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  1. From guys that matter or just points in general?
  2. Good lord. I have Ware, Kelce and Cooper all on one team in the first round of the playoffs. I will know my fate by tonight thats for sure. Looking super awesome so far!!! I hate Thursday games!!!!
  3. I do plan to grab him for sure. Going to have to drop one of the above WR's to do so. Not sure which one yet.
  4. If Julio happens to miss the game, which option should I use in a PPR? I have: Shepard vs DAL Watkins vs PIT Cobb vs SEA (Not really an option in my opinion) Or do I pickup: Mitchell vs BAL Gabriel vs LA
  5. That is what I heard. He had some attitude issues the first time around, so there is speculation that he did not take the handing of the starting role to Prosise very well. True or not, who knows.
  6. It made absolute sense at the time with Prosise back and Collins on the roster. C.Michael has never been anything much and more than likely won't be at this point. At least with Pope, there is still some unknown upside possible Unfortunately, Prosise and Pope both went down. Collins is the backup and they added Zac Brooks to the practice squad. He is a former Seahawks draftee.
  7. And in a dream match up with no Gronk, Bennett gets 1 catch for 14 yds.
  8. Finally benched him as well, so I knew there would be some good things happening. Also benched Kelce and picked up Bennett to start in a PPR. 17-0 currently.
  9. I guess I should also mention that's it's a PPR. Doesn't matter too much as these guys don't reel in a ton of catches.
  10. I have Luck and Carr on a bye and need to pick up Mariota. Britt or S.Shepard will be my 3rd WR this week with Cooper on a bye, so just a 1 week fill in. Which should I drop to pickup Mariota? Britt going against the Jets and Shepard going against the Bengals with Cruz out.
  11. He has one 100 yard game in his last 16. Literally, Tim Hightower is a better option at this point. Let that sink in. Gurley is hitting my trading block and I have him in a keeper. Now I'm not just going to give him away, but will be fielding offers.
  12. No way!! Really? We can roster only 2 QBs. No choice. Not dropping the #4 overall QB. I don't think asking for 15 points even in this match up is asking too much. I am losing by 4
  13. Of course this is the week that I HAVE to use Carr with Brady on a bye. From 500 and 4 to 125 and 0. 6 Frickin points.
  14. Picked up Booker in all 3 leagues. Already hurt Picked up the Jets D in all 3 leagues against the Browns. Torched. Dropped Stewart for Michael this morning.