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  1. You realize that this post was about a trade of draft picks for David Johnson right? How about just answer that if you're going to post something and not be unoriginal and be a piggyback troll after the first guy. Cool? OK.
  2. I guess I'll let the record speak for itself and you can move right along.
  3. Yep. Newbie with 20 yrs experience and 6 championships in big money leagues. Thanks so much for your insight and no value to the post whatsoever.
  4. 6 pt TD's for QB so they are THE top scorers in the league and they go much earlier than standard leagues. Cam Newton had 100 more points than Antonio Brown and this is even a PPR. He can't keep the last round picks because we both have to have an even amount of picks so I have to have some come back my way.
  5. 10 Team PPR, 6 pt QB TD's, Keeper League - Keep up to 3. They move up 1 round each year. Currently my keepers could be: 1st - Julio Jones 4th - Andrew Luck 5th - Mark Ingram or 1st - Julio Jones 2nd - Alshon Jeffery(Too high for me I think) 4th - Andrew Luck or I can trade my 2nd and 5th round picks for David Johnson and his 14th and 15th round picks. David Johnson is a 7th round keeper since he was picked up as a free agent last season. My keepers would then be: 1st - Julio Jones 4th - Andrew Luck 7th - David Johnson But I would only have my 3rd and 6th round picks out of the 1st 7 rounds to continue to build my team. Late round picks would have to come up clutch.
  6. The team that I won the champ with last year and was 11-1......since last week I've lost: Kershaw, Taillon, M.Carpenter and Joc Pederson to the DL. Story missed 4 games. Urias got sent to the minors. Segura has missed 2 this week and Noah Syndergaard and Cespedes just left their game. And lineups lock on Monday so they are all stuck in the lineup. Never seen anything like it.
  7. And now Taillon and Urias are locked into my weekly lineup and I will only get 1 of the projected 4 starts this week. Outstanding.
  8. Kershaw, Noah, Story and Joc all go down in the span of 3 days for my 11-1 weekly lineup team and now I'm getting pummeled by the last place 2-10 team.
  9. Because we are in keeper leagues?
  10. Leonys Martin would disagree.
  11. Sonny Gray, then Tulo, then Yelich, then Stanton, then Maeda, then Sano all in a short span. Add to that Odor out on suspension......... I can't just have 1 guy out. It has to come in bunches every year.
  12. Can't hit 35 HR's if he doesn't play. See 2013 and 2015 and soon to be 2016.
  13. 2 weeks in a row I have someone stuck in my weekly lineup go on Paternity Leave with no option to fix it. Carpenter, now JBJ. Definitely a first for me.
  14. Yahoo 10 Team H2H Points Weekly Lineup 6 Keeper Only takes 1 game at a position for eligibility C - J.Lucroy(1b/C) 1b - M.Carpenter(1b,2b,3b) 2b - J.Segura(2b,SS) 3b - K.Seager SS - C.Correa MI - T.Story CI - C.Seager(SS,3b) OF - Y.Cespedes, G.Springer, B.Zobrist(2b/OF) Util - J.Bradley SP - C.Kershaw, SP - N.Syndergaard SP - J.Verlander SP - J.Nelson SP - M.Andriese RP - A.Chapman RP - M.Melancon Bench - N.Mazara, J.Pederson, B.Buxton, W.Castillo, B.Belt(1b,OF) Bench - J.Urias, J.Taillon DL - C.Corrasco, A.J.Pollock This is probably the best team I've ever had. Currently 7-1 and #1 in points. I would guess my weak spots would be SP and 1B. I've been using Carpenter at 1b over Belt most weeks and Zobrist in the OF and it works out fine. I just don't have enough spots for all of these guys. We keep 6 and they get kept at the round that they were drafted FOREVER. Noah, C.Seager, Story, Correa, Mazara, Buxton and Bradley are all later than round 20 keepers. Where should I looks to trade? SP and upgrade at 1B?