram has been very good and should not lose any PT ROS with Brantley done, between Jram/Hernan you get a lot of interchangeable production too.