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  1. Trade gore for mike gillislie?

    I'd probably rather have Gore still, think he'll continue to get decent touches and offer a decent fantasy floor, where Gil seemingly will have to get lucky with goal line carries.
  2. For my Team non PPR/PPC- start 3 WR 2 RB 1 W/R. I lost Beckham and will surely need all the WR help I can get rest of season. Would you drop anyone on my team for any FA's below ? FA WR Mike Williams, Crowder, Roger Lewis, Schuster, Jaron Brown, Ricardo Louis FA RB Brieda, Rawls, Lacey, Bernard, Darkwa, Perkins, My team QB Brady WR 1-3 Fitzgerald, Landry, Rishard matthews RB 1-2 Fournette, Miller W/R Hyde TE Graham K Bryant DEF KC BN Tyrell Williams, Snead, Ingram, Smallwood, Carr, Jake Elliot
  3. Make any FA adds ? WHIR

    Bump anyone else ?
  4. Roster Moves? WHIR

    Fuller could be a nice add not and decide later, I also like Richardson. Doctson seems somewhat interesting if Cousins isn't clicking with Pryor, he could emerge as a decent option. Matthews/Foreman are in the mix too, but isn't really a single player that is a slam dunk imo, although I'd drop HIggins for any of them.
  5. Williams has been a disappointment so far and if Williams suits up for LAC it could be another lackluster game. However if the PHI secondary is banged up, maybe he'll have himself a decent game who knows. Not sure how Powell will go against JAX, probably like his prospects as much as Williams if Powell gets a start. Although JAX is not horrible against the run and Powell is under 3 YPC thus far, but maybe he haves a decent game and gets a goal line TD. Not sure I have a favorite here being kind of a coin flip.
  6. Make any FA adds ? WHIR

    I agree Higgins is a drop, I'll be picking someone up. Nelson is on waiver for another day so have to wait and see on him. One concern I have is TE, Graham was invisible for two weeks and seems like a question mark each week so far. Evan Engram has been pretty decent and looks like he has good talent, I added him because Graham hadn't done anything, then of course last week when I started Engram Graham had his best game heh. There are quite a few TE's in FA's that have decent upside, can't decide to stick with Engram as my TE backup or someone else. Swap Evan Engram for any other backup TE ? Also as lousy as Pederson has been and how ill implemented the NO running game is, still seems like he should be owned, but I dunno. You guy's think Pederson is washed up and best left in FA's ?
  7. GRONK TRADE! (**WHIR**)

    With Hunt/Fournette I'd probably do it. Big upgrade at TE and of course you'd have to hope Gronk stays healthy. You got a couple RB's in Mixon/Gillislee for bye's and flex that should be pretty servicable. Ajayi could have another good season but who knows, he's got talent I just don't love MIA's mojo this year.
  8. This is for H2H points non PPR/PPC. Would you drop anyone for a FA ? My potential drops- Rishard Matthews, Tyrell Williams, Snead, Marqise Lee, Higgins, Evan Engram FA's WR- JJ Nelson, Ginn, Jordan Matthews, Golladay, Kearse, Paul Richardson, Funchess, Agholor, Robby Anderson, Fuller, Wright, Mike Williams, Brandon Coleman RB- Pederson, Jaquizz, Smallwood, Bernard, Ellington, Alex Collins, Perine TE- Fleener, Doyle, Hooper, Cook, Olsen, Davis, Njoku, Watson, Miller
  9. Marqise Lee 2017 Season Outlook

    He was the leader in targets unfortunately not the beneficiary of any TD's. Mercedes Lewis catching 3 TD's is likely not going to happen often, I'd imagine everyone should be rather pleased with Lee's performance and encouraged he should start pulling down a TD here and there. With how Fournette is playing, it would seem to aid the passing game and help keeps things open and honest for both Leed/Hurns to put up decent numbers.
  10. Would you drop anyone for one of these FAs ? WR Marqise Lee, Ginn JR, Jordan Matthews, Wright, Gabriel, Corey Coleman, Richardson RB Riddick, Kamara, Darkwa, Rawls, Bernard, Perkins My team Brady W1 Becham W2 Fitz W3 Landry Rb1 Fournette Rb2 Miller TE Graham W/R Hyde K Bryant Def KC BN Ingram, Higgins, Rashard Matthews, Tyrell Williams, Snead, Julius Thomas, Evan Engram, Carr
  11. One move left... who do I start? **WHIR**

    Think I like Ryu as the sager bet. Hes pitched qell and at home vs SF seems favorable. I wouldnt trust Erod, Giolito still unsure about, KC could spoil the party.
  12. Robbie Ray 2017 Outlook

    Well this start was horrible. Lucky me I got to have both Godley and Ray pitch back to back implosions against SD for my second round. Going into this week was looking at both of these guys having very favorable match ups, SMH.
  13. Would you drop any SP for Chase Anderson or keep the ones I've got ? I need about 5 starts typically, 4 of which I feel Kluber/Ray/Godley/Hill look solid with who they face. For my 5 start and if more are needed, some of the starts I have left are favorable but could still go either way. Chase Anderson has 2 starts this week against PIT/CHC, both whom he's pitched very well against this year, also the SP's I have currently no one has 2 starts this week. Lynn faced PIT 3 times, was great twice and got torched once, but that was earlier in the year when he got into a funk back to back starts. Gray was really good at TOR twice this year. Tanaka has pretty good career numbers against MIN and pitched well vs them this year. Trying to decide if I should go with one of these guy's for my 5th start, or if Anderson would be worth dropping one of them for with PIT/CHC. He's pitched well vs both teams and good overall this year. Kluber at SEA Ray at SD Godley at SD Hill vs SF Lynn at PIT Gray at TOR Tanaka vs MIN My team- C Castillo 1B Rizzo 2B DJ 3B Justin Turner SS Machado IF Hoskins LF Avisail CF Blackmon RF Betts OF Olson BN Santana SP Kluber, Ray, Godley, Hill, Sonny, Lynn, Tanaka RP Davis. Knebel
  14. Which 2 FA's would you add ? For hitting I have just one bench bat and no backup for 2B, 3B,, SS, or CF, if DJ/Turner/Machado/Blackmon gets a day off. FA bats- Reyes, Haniger, Castellanos, Buxton, Tim Anderson, Beltre, Lucroy, Ramos, Domingo Was thinking about Reyes who can cover 3 spots I don't have backup for 2B/3B/SS and might get some steals, also Haniger has heat up and plays all 3 OF which is nice. However Castellanos has hit very well lately and plays 3B/RF which is great. Some of these guys have been hot like Buxton, been better 2nd half and chipped in some steals but cooled off a bit lately, also Anderson lately. Although I thought position flexibility guys like Reyes/Haniger/Castellanos offer might be the way to go since they're hitting well too. My team- C Castillo 1B Rizzo 2B DJ 3B Justin Turner SS Machado IF Hoskins LF Avisail CF Blackmon RF Betts OF Olson BN Santana SP Kluber, Ray, Godley, Hill, Sonny, Lynn, Tanaka RP Davis. Knebel