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  1. Ten team 1pt PPR league drop Emmanuel sanders for John ‘Smokey’ Brown
  2. Would that 10Mil offer still be available to him? Or could the owners be jerks and say “sorry that offer is no longer valid “
  3. I’d drop Quinn from that group.. im trying to get Waller too, should I drop Breida. I already have CmAc, Chris Carson, miles Sanders, latavious Murray and pollard on the bench. I don’t think I’d start Breida. Waller being talked about as a sleeper In a lot of sites. I have Mark Andrews now at TE
  4. 10 team 1 pt PPR league I drafted Rams rookie RB darrel Henderson, he hasn’t really shown much in preseason, is he still worth a stash or should I pick up Matt Breida.
  5. Drafted Vikings, do t like their schedule Dallas looks like a good pickup. Their opening schedule is tasty. What say you. Keep vikings or stream Dallas haha
  6. Right now I’m at 6 teams registered , Max 10 but I’ll bump to 12
  7. Right now I’m at 6 teams registered , Max 10 but I’ll bump to 12
  8. Good morning, I want to try out this Sleeper app dynasty league just a casual league with some buddies need some more teams to complete it. I suppose if any one on the boards would like to join just post your name in the sleeper app and I will send invite thanks
  9. I own Soroka, I was just offered Alex verdugo and jean segura i do need the SBs and runs