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  1. The only reason i can think of that he hasn't been promoted yet is if they're working on a massive contract. Otherwise, this is mountains of idiocy.
  2. May as well wait for the homestand at this point. The Jays aren't going anywhere with that lineup.
  3. Brujan -- singled, stole 2nd and 3rd. Up to 6 SBs, hitting a ridiculous .429
  4. Okay, I know the home run rate in baseball is insane now (I'm not hearing the plink of aluminum, so it must be the baseballs), but he has the raw power to overcome any future <ahem> adjustments to the Rawlings. It's just fun to watch. And meanwhile, Acuna went 460 feet in the same game.
  5. Feels like Robbie Ray 2.0 As others mentioned, relying on two pitches ain't gonna cut it.
  6. I always thought I'd regret trading him after the 2016 World Series. Never thought I was selling him at the top. Did he just reach the summit too quick, and now he's bored? I'd rather not think that, because he seems like a really decent guy. This decision could end up aging very badly:
  7. On the bright side, he's the ultimate ultimate buy low candidate.
  8. This poor guy. Injury prone. There's no other word for it. Potential is just potential if he's never on the field (I know, duh)
  9. Tatis gets to a boil very slowly, then erupts. That's the track record. We'll see if it holds true at this level, but I think it might.
  10. A little aggressive with Andrew Vaughn there. Ranking him and Witt ahead of Rutschman is a little odd, seeing that Vaughn doesn't have a sufficient power/size profile for a first baseman. Top 10 seem about right. Although I think Kieboom is being overrated pretty much everywhere, his floor seems pretty high. Brujan - 60 steals and a .380 OBP at the keystone? Yes, please.
  11. Recently read an article by Jonathan Mayo opining that Rutschman could be in the Top 10 next year if he continues to rake at OSU. Seems to have the talent to stick at catcher, with a lot of power and great plate discipline. 2018 - .408/.505/.628 53:40 BB:K 9 HR 83 RBI 2019 - .410/.586/.782 36/18 BB:K 8 HR 29 RBI Seems like a lock for 1:1 to the Orioles....
  12. Anyone who thinks Acuna is getting robbed is not factoring in the risk premium of playing another five (?) years without a career altering injury. It's more than fair and more than prudent to become filthy rich today instead of gambling on becoming extra-filthy rich in a few years. At some point, the amount of wealth offered here and now is so absurd, it's beyond stupid to gamble or let ego get in the way.
  13. With all of the promotions, and the certain promotion of Vlad, what are your thoughts on a new top 10? my hot take: 1) Wander Franco 2) Royce Lewis 3) Forrest Whitley 4) Bo Bichette 5) Alex Kirilloff 6) Kyle Tucker 7) Nick Senzel 8. Jo Adell 9) Keston Hiura 10) Brendan McKay
  14. The burning question of the day: During which AB is Alonso getting plunked by Scherzer?
  15. The thing is, maybe clubs are realizing that 1) It's six years away and easier to ask forgiveness - especially if you're no longer part of the Front Office, or moved on to bigger and better things 2) If they're that good, they're going to get extended before that point (the age of big stars in free agency is going to come to an end, eventually).