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  1. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Doesn't mean anyone's turned a corner. It's not how it works. They weren't going to keep hitting like that. Maybe after seeing some heat v. the Tigers, his FB was like a good change. Timing was off. Just saying, you can't read too much into one start.
  2. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    Lets move on now to his outlook moving forward. Don't start @AL East, @Tex, or v. LAA and start pretty much everywhere else and you've got yourself a SP3.
  3. Daniel Straily 2013 Outlook

    V. LAA ( & possibly @NYY if he gets a 2nd start) for a guy who has had HR issues? I like Straily but I'll pass. Risk/reward not great. Maybe next week.
  4. Brett Anderson 2013 Outlook

    Great post, Cmilne23. Can't add anything more. Just want to say FouLLine I was just having fun. Nothing personal. I do think you weigh minor league stats WAY too much without considering league, competition, ballparks, etc.
  5. Brett Anderson 2013 Outlook

    Well Oakland has no reason to rush Anderson. They have Straily dominating in AAA. Besides Straily is the better talent of the two. No he isn't. Didn't you read the Cingrani thread? FoulLine has a super-secret scouting formula he uses (aka minor league stats). Cingrani > MHarvey & Straily > BAnderson.
  6. H2H vs Roto Thread

    You need 3-4 owners. This has nothing to do with roto.
  7. H2H vs Roto Thread

    Agreed. Just had to response to the Dr. and his emo response. Think everyone touched on it already. What I've noticed is mid-tier closers and speed only guys (Pierre, Podsednik) are valuable in roto but found on waiver wires in H2H because these are categories that are often sacked. A guy like Pierre doesn't contribute in enough categories to contribute.
  8. H2H vs Roto Thread

    This topic again? I thought H2H was for Emos who can't pay attention for an entire season and are just waiting for fantasy football to start back up. If you have a league of teenagers who can't pay attention for long periods of time and must have a new matchup every week, H2H is for you. If you don't mind guys tanking a bunch of categories to just try to win 5, H2H is for you. If you like the idea that if some guy has a huge week when you don't need it, it means nothing the next 3 weeks while he's slumping, play H2H. If you like the fact that you could build the best team in the league for a LONG season, yet get knocked out in the first week of the playoffs, play H2H. But if you want to play in a league where the owner that builds the best, all around team gets rewarded and will win the championship, and your league mates don't have ADD, then I suggest roto.
  9. Big fan of your work these past few days. 5 stars!

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