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  1. Need to keep 6. Who's it gonna be?

    I also have Rhys Hoskins and see that he is being ranked pretty high in places. I didn't even see him as an option. I guess I forgot what a tear he went on late in the season. Keep him over any of the other 6?
  2. Need to keep 6. Who's it gonna be?

    It would probably be Upton. Although I've had him on and off for years in this keeper so maybe I wouldn't even grab him. He may be the odd man out and I'd keep Contreras. If I miss out on Acuna, I'll be super bummed too. I may go Ramirez, Bregman, Bellinger, Springer, Contreras, Acuna. That would mean that Benintendi would be out though. UGH.
  3. Need to keep 6. Who's it gonna be?

    I love having a good catcher too instead of the revolving door at C. I also love prospects and had Moncada on my team all last year. Acuna is being hailed as the best prospect since Trout/Harper. I'm so torn. I guess we'll see how some of it plays out in the spring.
  4. 10 team H2H Categories I need to choose 6 keepers. I usually like to get a couple of up and comers, but don't want to tank the season again to do it. Jose Ramirez, Cle 2B, 3B K George Springer, Hou OF Alex Bregman, Hou SS, 3B K Andrew Benintendi, Bos OF Justin Upton, LAA OF Cody Bellinger, LAD 1B, OF K Javier Baez, ChC SS, 2B Yoan Moncada, CWS 2B K Amed Rosario, NYM SS K Ronald Acuna, Atl OF K Willson Contreras, ChC C My current plan was to keep: Ramirez, Bregman, Bellinger, Moncada, Rosario and Acuna, but that seems to be too aggressive for the future and not so much for this season. New plan is to keep: Ramirez, Bregman, Bellinger, Springer, Upton and Benintendi as they ranked the highest among the list. What do you think?
  5. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Sitting in the stands as a Seahawk fan, going against Gurley and now being down by a point. I'm weeping.
  6. Exactly the same thing I did. Real bad start to a playoff match.
  7. ESPN ranked 30th out of 32 teams against the run. Um, yeah. Creampuff.
  8. Bench Howard last week in a tougher matchup after 2 duds. 147 & 2. Start him in a creampuff matchup. 18 yards. FF is just so damn random.
  9. Dak or Cam?

  10. Dak or Cam?

    Dak in what should be a shootout against OAK and coming off a great game, or Cam against a terrible GB defense that can't stop the pass or running inside the 10. Will Stewart get all of those carries again? If so, that takes away a ton of Cam's value as he hasn't passed for over 200 yds since week 10.
  11. I have AJ Green as one WR. Need 2 more from Evans, Hill and Gordon. Think I'm going to go Hill, so maybe just between Gordon and Evans. Leaning towards Gordon as he has been more productive in the 2 weeks he's played then Evans.
  12. Where is Burkhead?!?! Haven't seen him all second half!!!
  13. So Burkhead gets no play the second half?!?!
  14. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Down 83-80. My Burkhead against his Gostkowski.