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  1. Carlos Martinez vs. Keuchel ROS **WHIR**

    Both have hit rough patches but it's close and depends who's more friendly for your points league. Maybe Dallas has a slight edge in chance for a win, or QS, Cmart seems like a better K source once back on track. Not sure how your scoring works, it might nudge be between one or the other. If both were pitching optimally and wins or QS are more valuable I'd go Dallas, if Ks are more valued Cmart. Cmart if he gets on track should have a decent chance for a win with better Ks, which may give him the edge.
  2. Trade for Rendon?? 16-Team OPS--WHIR

    To be honest for a 16 team league, you have a pretty sick mix of bats and SP. I don't think I'd want to mess with that balance, while Rendon would be a decent add and offense boost, the 1st round pick even if the top 100 are off the board still seems a bit steep. Folty has been really good, if he improves year to year and being on a really good young ATL, team he could be a gem for years to come. I think your offense is good enough with the strong SP you have, I'd stay put and try get someone half way decent for an offense boost with your first rounder next season. HH
  3. I think you could use another great SP, don't think I'd do the 2 for 2 but might swap one of those bats for a SP. Things get a bit confusing on which 3 players you'd keep having so many good options to pick from. I'd have to know a bit more about your future plans, who you'd keep before and after making a trade, I honestly have no idea with the options you have. Between Freeman, Trea, Bryant, Cain, Vlad, Acuna, Soto, seems like too many rookies and vets who make good keepers but only 3 spots or them. HH
  4. Trade offer for ????

    What type of player would you expect to be available with that first round pick next year ? Pretty bold move but doing both deals, to land Vlad/Soto could be sexy for years to come with Acuna in the mix also. HH
  5. Lamb or Candelario . Whir

    Hard to say with Candy, he hasn't had much to go by aside from playing well this year in a lousy DET lineup. Possible he's decent ROS and takes steps forward going ahead, may end up being a hair more consistent than Lamb. ARI still has a decent lineup/park, I know Lamb hasn't done a whole lot missing time this season, but I kind of lean towards him here. The AVG will never be great and maybe humidor brings his numbers down a bit, but still seems like a good power source and likely gets things going at some point soon hopefully. HH
  6. Try?? whir

    I think you could definitely use another decent SP. I think if you could pull of something like deal 2, might be the way to go. EE and Arrieta have been solid, think I'd prefer to keep them. I could see taking a shot at Yu or Archer and see what happens, depends if this owner needs bats. Skaggs has been good, not sure I trust him ROS, but if this owner turns you down for Yu or Archer, maybe I'd counter for Skaggs. HH
  7. Thoughts on me trading Paxton, Darvish, and Shaw for Severino ? Would you rather trade Paxton or Bauer ? It's an 8 team H2H redraft where we only need 5 or 6 SPs, preferably 6 is ideal. I had thought about trying to move Paxton or Bauer, to maybe secure a more safer ace to pair with Kluber for a nice second half run. Paxton and Bauer have both been great, but I'd like to add another stud SP I feel more comfortable with ROS. Paxton has been very good but not pitching over 150 or so innings and his occasional mental break down, I think I'd prefer to move him over Bauer who I think will be more physically and mentally durable ROS. I was curious which of Paxton and Bauer you guys like more also. Darvish is someone I grabbed from FAs as a DL stash when he was dropped. Shaw has been decent with power but hasn't been consistent enough to start with better more consistent options like Suarez/Castellanos for my IF spot. I also could use a roster spot or two, Acuna and Foly are coming off the DL next week and are some decent FA's available. My team- C Realmuto 1B Abreu 2B Rizzo 3B Machado SS Correa IF Suarez LF Brantley CF Cain RF Betts OF Soto BN Eaton, Castellanos, Albies, Shaw DL Acuna SP Kluber, Paxton, Bauer, Snell, Clevinger DL Darvish, Foltynewicz RP Hand, Knebel
  8. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    It shouldn't be a surprise WAS was going to be extra careful with Eaton upon coming back, with all the issues he's had last year and a half. It sucks for real life and fantasy how many games he's getting rested, but he'll gradually end up playing everyday if all the scotch tape holds his body together. They also have Taylor still putting up ok enough numbers ATM and Soto who's been very good so far, they have some breathing room to rest Eaton here and there. They aren't resting him because he hasn't been an extra base hit machine, they don't want to hit overdrive on a guy who just came off the DL with the issues he's had, it's only June. Lot of real season left, he's got plenty of time to get in his groove and be a second half stud. He's also now got LF/CF/RF/OF in some leagues which is very nice boots to his value ROS. Sucks in leagues where you have little to no bench of course, but for most others you can probably afford to have him on your bench until he heats up, or can be counted on to get less days off in weekly leagues.
  9. Hill or Stripling rest of season?

    Hard to say with Hill and blisters. I wouldn't say his starting spot is locked. They mentioned possibly being used as a RP if he cant get past the blisters. I wouldnt count on him with certainty that'll he will be a safe option ROS. Can't count on Stripling either to carry the same pace, or not be on some sort of inning limit. I'd still prefer Stripling, Hill has never been with the headache for me. Too many things have to line up just right for Hill.
  10. 6/21 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Let's face it, Paxton Crawford sucks guys.
  11. 6/21 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Ugh was winning all my pitching in H2H, didn't mean to start Paxton at NY, my fault of course. Didn't realize he had an early game today. At least he's racked up some nice Ks.
  12. Travis Shaw 2018 Outlook

    Thoughts on Shaw ROS ? Been frustrating so far, power numbers are decent but horrible consistency hitting. I expected a bit more after a good 2017 and adding Yelich and Cain to the lineup. Not sure if he's dealing with any lingering health issues or just a massive slump.
  13. Which SP tomorrow? whir

    Sorry didn't get to this sooner. I'd possibly try Gibson, hes been good this year and Boston has struggled offensively lately on the road trip right now. For ROS, not sure I have a clear favorite, maybe Gibson until he gives you a reason not to, or German looks to have some upside, but I'd want to see a bit more before I committed ROS.
  14. Any must make FA add/drops ? WHIR

    Thanks, it's hard being patient sometimes. Way some of these guys are playing just want to swipe my arm across the chess board send the pieces flying heh. I didn't want to drop anyone I might regret, thanks for the replies.
  15. Choose 6 SP *WHIR**

    I feel like Keuchel should be one, maybe he hasn't been lights out but when he finds his groove he's very good and on good team. Second choice depends if you prefer someone with more track record or willing to take the chance with a up and come Flaherty. Price is a head case but he's been pitching better lately, no idea what to expect ROS as a Sox fan, as overall he is a major let down since we got him. Quintana has pitched better lately also, and Flaherty has been decent although it would be nice to see him be able to get through 5 innings. I might go Flaherty and hope he continues well and deeper into games, or Price who seems pissed off and might give him an edge to pitch well ROS, he has an opt out so better he pitches he might be able to out of Boston where he doesnt seem too happy.