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  1. 2019 Top 10 Prospects projections

    The window to pick up Luzardo in dynasty leagues is going to close quickly if he keeps up the pace in AA. He'll be in the rotation sometime early next year, I'd wager, and with a pretty high floor, IMO. I'd rank him ahead of Gore at this point.
  2. Jake Arrieta 2018 Outlook

    Looked fantastic tonight. That was vintage Arrieta.
  3. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    Well that escalated quickly. No one said send him to the glue factory, and it's largely not his fault. But for fantasy purposes, Odubel Herrera looks like Willie Mays next to Mazara trying to hit with no protection and no production ahead of him. Come back when he's 25 and there's a team on the field. I'm a buyer at that point.
  4. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    It's getting very hard to keep this guy rostered. He's never going to be Carlos Beltran or anything remotely as productive. And it really doesn't help that he's in an organization that appears to be in full "tank" mode for this year, at minimum. Nice bat, nothing special though. Not much speed. No one to drive in. No one to drive him in.
  5. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    1) He needs to be playing every day not getting intermittently bounced around the field and benched. 2) I don't see the point in exposing a rookie to a clubhouse mutiny literally the first few weeks into his career. That atmosphere is going to become toxic quick if GK doesn't get is act together. Keep him away from the drama until it settles down. My opinion.
  6. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    Ideally, they'll send Kingery down to get consistent playing time, give it about a month, fire Kapler, hire Girardi, and bring him back up for good in an environment he can thrive.
  7. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Eno Sarris mentioned the same thing on The Athletic -- but only about Vlad, not Bo.
  8. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    Neris could turn out to be a great asset for S+H leagues if his role becomes fluid. I like him to still save at least 30 games though and throw in a 10 or so holds. If he gets consistent control over his splitter, he's a top 10 closer, no doubt. But that's the big "if'.
  9. MacKenzie Gore- SP SD

    So we're looking at ... 2018 A - A+ 2019 AA 2020 AAA - Dr. Andrews 2021 Debut Can't wait.
  10. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    Heh... Acuna might sign a longterm deal. "In discussion" but nothing imminent (the day is young).
  11. Who's the better prospect pick for this year? McMahon strikes me as the better long-term choice but it seems Calhoun will see a lot more playing time this year. Yea or nay?
  12. Dinelson Lamet 2018 Outlook

    The number one reason I don't invest in fireballing minor league pitching prospects. Too much risk of injury in the first few years of major league play. It seems too prevalent anyone chucking upper 90's is going to have his elbow blow up sooner rather than later. I don't know how many "elbow pain" cases subside and never come back with much worse circumstances. Maybe it's happened, but not worth the risk IMO. EDIT: I guess David Price would be an example, now that I think of it. He was dealing with elbow pain last year and it looks like he's past it now.
  13. Scott Kingery - PHI 2B

    I have to wonder how a deal like this makes a guy like Rhys Hoskins feel. I don't know if they tried to lock him up already but Scott Kingery is financially set for life without playing a game in the majors. That has to be a weird dynamic to add to the clubhouse.
  14. Scott Kingery - PHI 2B

    I think the leash on Franco just got incredibly short. I would imagine they will work Kingery in as a super utility guy while being a backstop to the inevitable Franco collapse.
  15. Scott Kingery - PHI 2B

    Holy heck. That busts up my minor league draft. Great news for Phillies fans.