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  1. I honestly think it will be close by year end, and Monty easily gets the nod long term.
  2. Lost 158.8 to 147.5. Gronk 0 but I lost because I didnt snatch up cj Anderson and he did. Lost another league by 7.3 pts My Baldwin falls at the .5 yd line and his carson scores the next play. I still win if I dont pull ian thomas for trey burton prior to game time.
  3. Haha I started Miller over David Johnson
  4. Lost by 1.5. If the saints dont fumble and kick the fg I win. Total of 16 brees, thomas lutz and lamar miller.. #1 seed..
  5. If Hill doesn't face mask the 40 yd bomb we are happy campers.
  6. Jackson. He will have all the work this week
  7. Td 6 pts 2 pts per 25 yds receiving Pick 1 Sutton vs CLE M. Williams vs KC Baldwin vs SF
  8. If the weather holds off, it could be a shoot out. Could this week be big Mike's day?
  9. Td 6 pts 2 pts per 25 yds receiving Pick 3 Humphries vs NO Davis vs JAX Gordon @ MIA Sutton @ SF Im thinking of sitting Davis. What says you?
  10. Anyone brave enough to play him if he does start?