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  1. Pondering the same move for Maybin. I have Conforto in a 10 team keeper league, but am already going to be keeping 4 OF eligible players(Stanton, Springer, Benintendi, Bellinger) out of 6. Conforto has only hit .190 in the last 30 days and not much else to show. Tough to waste even a bench spot in a H2H league right now.
  2. Any reason I should still have this guy in a 10 team? I say this after just about every start. I just can't seem to pull the trigger to drop him. I know the potential's there, but it's just not showing up this year.
  3. Weekly league. Your rosters lock at first game. Whoever is in, locks in. So when injuries happen, you get stuck with that guy in the lineup all week. Pitchers also get -10 for losses. And yes, I'm #2 in points against. I am already down after last night 181-25. A good week is 400pts. He has almost half of that by Tuesday.
  4. I'm going to be 1-4 with this roster in a H2H points: C - Molina, G.Sanchez(DL) 1b - Zimmerman 2b - Turner 3b - Carpenter SS - Correa MI - C.Seager CI - Abreu OF - Springer, Cruz, A.Jones Util - Thames Bench - K.Seager, D.Gordon, Brantley, Mazara, Bellinger, SP - Kershaw, Noah(DL), Felix(DL), Harvey, Taillon, Urias, Nola(DL) RP - Holland, Kintzler Can you say points against guy, bad luck and injuries? I'd put that roster up against any team any day. Just one of those years.
  5. Going against Thames. He had 1hr & 3rbi on the season coming in. 4hr & 7rbi since Thursday. Had a 12-3-1 H2H lead yesterday. Today down 7-8-1. I'm really beginning to hate H2H. Oh. And Quintana has also murdered my WHIP and ERA.
  6. Hitters: Lucroy, Miggy, Odor, K.Seager, Story, Bregman, Springer, Stanton, Benintendi = .201 avg. Last in my league Pitchers: Hamels, Harvey, Quintana, Stroman, Velasquez, Pineda, Dyson, K-Rod = 39 k's, 6.539 era, 1.406 whip. All last in my league Quite a combo. Yay.
  7. And they blow a 9-3 lead in the 9th. Classic Mariners. Just when you think it can't get worse........ Offense finally rolls and pitching collapses. So sick of this team.
  8. And now week 2, after getting 0 points for week 1, I lost Sanchez and Turner. Gonna be one of those years huh?
  9. I'm with you man. I'm almost 43 and have seen most of it. My buddies and I speak about it daily. Everyone against the Ms are always made to look like Cy Young. You remember the Phil Humber perfect game? Nobody does, but us. There's bad starts, and then there is this year. Its comical. The offense is supposed to be the strength and its downright pathetic. I'd say we're totally surprised, but we're not. We think Safeco is built on ancient burial grounds and this team is just cursed. And if they end up really, really bad, they'll be sure to draft another bust in the 1st round. Fields, Morrow, Clement, Ackley, Zunino, Hultzen, etc. Or they'll decide that game 162 really, really matters and make evey effort to win and miss out on a guy like Strasburg as they did years ago. All they had to do was lose. They can't even do that right. Damn. Maybe this should be in the Vent and Rand thread 😁
  10. Yep. CBS. I think it has to do with the fact that you can get negative points for losses and blown saves so having nobody in there makes sure that you can't lose points. In the end, I should have know the rules and also checked my lineup sooner. Ironically, I am taking over as either commish or co-commish so maybe I'll look into voting to change this.
  11. Correct. I was pissed that I was going to have a zero in one spot. Then I was informed this morning that I would get ALL zeros. My fault though. I blame myself!!!
  12. I, along with most of the community I think, had no idea Osuna was headed to the DL. I decided to check my lineup right at game time on Sunday, knowing that there were no changes needed. I checked at 10:09. I was shocked when I saw him on the DL, pulled him out, and the rosters locked before I could fill his spot. Since we are required to have 2 RP spots filled, I have an illegal roster and will get zero points for the week. I already had 100 points on day 2. I have Kershaw, Noah, Gausman, Felix, Harvey, Ramos, G.Sanchez, Abreu, Turner, Correa, C.Seager, K.Seager, Springer, A.Jones, Cruz, Carpenter, Gordon. This loss is going to sting.
  13. 10 team H2H Categories keeper league, he went undrafted. We only have 6 bench spots. I already have 1 tied up with Moncada. Should probably jus bite the bullet and stash him.
  14. I won't put it past Dipoto to make another trade. We just can't roll with Valencia full time.
  15. So far in the voting, Story has a 1 vote edge on both Sanchez and Springer for the last keeper. That's a mild surprise. I think for me it's going to be between Sanchez and Springer.