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  1. Some good options there, if you need power think Hoskins should be one add. Tough choice for the 2nd bat as lot of those guys have raked lately. I picked up Fowler who's always a great fantasy producer when he's on. He's been chipping in some nice Rs, Hs, BBs, RBIs, BBs, and a few HRs. He's also been hitting cleanup for STL who've been hot, not a bad spot for him to be. Mahtook has been a hitting machine but not alot of other stats. Mazara another decent option, he's hit better lately and gets a RBI almost every game. Haven't followed Baez much this year, but I guess he's been pretty solid.
  2. I think Thor and Severino are pretty close in stuff and value, maybe other disagree who knows. Not sure what Shaw does year to come, but I def like Springer over his bats. Losing Billy hurts and is a big loss in steals for anyone trading him away. If Buxton's recent success is a glimpse of his very near future starting next season and on, losing Billy might not be such a loss in steals as Buxton has shown he can rack them up. Help Here
  3. I've managed my team from 8th to 5th and cruising this week, should take 4th now. Looking to see if you guy's think I should make any FA moves with the playoffs coming soon. Would you make any swaps ? FA Bats- Hoskins, Wong, Buxton, Pence, Gurriiel, Revere (steals), Alther DL Stash FA SP- Lynn, Cobb, Chase Anderson, Rodon, Lackey My 10 team H2H redraft C Ramos 1B Rizzo 2B DJ 3B Justin Turner SS Machado IF Devers LF Conforto CF Blackmon RF Betts OF Fowler BN- Avisail, Carlos Santana, Lucroy, Miggy, Suarez SP Kluber, Hill, Sonny, Peacock, Godley, DL Ray, Tanaka RP Davis, Knebel Bats I've considered, Hoskins 1B/IF/LF/OF and power/BBs is handy. Buxton has been hitting well and stealing bases which I can use. Wong has been producing well and I only have one 2B with DJ. For SP we only need 5-6 SPs, but with playoffs coming an extra SP or two is nice to cherry pick the best matchups. I have 5 SPs with 2 on the DL, but it's hard letting Lynn sit in FA's the way he's pitched, the others listed have all been very solid.
  4. I would drop Brantley, even when he had been healthy he's been kind meh. His latest update doesn't sound like he'll be back soon. I know Hoskins in my league plays 1B/LF I'd rather have him that Brantley ROS personally.
  5. I've watched just about all his games. Really impressed with how he's hit some of homers. Not just hangers over the plate, he's gone down and taken a lot of difficult low hard to hit pitches out of the park. The limited sample size eye test, he hasn't looked overmatched nor rattled when he's made a out or fanned. Kids got a cool calm demeanor and already shown a bit of the Ortiz clutch factor. Those in keepers, I'd really consider him. Being in a young lineup with Betts, JBJ, Benni, and others that will only get even better, don't think I'd pass. Even his defense has been good, he seems to have a great baseball IQ at 20 years old. He's not a good glove but plays a good enough 3B that he won't have issues. Started a gorgeous triple play other day. Just nuts seeing him play and all the things he's done this far, not even 21 yet.
  6. What do you guys think of Landry this year with Cutler at QB ? I could see Landry becoming a favorite target for Cutler and having a decent year. Although I could also see Cutler struggle and have issues spreading the ball around, coupled with how he'll pick up the MIA offense being new. I'm having a hard time deciding if Cutler possibly can be good for Landry or a big detriment. I had thought about trying to trade him to a friend of mine with some seemingly safer WR2's like Pryror/Crabtree. This points and not PPR btw.
  7. Think I'm dropping. Some might say if I've kept him this long might as well ride him out ROS, but he's just been a waste of a roster space and getting colder by the day. He's only hitting like .233 or so against RHP which is nuts, and has an even lower average on the road. It sucks he's been hobbled by so many injuries this year, hope he really needs up for next season. I'm sure next year hell be much better. There's just to many FAs available that can help me much more than Miggy this year.
  8. Unless you have the worst SP of playoff bound teams, I'd keep Judge if you'd be keeping him next season. Your SP can't be too bad if you're in first though. I guess it depends what the prize is to win this year, and if Judge or Severino give you the better shot. I like both players but think I'd prefer keeping Judge.
  9. Drop Lucroy for Ramos or stay put? I had Ramos but dropped for Lucroy after he went to Colorado. Lucroy has barely shown an uptick of life even in COL. Ramos went MIA for the last few weeks or so, but had a couple promising games last two days. Cant decide which to roll with. Curious what you guys are doing.
  10. Bump, You guys think I'm good at WR or should aim for an upgrade ? It's start 3 WRs and option to start another at W/R from my guys listed above.
  11. This is for 10 team standard points, non PPR/PPC and we start 3 WR 2 RB 1 W/R, 1 QB 1 TE 1 K 1 DEF. You guys think I'm set at WR and RB or should I try to make any trades ? QB- Brady, Carr WR- 1- Beckham 2- Fitzgerald 3- One of Landrey, Meredith, Tyrell Williams, Wallace, Snead, Rishard Matthews RB- 1- Fournette 2- Lamar Miller or Carlos Hyde, Mark Ingram TE- Graham, Julius Thomas W/R- One of Carlos Hyde, Mark Ingram, Landrey, Meredith, Tyrell Williams, Wallace, Snead, Rishard Matthews K- Bryant DEF-KC I drafted extra WR's and RB's for depth and hopes that someone would end up having a big year. I felt with an improved O-line in ARI Fitz should be a decent WR2 again, Palmer will probably have better protection and easier time getting the ball around. With all the extra WR's I felt at least one of those guys has to have enough upside to be a legit WR3 possibly even creep into WR2 territory. For RB I'm hopeful Fourtnette has a nice rookie season and can hold down RB1. Miller I felt should repeat last year at least and be a solid RB2. Ingram/Hyde I added for depth and wanted some solid options for bye weeks and injuries. I have a friend who's weak at RB but has Pryor/Crabtree/TY Hilton. Wasn't sure if my WR's and RB depth are good enough where I should stay put, or if you guy's think you'd definitely try trading for a Pryor, Crabtree, or TY Hilton. For what it's worth Yahoo gave me the medal for best drafted team.
  12. Are those 3 the only keeper options you'd have besides Howard and Brady ? I'm not crazy about either really. Was wondering if you had other options this year that maybe you were going to wait and see on. Hightower and Lewis are both decent for their round, but I'd probably aim to scoop up some sort of sleeper this year as your 3rd keeper. Someone is bound to pop up this season and likely give you a better 3rd keeper option.
  13. I've been out of the fantasy football loop for some of the younger WRs. Ended up drafting Williams and some other guys like Meredith/Rishad Matthews I didn't know too much about, but had good 2016 seasons. Just trying to see what kind of upside I had being unfamiliar with him. I missed fantasy football last year so a lot of guys I don't know too much about. Looked like some people earlier weren't as high on him this year with other WRs the Chargers had and added this off season. Definitely looks like he had a good 2016, but wasn't sure if that was due to being a budding star or guys getting hurt last year giving him more targets. Seems like from some of the recent posts you guys like his upside this year. I was trying to get an idea on the value of some of the unknown to me but promising young WRs I drafted before trying to make any trades. Sounds like you guys like what you've seen so far in preseason.
  14. Anyone high on this guy or expect a repeat performance of last season ? Seems like he's got some guys ahead of him on the depth chart, haven't followed him much and not sure what to expect. Wasn't sure if he's a break out candidate or stuck as a 3rd option for Rivers. Reading his thread doesn't sound like a lot of you are that high on him this year.
  15. Who would you say is the least valuable RB of Miller, Ingram, and Hyde ? This is for a standard 10 team points non PPC/PPR league. My RB's are Fournette, Miller, Ingram, Hyde, and we have 2 RB slots 1 W/R. I didn't take a top 1-5 RB so tried to make sure I grabbed as many solid choice and upside backs as I could. I was looking to trade one to a friend with lousy RB's, but trying to figure out who are the best 2 of Miller, Ingram, or Hyde. Miller- seems to me the safest bet of the 3 and maybe the top choice here. IMO he should be able to repeat last years numbers which were pretty solid. Ingram- he had a good season last year, over 1K yards 6 rushing TD's, then another 300+ receiving yards and caught 3 TD's. He's mentioned this preseason he thinks he's got what it takes to put up numbers like one of the more elite backs. If he upped his game a tad, he could be pretty valuable this year especially if has even better numbers receiving. However Pederson in the mix obviously worries me. Pederson will certainly get quite a few touches, if he produces and Ingram falters a bit, it could get messy for Ingram. Hyde- to me he seems like the most mediocre here. He had a solid season last year, think he missed 3 games too though. Just not sure if his upside is enough on a crappy SF team to not be the odd man out here, but was curious what you guy's think.