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  1. I won't put it past Dipoto to make another trade. We just can't roll with Valencia full time.
  2. So far in the voting, Story has a 1 vote edge on both Sanchez and Springer for the last keeper. That's a mild surprise. I think for me it's going to be between Sanchez and Springer.
  3. Bump
  4. This is a 10 Team 6 Keeper League The player can be kept at their original draft spot FOREVER. Any free agent pickups are last round keepers. If you have multiple keepers in the same round, they bump up a round. We have MI, CI and UTIL spots so having multiple players at the same position is no issue. MY SS's last year were: Seager, Correa, Story and Segura. They all fit in the lineup somewhere. Pitchers tend to be the top scorers in the league due to the setup. Need to pick 6 from this group: Carlos Correa 25th Round Corey Seager 25th Round Trea Turner 25th Round George Springer 17th Round Gary Sanchez 25th Round Trevor Story 20th Round Noah Syndergaard 25th Round Clayton Kershaw 12th round Leaning this way right now: Seager, Correa, Turner, Springer, Noah, Kershaw
  5. I was down 140-80 with Dak, Zeke and Kelce against Sanders, Wallace, Bailey and Chiefs Defense. I was toast. My 3 guys put up 93!!!! I won 173-165 Christmas Miracle.
  6. And because of this my team lost 114-106, instead of winning 122-114. Had luck in my lineup all week and took him out on Saturday. The matchup for Luck was brutal. Dammit I hate this game. I was 10-3 and #2 in points. He was 8-5 and 6th in points. He beat the #1 team last week that averaged 139 and me this week that averaged 136. He beat us both with 114. This game is all luck.
  7. I was up 106-94 with about 10 minutes or less left in all games. I had DJ, Cooper and Inman vs Murray, T.Benjamin, M.Thomas and Jankowski. My team did not score another point. I lost 114-106. Apparently the Cards forgot they had DJ and Cooper is a huge steaming pile of ish.
  8. Another disappearing act by Cooper. Crappy last 4 games.
  9. Has there been a Beckham sighting this half? C'mon man!!!
  10. Playing Mariota over Luck in my Super Bowl. Mariota has 1 pt. Poor choices.
  11. Starting Mariota over Luck and stressing about it.
  12. But will the Bills be pounding the rock today and not need to pass much? Really thinking about sitting him for Inman.
  13. We get 6 pts for passing TD'S Luck is playing with 3 OLine missing, no Moncrief and against a good D vs. MIN Mariota is playing in the coldest weather he's ever played in, but going against a soft defense that's given up the 2nd most rush yds to QBs. So maybe if he can't throw in the cold, he'll make up some in rushing.
  14. Just need 4 pts Mitchell. Just another 1/2 yard and it's 6. Ugh.