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  1. SNF/MNF- What'd you need?

    Need 19 points from titans Defense.... anything is possible....
  2. COrey Davis pickup

  3. COrey Davis pickup

    1 pt ppr i wanna scoop up corey Davis before week 6 games i have Jordan Reed As my TE, and jets TE ASJ on bench, I could drop him Martavis Bryant is my other option to drop for Corey Davis Have an injured sterling Shepard who I just acquired last week for gallman ( would love to see his value with all other NJG WR options out) guess ASJ is best to drop for corey.. thoughts ?
  4. Austin Seferian-Jenkins 2017 Season Outlook

    Hmmm... I’m in Same dilemma, now with the news that Reed isn’t 100%, maybe ASJ is he better bet this week...
  5. Help me pick 2

    I Gotta choose two... Aaron Jones, Martavis Bryant, sterling Shepard or McKinnon 1point ppr
  6. 2017 Team Defense and Kicker thread

    Giants a good stream this week? have Jaguars currently
  7. Austin Seferian-Jenkins 2017 Season Outlook

    Fire it up!! (benching Jordan reed, have a feeling he’ll be inactive)
  8. Jordan Reed 2017 Season Outlook

    Yea I can’t roll him out there since I don’t have Davis.... I feel like they saying positive things so Chiefs gameplan for him then the med staff will deem him inactive tomorow night makes sense to rest him through the bye... but who knows
  9. Marty B or Kenny G

    1 pt ppr martavis bryant @CHI or kenny golladay vs ATL
  10. Better RB stash

    1PT PPR league got a bench spot for a waiver flyer RB PIT RB-James Connor (don't own Bell) BUF RB-mike Tolbert (don't own McCoy) LAC RB- Bradin Oliver (own Melvin Gordon) Any thoughts?
  11. 8/1 - GAME DAY THREAD

  12. Belliger for Andrus

    Resurrecting this post, he now offered me Elvis Andrus and marwin gonzales for Cody... i guess im winjing this deal now... or still hang onto Cody?
  13. Goldy for Votto/JD martinez/Faria

    Whoa that's a nice haul for goldy.... i am a huge fan of goldy, but votto isn't a bad replacement and now JD in ARI is better for him ROS.. and faria has been awesome i hate to suggest trading goldy, but that's a nice trade for u
  14. Belliger for Andrus

    I guess SBs, and according the Andrus owner I haven't had a solid SS all year and I need one...