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  1. This is a 12 team PPR Non-keeper. I am just looking for opinions on which side wins in this trade. Team A is 3-3 and traded with Team B which is 1-5. The trade got vetoed and both guys are pretty upset.
  2. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Oh how good I felt about this lineup on draft day: QB - Mariota RB - D.Johnson(IR) RB - C.Hyde(benched for being the #8 PPR RB after 4 weeks) WR - J.Jones - Always hurt WR - A.Cooper - Useless WR - M.Bryant - Ghost WR - D.Parker - Now hurt TE - R.Gronkowski - Decent when he's not hurt, which is half the games There's only so much you can do on the waiver wire to replace a whole team.
  3. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I dropped Cam before last week's game. On fire since after not doing ish the first 3 games.
  4. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I've been trying to find a way to quit for years, but just can't pull the trigger. After this year of injuries already, this may have to be it...... He says every year.
  5. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    My 3 keepers in a PPR: David Johnson, Julio Jones and Amari Cooper. Stick a fork in and twist it.
  6. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I've lost Dalvin Cook on one team and Julio and Mariota on another team where I've already lost David Johnson. Also dropped Cam Newton this morning. Picked up the Jags D against the Jets. Great day!!!
  7. 10/1/17 Bills @ Falcons Game Thread

    Julio is officially on the don't keep and don't draft list. Tired of it.
  8. A 5 yd catch from Julio is all I need for victory. Don't think he's seeing the field for the rest of this game 😠
  9. 12 Team PPR - Was offered Aaron Rodger/P.Richardson for Dak Prescott/T.Pryor. Then have another trade of my J.Graham/C.Davis for A.Jeffrey/J.Witten Do I do the first trade and then fill Pryor's spot with Jeffrey? My WR's are pretty thin. I have Pryor, Benjamin, D-Jax, C.Davis, Z.Jones and my other TE is Austin Hooper
  10. 10 team PPR : Someone just dropped AP. I lost DJ and my other backs are Hyde, Cohen, Henry, Buck Allen. I would have to drop Bennett for him as I have Gronk at TE.
  11. 2017 FAAB Waiver Wire Thread

    Kamara went for $5 in my 12x17 PPR this morning
  12. 2017 FAAB Waiver Wire Thread

    I'll definitely be watching and need to make sure to grab a guy like that a week or two early for free.
  13. 2017 FAAB Waiver Wire Thread

    I understand that it was way over, but not having done FAAB before and knowing what anyone was willing to spend, I just had to throw a dart. There is literally nothing on the waiver wire.
  14. 2017 FAAB Waiver Wire Thread

    I ended up getting Cohen @ $52. The next best bids were $22 by 3 teams, $20 by 2 teams, $17 and $5. They already made a thread asking if $52 was bananas for Cohen. I replied that it admittedly was, but as you can see from my post above, I had to.
  15. 2017 FAAB Waiver Wire Thread

    I'm in a 12x17 PPR and had the first pick in the draft. I chose DJ, then McCaffrey. So now my defacto #1 is a rookie that they just said today might have his workload kept down(hoping it's just coachspeak) My other RB's are D.Henry, C.Carson and J.Hill. I have no option but to blow my wad on Cohen and go all in!!!!! Currently I have a bid of $51 out of my $100. That may not be enough. I'm sure that the other owners know I have to go all out with slim pickins on the wire.