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  1. quick glance: Adley too high, i think.. Gilbert, Deivi and Luciano too low. And where is Valera? Huge overlook there
  2. i dont know why, but everytime i look at a stat line, i look at Hits Allowed + Walks Allowed. And if that figure is lower than Innings Pitched, you got a pretty good pitcher there. I think I read that when Kershaw was a minor leaguer because he consistently did that, and he turned out pretty good I like Hankins, been following him for about a year now
  3. 6 ER in his last 3 outings spanning 19 innings. also 14:3 K:BB over that span. former first rounder. is he just in a mini under the radar groove, or something more?
  4. Any thoughts on what happens with this guy and his imminent return?
  5. somehow Matt Manning was available in my 12 teamer (5 ML slots). said goodbye to honeywell without much of a thought in this case. pitching is very volatile. hold on to someone like honeywell and you could miss out on someone else
  6. 1-2 last night in his return to the lineup... 2 BB
  7. im benching this now he will explode
  8. I hate to be the one to address the elephant in the room, but does anyone else believe that perhaps he forgot to rank him and is now trying to justify it? lol
  9. i picked him up everywhere and owned him in my deep league preseason. people are sleeping on him. this isnt the fish we are talkin about. astros accentuate the value of their players, and martin is already a pretty good one
  10. facing a little bit of a test in High A but still climbing. .182 BAA but K:BB sits at 29:16 in 24 innings. read a great article on him yesterday though how he is just a presence on the mound and in the clubhouse. the word "charismatic" was throw out. i personally like that. definite SP 1/2 upside is he can harness his stuff
  11. hitting .235 with 0 homers in 9 games since being promoted... a true test apparently. K:BB ratio still intact at 6:5 however
  12. why wait til june? move him up now. hes dominating
  13. nice resource... i just wish they displayed stats so that we can see why they are ranked as they are.. but may be nitpicky. nice find nonethless