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  1. 2-3,,so far today with a 2b.... even attempted a base swipe... which he failed..but, he looks good... ohhh, who am i fooling....he's probably be warm benching tomorrow...
  2. "el oso blaco" has been a let down..he has to get hot soon...has too..
  3. Well fellow managers our season is half way done. I'm wondering: What pitcher(s) do you have your eye on that you expect to excel in the second half? The diamond in the rough edition.
  4. i agree. i think this is a move to get his feet wet and right back to the minors. Hes thrown 61 innings in double A with a 69 s/o to 29 walks..
  5. 4 straight weeks going on 5 with under performing...Phillies have come crashing down..just wondering what you guys are doing with him? Time to move on?
  6. Matzexperienced some elbow tightness in the sixth inning of Saturday's game against Atlanta, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York reports. Matz pitched well Saturday before leaving the game, giving up two runs on four hits and two walks while striking out seven and leaving the game with the Mets holding a 3-2 lead. Mets manager Terry Collins said he is unconcerned about the elbow.
  7. Double start this week..anybody running him out there?
  8. Rubbys out till august and if he comes back Ive read that he will be coming out of the pen..
  9. The fun is about to begin with a 3 game set at Colorado next!!
  10. Homie is on FUEGO!!!!! Reaping the benifits of last pick in my draft and holding onto him for so long for catcher availablity...Gattis needs a nickname...
  11. Today is make it or break it for Wacha on my roster...
  12. 2 week start..anybody running him out there this week?
  13. 2 starts this upcoming week : Tor / @TB anybody running him out there..
  14. Fuego!
  15. He just got old very quik with all his injuries..