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  1. Yeah I'll take that. He got dropped a few days ago and cleared waivers, glad I picked him up. Looks like the command is coming around which is key for him, I'm hoping the K's get a small boost ROS, today was another promising start since he started turning things around.
  2. Whos starting at home in HOU against NYY ? Dallas has been a lot better at home and wasn't half bad his last time out vs NYY, overall has been pitching better in general as well.
  3. For team 2 below would you drop anyone for Dahl ? I also have Bautista coming off the DL but I'm going to leave him there for a few games. I can't decide who my drop is. Just added Naguin not too long ago and he's been hitting great, same with Napoli who has been good and can play 1B/OF. I probably have 1 too many SPs than I need considering I just need 27 innings pitched but think they're all too good to drop, tough call. C- Lucroy 1B- Pujols 2B- Odor 3B- Fraizer IF- Scoop SS- Lindor LF- Polanco CF- Trout RF- Beltran OF- Napoli BN- Trea Turner, Naquin Justin Turner DL- Bautista SP- Sale, Jofer, Cmart, Teheran, Duffy, Wright, Darvish RP- Kenley, Dyson WHIR
  4. Well once Zimm comes back he and Murphy should slide back to where they've been all year. Maybe Dusty and WAS have seen enough from Trea to send Taylor down and give him a lot of OF play, and spelling guys off in the IF. They could give him 3 OF starts, maybe slide Murphy around to give Zimm extra time off or rest Espinosa here and there. I think Trea has shown too much not to get him in their line up almost every day. With his SB/R potential, being a better lead off than the other guys they have, and what he could bring to the OF with his speed, I'd imagine he'll be in there most days.
  5. I'd say Bregman too, he'll be especially valuable if he gets SS/3B/OF at some point, he's in a great home park too not just Dahl. I think Dahl's power/speed combo could make him very valuable ROS too if he hits out of the gate, also if he gets enough playing time. There has been mention of COL trading an OF, they might as well as they could use some pitching, but until they do anyone's guess is as good as mine as how much PT Dahl gets right from the start. I wouldn't mind owning both even in redraft just in case, just finding out who to drop that won't come back to bite me.
  6. Not started in the OF yet from what Yahoo shows. But they demoted Taylor who had been a mainstay in OF so that should open up a good amount of PT there for Turner. Even before the Taylor demotion yesterday they had said Turner would play some OF, now Taylor is gone hopefully he'll play almost everyday which he has so far pretty much. I added in both leagues even being redraft. The kind of speed he has is too good to pass up if he gets regular PT and leads off, especially if he'll end up with 2B/OF soon. I know in my league if he stole a few more bases and his own% shot up, someone else would of grabbed him, so thought I should grab him while I still could.
  7. I made the mistake of buying in on Shark earlier in the year. Thought Cueto really rubbed off on him and he'd be great in the NL again. I got him right when he started his crash, since dropped him. I will never bother or trust him again. For who you have to swap him for, I like Davies a lot, been very steady minus a blow up of two, also Eflin but I'd want to see more first. I'd grab Davies, i'd get him on my teams if I had roster spots.
  8. I'd do deal 1 for what you have to give up, not a bad return. You get some offense back, but importantly Sp which looks like you definitely need to take it all.
  9. If I could get Sale for Vmart+Dallas is that a good deal, am I giving too little/much ? Looking for thoughts if it's a decent offer, if I'm on crack or what not. WHIR
  10. I'll be honest and admit I don't know much about Dahl other than if he's half way decent and gets PT in COL he could be productive. I'd personally go Bregman, I think he could hit the ground running in that young line up and great home park, the potential he'll get 3B/OF is pretty darn nice to have to if he rakes this year.
  11. Taylor's Yahoo note states he was optioned to the minors. Maybe this is just what Trea needs, especially with Zim back at some point. You guys think he'll take over in CF/OF on near permanent basis ? If so his value and own % should be sky rocketing with that speed he has and potentially multi position soon. I know he's been SS/2B but with the speed he has, why wouldn't you want this guy as an everyday OF.
  12. He's had some decent production, like that he's racking up the steals. However was hoping he'd get some OF play, looks like he hasn't played or started at all in the OF according to Yahoo. Was hoping he'd get OF or maybe CF not too long after his call up, looks like it could be a while.
  13. I like Napoli myself. He's been hitting ok, putting up great power and on base numbers. You can play him at 1B and OF, also in a good line up. Think he'd be the most productive ROS.
  14. A friend just sent a trade of his DJ and Tim Anderson for my Altuve which I rejected, but he thinks it's a good offer. Thoughts ?