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  1. Choose 4 of these closers **WHIR**

    I'd go Trein, Iglesias, Middle, Kela. Tough call on some of them with lineups not clicking and funky schedules to start the year.
  2. Stream options...whir

    I'd have considered Saturday: Mikolas vs CIN Sunday: D Duffy vs DET, Z Wheeler at ATL
  3. Who is the drop WHIR

    With Sal Perez coming back sooner than later I might be tempted to drop Cervelli and punt C until then. Might be tougher with cervelli hitting well atm though. Not many easy drops on you team and I assume you want to ride Lucchesi longer to see how he plans out. Acuna didn't get called up when expected, not sure if he does anytime soon from what I'm reading, but I'd probably hold for now and drop a Cervelli instead.
  4. Josh Bell or Matt Olson

    Seems like everyone is really high on Olsen. If you want to gamble hes probably the bigger payout if he has monster power numbers. If you want a bat you that doesn't really hurt you in any categories and a safer floor, Bell is a nice fit. I could see Bell take a step forward and build on last season, hes still a young bat with potential to get even better. Tough choice between the two personally. I'd probably go Olsen and hope he hits for enough average and power as the season goes on.
  5. OF help... WHIR

    Definitely not considering dropping Hoskins or Dickerson. The other OFs I mentioned I'd think about swapping. Was holding Acuna just to see what he may do when called up, but it's looking like it will be much later than expected now making him harder to roster.
  6. Matt Kemp 2018 Outlook

    You guys don't think he can put up good steady numbers this year for LAD ? Hes hitting well so far, while I have OFs like Braun, Cain, Whit, Plsen struggling. Was debating making a swap but can't make up my mind. For some reason the Dodger lineup seems a bit mysterious to me this year, don't have a good sense of what any of their bats will do.
  7. Trey Mancini 2018 Outlook

    He was nice to own last year and is raking currently, the walks are a nice surprise too. Leadoff or not he still has good power and should rack some up a decent amount of HRs. Been tempted to add in my shallow league, I've guys like Braun, Whit, Cain, Olsen not doing a whole lot. Hard leaving Mancini on the wire as hot hes been.
  8. Corey Dickerson 2018 Outlook

    I'd be ecstatic with 20 or so HRs, 80 RBis and .270-.280 ish AVG. Seems attainable to me if he stays healthy.
  9. OF help... WHIR

    Would you drop an OF on my team for a FA OF below ? FA OF- Mancini, Kemp, Brantley, Inciarte My OFs LF Hoskins CF Cain RF Conforto OF Dickerson BN Braun, Merrifield, Acuna, Olsen Need help figuring out my best options in OF which has been my weak spot. Even know I have decent OF bats, only Hoskins/Dickerson are doing anything. It's a 8 team league, and I don't want to make any panic moves I'll regret, but also hard leaving some hot bats in FAs that can help. Mancini has been hitting like crazy in lead off, Kemp has been pretty hot as well. Brantley has been decent since coming back, and Inciarte looks like he might be getting warmer. Can't decide if anyone aside from Hoskins/Dickerson should be dropped for either of these OFs.
  10. Ian Happ or Matt Davidson

    Seems like they will both be kind of up and down streaky types. I think I might roll with Davidson. He'll have some really bad cold spells, but if he can draw some walks and maybe hit a bit more consistently as the season goes on he could be a really nice bat to have. Seems like he'll get regular playing time and a chance to develop further. HH
  11. I'm assuming you must be pretty deep in SP to deal Max. Gio has been good and Votto is a great bat to have, if he fills a big gap in your offense and your SP will be fine, seems like an ok deal. HH
  12. No brainer trade for me?

    Seems like a good deal, you retain a stud OF and get a huge SP upgrade. Stanton will get going at some point, but you'll feel the sting short term with how hot Betts has been.
  13. Need two drops (WHIR tomorrow)

    The two drops you mentioned seem to make the most sense, especially since your potentially adding a RP/saves source in Norris. Brach is pretty meh, I think he's worth dropping for Corbin who is throwing great. HH
  14. Got a friend who wants Whit Merrifield, curious who you guys would target on his team. Who would you trad Merrifield for straight up ? Any package deals you see to be made ? His team C Ianetta 1b Bellinger 2b Dozier 3b Jram IF Dee SS Swanson LF Mallex CF Blackmon RF Betts OF Springer BN Mazara, Devers DL- Schebler, Andrus, Xander SP- Ohtani, Taillon, Hendricks, Lopez, Bundy, Richards, McCullers RP- Holland, Giles My team C Realmuto 1b Abreu 2b Rizzo 3b Machado IF Albies SS Correas LF Hoskins CF Cain RF Conforto OF Dickerson BN Merrifield, Olsen, Acuna, Shaw, Braun DL- Sal Perez SP- Kershaw, Kluber, Wood, Godley, Sonny Gray, Lucchesi RP- Hand, Raisel
  15. Whit Merrifield 2018 Outlook

    Really on the fence with Whit. I don't need him for any specific position, my only hope and need was some steals. I'm not basing the whole year off of two weeks, but I'm not super optimistic for big numbers this year, between the terrible lineup and difficulty duplicating something close to last season. I'm debating trying to push him hard in a trade and see what I can get before his value plummets. Anyone been able to move Whit in any trades ?