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  1. Looking at his minors numbers, few years ago weren't that great but last couple years seemed very good with decent ERA, BAA, K/BB. Will be interesting seeing how he does against PHI.
  2. Is there a support group you guys know of for owners who drafted both Goldy and Jram this year ?
  3. Not a bad deal considering your set up. Just have to keep in mind how streaky Hoskins is among other concerns previous poster mentioned. Also in that NYY lineup when healthy, Stanon could be extra beastly ROSz hit like 4 or 5 HRs on he rehab and looks good.
  4. I'd definitely trade for Snell possible, if not Snell I'd keep Yordan. I could see one trading him for Kdavis also, if not certain Yordan will kill ROS, but I'd personally either trade for Snell if I could or keep Yordan.
  5. Tough not having any updates. In redrafts if he's only coming back for who knows, maybe a month or so might make sense to drop. Especially if you're clogged with other DL players and not enough room for them. Any of you redraft owners dropping or continuing to hold ? He wasn't pitching that great before the injury either. Whenever he may be cleared to resume activities, could take quite some time to get back in form considering what he's going through. On the fence here myself.
  6. If it helps his career numbers against NYY OAK hes facing this week suck, so might not be the best week for him.
  7. In a redraft league with no pitching inning or start limits. I've added a lot of SP as FA SP's got picked pretty clean, most teams have 6/7/8 SPs. I've now got a few SP's I might not usually have added like Pivetta/Plesac, but because FA SP is so depleted anyone left who is decent (not a Gausman/Bundy type), is pretty valuable and gets scooped up. Now I have 7 active SPs with Luzardo an 8th on his way up. This has led to me having no bench bats which is tough. One for not being able to swap someone in for guys struggling like Suarez/Goldy, but also leaving a lot of good FA bats on the wire I should probably own and could help my team like Bruce/Soler/Choo and quite a few others. Having a tough time deciding if I should drop any SP for bats and which SP's to drop. Also was debating to hold or drop Carrasco, hasn't been any updates and doesn't sound like he'll be back anytime soon. Pence is on the DL now as is Hendricks, so I have 3 DL'd players and only 2 DL spots. If I dropped Carrasco I could DL Pence and add a bat. Just having a hard time if I should keep Carrasco, he's very good but if he only comes back for like one month, not going to be that useful for me. 1- Would you drop any SP's for bats below or stay put ? FA Bats- Bruce, Soler, Choo, Willie Calhoun, Fletcher 2- Would you swap any SP's I have now for a FA SP ? FA SP's- Porcello, Turnbull, Folty, Strahm 3- Would you drop Carrasco ? My team C Sanchez 1B Alonso 2B Mondesi 3B Suares SS Tatis OF Starling OF Eloy OF Kingery UT Goldy UT Voit BN Judge, Pence SP Morton, Giolito, Lynn, Soroka, Plesac, Pivetta, Luzardo, Framber DL Hendricks, Carrasco RP Felipe, Hicks, Neris
  8. Yeah that's what I was afraid of. Someone already grabbed him couple weeks ago then dropped. Was going to add then just realized he's still on waivers until 6/18 thought he already cleared since he got dropped.
  9. You guys in redraft adding Luzardo now ? I know he's making his first start in triple A and will likely make at least several more, assuming is weeks away. However his ownership is already starting to shoot up. Wasn't planning on adding so soon if he's still weeks away, but also don't want to miss out. Curious if anyone else in redraft is already adding or waiting.
  10. Would you guys recommend picking up now in redrafts ? I would assume her gets more triple A starts which could be weeks before he's up. But already seeing his ownership sky rocket.
  11. Anyone hear any recent updates where he stands on his rehab assignment ? Yahoo note said he might join the club early this coming week but not much news since. Now Pence is hurt for who knows how long with the groin injury, so would seem there is a need for an OF and PT available for Calhoun to be called up you'd think.
  12. I don't really need Chapman just thought it was a good offer for Framber. As far as SP's he's loaded with Verlander, Zack, Stras, Ryu, Teheran, Lambert. I'd like to get Verlander but not sure he'd trade him. Also would be interested in JD, he's a stud OF and I'm a Sox fan but not sure if he or Verlander are on the table and would probably take too much for either. I would move Goldy, not sure what his interest would be, but he has too may great OFs to play them all so should be willing to move one of them. Yordan I'd be interested in but not going to pay what he might be asking for. His team C Chirinos 1B Yandy 2B Lowe 3B Muncy SS Didi OF JD OF RIley OF Soto UT Blackmon UT Meadows BN Yordan Alvarez, Matt Chapman, CJ Cron, Hiura, Lourdes DL Corey Seager SP Verlander, Zack, Stras, Ryu, Teheran, Lambert RP Doolittle RP Parker DL Giles
  13. Got an owner offering Matt Chapman for Framber Valdez, thoughts ? Our FA SP is picked clean. Guys left are the likes of Gausman, Sanchez, Kukuchi, bunch of others who will kill you most times they start. Framber I think pretty highly of and think he could be one of the better FA SP pick ups this year with, nice K's so far too. He's pitching well with good stuff and being on HOU is great for wins. We have no inning/start limits and categories are W/K/ERA/WHIP/SV, most teams have 6 or more SPs. As we know SP has been nuts this year with studs struggling, players on the DL, a decent SP who doesn't kill you each time out is super valuable and hard to replace. Trading someone with the upside I think he has, isn't easily replaceable in our league. Matt Chapman is a very solid bat, cooled off lately but was very good last year and possibly ends up having a better season this year who knows. Not sure I would start him as my lineup is pretty solid. Would really be when someone is struggling or got hurt. Still seems like really good value for Framber a guy I grabbed in FA's last night. I'm used to playing in leagues where bats are much more valuable than SP. This league is the first I've played in quite some time where SP is just as valuable as hitters and there is much less good SP options to go around than bats. FA bats there are still quite a few decent options but FA SP is really picked to the bone. The best best for a good SP in FAs rest of season is some rookie call up or one of the owners making a bone head move and dropping someone good or who hit a rough patch. Tough call here, was curious what you guys would do. He would also deal CJ Cron, never been a big fan. He is in a great lineup and possibly going to have his best season yet, though I have lots of 1B Goldy/Alonso/Voit. My redraft team C- Sanchez 1B-Goldy 2B- Mondesi 3B- Suarez SS- Tatis OF- Choo OF- Pence OF- Starling Marte UT Luke Voit UT Pete Alonso BN- Eloy, Kingery DL Judge SP- Hendricks, Morton, Soroka, Giolito, Plesac, Lynn, Pivetta, Framber DL Carrasco RP- Felipe, Hicks, Neris
  14. Ehh not so sure there is a good choice or safe bet. More like flip the coin and hope both sides won't kill you.
  15. I'm def the wrong person to judge any trade involving Hill getting burned by his blister issues in the past. He has seemingly held up at least so far and pitching well. Just very risky ROS, but the boat you're in and redraft Hill/Felipe could help your team. You've definitely had some bad luck with SP this year with guys not putting up like they have in the past so far. Would suck trading Luis, he's likely to see ups and downs as the year grinds on but has been great so far. I think Castillo will always have interested buyers and I might pass on trading him now and roll the dice with someone in FA's like you mentioned or try streaming the best possible starts you can. Also depends if the pitching situation you're in now will sink you in the standings if you don't act fast. If you could hold off making any trades you might regret, I might stay put and try to work some FA magic until things settle down.
  16. Yeah JD must be a big help for a young guy like him, especially how he had risen up from early career struggles himself. He watches tons of video of himself after each game and throughout the year. Maybe he's shown some video to Chavis of his at bats and or had talks with him. Guys like him and Ortiz when he was around, seems like you'd want to be a pain in the behind picking their brains and seeing what advice they have to get better. Will be interesting to see how things go after moving on from BAL if he keeps it going.
  17. No one would straight up of course, but in a package deal still not a bad DL stash if one thinks he'll make a impact ROS. If the deal is just about set as is and you throw him in on top of it, for someone with a DL spot and hopeful or patient to wait out his absence, can't hurt to add some additional potential value. Sounds like a scary situation he's going through, prayers out to him and his family. Hopefully he can get better, come back strong and play the game he loves again at the high level he's used to.
  18. What kind of time tables do we have with shoulder inflammation typically ?
  19. Dunno but it's annoying as heck nonetheless lol. Definitely wishing him the best in real life and hope he gets well and back soon. Just a pain this season with only 2 DL spots and having someone hit the DL with no indications what any time frames may be. We've heard the team believes he will be back this season, but that could vary widely of course. I might if trying to work out some trades try to adding him to the mix. Other owners might more patient than some of us and the past success and name value could add some weight to a trade as a throw in. If he comes back very late in the season and takes time to get going, he wasn't that great this year so far, might not be much value to be had ROS. He could come back sooner also hopefully however. Maybe if over whatever condition he has or getting treatments to make him feel better, could help teams this year. Not sure I'm overly optimistic he's going to be a difference maker ROS though. Which is sad, as he's going through a terrible real life situation and sucks we're talking about this unfortunate health condition and not his last/next start.
  20. Seems like they screw him up when they don't have him hitting lead off right from the beginning of the season. His 2016 season he started and hit lead off most of the year, then towards the end of the second half of the season was moved around from 3rd/4th but had a really nice year. For 2017 they had him hitting 3rd quit often in the early part/first half of the year, later in the season kept moving him around 3rd/4th to try and get him going. The 2017 season he still had very good numbers when all was said and done, but went through some stretches where you could mistake him for Dyson. In 2018 we seen him lead off all year having a great season, which they need to just keep him at lead off where he is most comfortable. The Sox lineup has been good this year certainly, but I don't feel like they've really gotten hot as a team yet. Devers/Xander/JD have been very good, Betts ok so far, but hopefully being back in lead off he gets his mojo back. If you go back and read through his 2017 thread, it's almost identical to everything people are posting in this years thread. Then 2016/2018 mirror each other pretty well also with a lot of high praise and Trout comparisons. The good news is he probably will be hitting lead off for the rest of his Sox career here on out, think they've given up on experimenting with him in other spots. Bad news like in 2017 not hitting lead off out the gate, seemed to thrown him off track for large parts of the season and ended up having a down year.
  21. Apparently it's good to be the King. Glad I grabbed him this year, that multi position is amazing for someone who could be a great stat sheet ROS. I wasn't expecting quite as much power and that could slow down or be a bit streaky ROS, but still looks mighty exciting and I look forward to seeing what he does as the year grinds on.
  22. Who think's getting back on track again or just got a recent stimulus package playing against BAL last few games ? I'm a Sox fan but he's a bit more hard to figure out, more so than other players I've seen come up. I didn't notice his struggles against LHP, has been pretty putrid lol, hopefully he gets better with them the more he sees.
  23. I was thinking they might try to move him for some SP. With their OF loaded when Judge/Stanton come back and EE incoming, would make sense to move someone for a decent SP. They really need another good SP IMO to have a better chance winning it all, but that lineup is going to be crazy.
  24. Could get dicey who knows. They have quite a few guys who have hit well while regulars have been injured and a lot of mouths to feed. I could see them at some point maybe moving someone for a SP they will probably need to have a better chance going the distance. Their lineup is going to be insane for sure. I can't imagine Voit not being in there just about every day, least I hope that's the case. He certainly has earned it how well he's been for them last year and a half.
  25. Morton would have been nice, but Woody is very interesting also. I didn't notice he has 96 Ks already, seems to have kept up a good K/BB and BAA last season to present. Also on a good team and has a great chance for wins, could be a nice staple in your rotation for years. I'd prefer him over Schwarber, you still have very solid bats and depth even after making the trade, then that draft pick could be handy like you said with the wiggle room it gives you. If that allows you to keep another young stud you otherwise might not have been able to, makes the deal one to really consider. Not sure which way your'e leaning, but Murphy as good as he's been lately and Altuve typically, they aren't getting any younger.