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  1. These are all trades that some owner has kicked the tires on, and like I said some involving other pieces. My initial post mentioned I was going over trade offers. I understand your philosophy but this league is different. One owner makes a move then 4 or 5 others start getting anxious to make a deal and a frenzy is created, happens every year in this league.
  2. Anyone else ?
  3. I just listed the big pieces, I'd be working out details to add other players in most of those trades. It's not Just Bum, Betts, or Miggy, there are other players within reason without gutting my team, and where both sides fill needs. Was really looking for , assuming each trade can be made, which you guys like and dont.
  4. Who do you like more in redraft this year Duvall or Beltran ? I've got some trades in the wind and might be including one of these guys. I like Beltran a lot in the HOU lineup/park DH most of the year, not to mention crappy AL West SP and trips to TEX/LAA where he could be productive. Playing at DH mostly should keep him relatively healthy, he should have a higher AVG than Duvall I imagine. Duvall had a beast first half then fizzled out, but still a young guy in a good hitters park, he's mashing this spring with 4 HRs/17 RBIs so far, he also plays both LF/RF which helps in my league. He says HR derby fatigue contributed to a drop off for the second half, but even so he had a heck of a breakout rookie year, if he builds on that and raises his AVG even a bit, he could be great this year. My Team 10team H2H Standard Cats 27 min/innings pitched C- Contreras 1B- Miggy 2B- DJ 3B- Machado SS- Aledmys Diaz IF- Justin Turner LF- Duvall CF- Blackmon RF- Betts OF- Beltran BN- Brantley, Schoop SP- Bumgarner, Hill, Maeda, Duffy, Taillon, Aron Sanchez, Guerra RP- Davis, Melancon, Allen WHIR
  5. That's tough, I really like both sides to be honest. I guess it depends how high you are on each young players upside going ahead and if your main goal is to upgrade SP. If you need to bolster SP it's not bad, I think Taillon looks pretty good from what I've seen, also like Urias stuff and park he'll pitch in for years. Bregman could be productive in that lineup and park, and visits to TEX, face lot of crappy SP. I really like Sanchez too in NY, he's made for that park. Benny I think will be a very legit OF for BOS, maybe a little Altuve'ish with less HR/SBs. Russell if he gets more consistent with his AVG would be pretty great, he's already putting up nice power/RBIs as is.
  6. For my team below, was going over trade offers for my Miggy, Betts, Bumgarner. I had been looking to upgrade at LF and OF to not have to rely on Duvall/Beltran all year, and maybe try and add another top SP or 2 for more depth. Was hoping you could tell me which offers you guys might stay away from or take and run. Keep in mind I'm just listing the big pieces, some of these deals I'd be adding something else but that won't break the bank Which trade(s) do you pass on or go hard for ? 1- Betts for Bryant/Nelson Cruz... Would bump Duvall or Beltran out of my lineup and give me an OF of Bryant/Blackmon/Cruz then Duvall or Beltran 2- Betts for Cespedes/Kemp... Basically same situation as above 3- Betts for Braun/Keshaw... OF upgrade and pair Kershaw with my Bumgarner 4- Miggy for 1 of Freeman, Daniel Murphy, or Abreu, and 1 of Marte or Yelich... Get a good 1B back and OF upgrade 5- Miggy for 1 of Freeman, Daniel Murphy, or Abreu, and 1 of Carlos Martinez or Quintana... Get a good 1B back and SP upgrade 5- Bumgarner for a combo of 2 of Noah, deGrom, Verlander... Trade for SP depth 6- Bumgarner for Trea Turner or Corey Seager and 1 of Kluber or Hamels... OF or SS upgrade and good SP back My team- 10team H2H Standard Cats 27 min/innings pitched C- Contreras 1B- Miggy 2B- DJ 3B- Machado SS- Aledmys Diaz IF- Justin Turner LF- Duvall CF- Blackmon RF- Betts OF- Beltran BN- Brantley, Schoop SP- Bumgarner, Hill, Maeda, Duffy, Taillon, Aron Sanchez, Guerra RP- Davis, Melancon, Allen WHIR!
  7. I might gamble on Gomez and hope you cash in a guy who possibly has a decent bounce back year. I don't think either player will make/break the season but if Gomez finds a groove in TEX he could offer decent production on that lineup.
  8. I think Taillon could be very good, he was the best SP in PIT last year in the brief sample size, but I think he's legit and should be owned. Don't key my car if you draft him and he has a crappy first month though heh. Harvey/Matz seem like decent risk/reward in that park, also think Roark/Eickoff/Richards/Shoe are a notable mention for me. As far as going with RPs, seems like they would help in stats you have a better chance to win on a regular basis as opposed to some of the other cats you mention which can be pretty random like Ws. Also unless you have a very legit SP, they might not help you as much anyways as more stud RPs. Maybe later in the season you flip a RP or something to upgrade to a better SP than what you could draft atm. Seems having the P slot which I wish my league had, one of those stud RPs would be nice trade bait compared to one of those SPs who might not pan out.
  9. Tough call as disappointing as Gomez has been last couple years, but he's having a good spring and Tex could be a nice place to bounce back. Not sure what to expect of Dansby personally but I think both have decent risk vs reward, maybe whichever position you need depth at more. If Gomez starts the season hot he'll be gone fast, already added in my small 10 teamer.
  10. He probably wouldn't do Kulber and 1 of them without me adding quite a bit. I wasn't looking to trade for either guy to be honest, was looking at upgrading OF where I think Duvall and Beltran could be spots to upgrade. But of all owners my friend is one of the few who actually trade in this league, so sometimes I have to consider deals I normally wouldn't. If I could pull off Trea or Seager and Hamels ? Would you guys take that and run ? I'd be adding a little something else of course. 10 team auction.
  11. Yeah I wasn't thrilled about getting Lackey back, he's not bad but you know. I was happy with Diaz at SS, think you could do worse than someone who probably hits 20 HRs with .270 AVG or so, racks up decent BB/OBP looks like. I didn't think the extra production from Diaz to Seager was worth falling to Lackey from Bumgarner. Think I'll try to counter and see what happens. He also has Trea Turner, I like him a lot too but I'd value him neck to neck with Seager, he'll steal more of course and I need speed. If I could pull off Trea or Seager and one of Kluber or Hamels , which would you go for ? (I'd be tossing someone else in to sweeten the deal for him btw)
  12. My friend wants Bumgarner, I'm not sure if I can afford to lose him on my staff or if the rest of my SP is deep enough. Currently he's offering C. Seager/Lackey for Bumgarner. Pitching is tricky with our set up, we need 27 min/innings, but H BB ER ERA all count against, just W K SV for us. So we cannot chase W K or we'll lose H BB ER ERA pitching more innings than we need. So we aim for 5-6 decent starts, only if someone gets torched do we start everyone and try to salvage something in W/Ks. Without Bum my ace, my SP is solid but lacks a stud SP. I'd have Lackey, Sanchez, Taillon, Guerra, Hill, Maeda, Duffy, all very capable and good options for set up like mine to limit the damage. Hitting only AVG counts against us, so bats we can set it and forget it, so bats are a bit more valuable. Would anyone make this trade our counter ? Any offer you see with Bumgarner and Trea Turner ? These are our teams, My team- C Contreras 1b Miggy 2b DJ 3b Machado SS Diaz IF Justin Turner LF Duvall CF Blackmon RF Betts OF Beltran BN- Brantley Schoop SP Bumgarner, Maeda, Duffy, Hill, Guerra, Taillon, Sanchez RP- Melancon, Allen, Davis His team- C- Martin 1b Rizzo 2B Altuve 3b Jose Ramirez SS Seager IF Trea Turner LF Desmond CF Folwer RF Pence OF Zobrist BN- Jacoby, Nunez, Domingo, Melky SP- Kluber, Hamels, Lackey, Eickoff, Estrada, Gsellman VV RP- JJ, Osuna WHIR
  13. Bump anyone else?
  14. Think Cano has to be one add, then it depends if you need a certain position, speed, power, or SP.Tough choice for the 2nd player and not knowing your full roster and needs.