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  1. I might go with Moore myself, after successfully streaming Brach vs philly Thanks to BostonCajun's info I think Moore should do well Sunday
  2. Just grabbed him for tonight's start...
  3. Yea I agree with above, I'd like lamer over mananea, SD ballpark and pitches in NL
  4. Yea grab pujols... I'm ok with dropping agon, but maybe a lower SP?
  5. 12 team roto- QS league I was offered a trade sano, owings, and melky cabrera for dozier, darvish and Brantley ive been using hernan Perez at SS, Donnie Murphy and carpenter can both plug at 2B. darvish is my ace currently after madbum's road rash... guess i can stream, league is a QS league... I'll be left with cmart, wacha, godley, berrios. (DL Cahill, madbum, matz) i kind of want Sano and owings.. but for the price of darvish and dozier i think might be to high
  6. Nice! Souza homered today thanks dudes
  7. Im looking for some homers off the waiver wire... who shloud I scoop up.. Souza or Domingo Santana 12 team roto league
  8. Ross, godley, gausman
  9. Yea keep choo thx for help
  10. Was offered Matt carpenter for Cody Allen... I alredy have a strong lead in saves catergory (roto league) I would be left with holland Kintzler and branch... i currently have hernan Perez at 3B
  11. Wowzers... I think I will drop him
  12. Starting at SS... does he gel SS eligibility in yahoo now?
  13. I just made the switch from bregman to franco ... hate bregman batting so lie in order... I'll be watched no him but I'd rather roster franco for ROS
  14. 12 team roto guriel has been hot, I know metrics show Franco's slow start will level out soon.... gurriel keeps hitting and might move up in lineup also have Bergman but I don't wanna give up on him this early
  15. Glasnow... thanks fir for help with mine