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  1. Francisco Lindor 2018 Outlook

    I don't know about that, look at McCutcheon's career, he topped out early. Similar wiry body type
  2. Francisco Lindor 2018 Outlook

    How much regression can we expect?
  3. Early Keeper Talk...

    Seager to trade during the year Ohtani Iglesias Maybe Kepler for a buck
  4. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    True in this case. But the blanket statement that x amount of HRs, RBIs, Sbs are worth X points of average must take into account at bats
  5. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Freddy led the majors in hits so its not just average but weight of that average.
  6. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

    Tommy Pham baby
  7. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    I can see him swiping 10 bags consistently until he's 30
  8. Keeper picks for 2019 TOUGH CALLS

    Would you deal Suarez and Soto for Lindor?
  9. Christian Yelich 2018 Outlook

    so in other words, sell high?
  10. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    Finishes the season in my 5x5 Roto as ranked #49 overall, finishing as the #2 best fantasy player over the last 30 days. just phamtastic
  11. Jose Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    I've seen him ranked as high as 3rd for next season but I don't think I'm going to touch him at that price
  12. Keeper picks for 2019 TOUGH CALLS

    Thanks, it is definitely an optioned that has crossed my mind. I have Freeman at 3B too. In essence I've boiled down the question to Bauer or Suarez.....
  13. Waino and Holland
  14. Keeper picks for 2019 TOUGH CALLS

    great suggestions all around. seems there is growing distrust in Kershaw remaining elite, I agree with this. Bauer is the fulcrum of debate, some see regression coming, others suggest to keep him over Kershaw due to still being on the upswing of his career arc. Vlad, Jr. is the wildcard, he could be a HOF or just a good regular (don't think he will completely flop). Definitely will take the advice to try a 2:1 to land a stud or Ace. Though I'm a bit concerned about Sale breaking down and same even with Kluber who will be 33 next spring. Really appreciating the insight in this thread. Thank you all.
  15. Keeper picks for 2019 TOUGH CALLS

    Interesting idea but being a Blue Jay fan it would be hard to deal the young phenom and watch him potentially have a HOF career for someone else