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  1. Yeah, that is one long home run. His swing looks so effortless. Really needs to move on to AA at this point.
  2. Another two hits today. Up to .412 That's some serious voodoo he's got going on.
  3. Sophie's Choice there. Could be a wash when all is said and done.
  4. Holy mackeral!! White Sox absolutely raped the Cubs on this. Getting Jimenez AND Cease??
  5. Andruw Jones comp has been floated.
  6. Very exciting prospect. He and Jimenez and Guerrero are going to take the league by storm in a year or two.
  7. *Hits 465 foot home run*
  8. Arrieta's in his walk year. Never underestimate the influence of a huge payday. I'm a buyer. Avoiding Stanton - fragile Encarnacion - $$$ Mazara -- really-really poor man's Beltran Gurriel -- average Cole -- unpredictability Urias -- inning limit Greinke -- yuck T. Walker -- el floppo That's off the top of my head.
  9. Agree 100% -- he's going to blow his arm out quickly. No one should be throwing that hard unless your name is Aroldis Chapman and you've proven your durability. Fine to have on your minor league roster as a lottery ticket, but I stay away from young "aces" for the most part.
  10. Like I said. Chill. Today's line: 7 IP 4H 1 BB 1 ER 6 Ks 106 pitches (70 strikes)
  11. Today's line: 5 IP 5H 5Ks 2BB 2 ER
  12. I don't understand this negativity. Chill. He's still the best arm in the minors. He'll iron it out.
  13. Surprisingly quiet on the Cespedes front, even after the Heyward signing. Any guesses where he ends up?
  14. I've become conditioned to assume that a kid with this kind of profile is going down hard at some point.
  15. 2 homers, 4 RBIs tonight.