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  1. I'm not a MGIII fan. I believe the Ekeler/Jackson duo will be very effective in the first half of the season. Having said that the NFL season is a grind with every so called healthy player feeling aches and pains. If Gordon shows up midseason, I believe he'll win fantasy championships with his fresh legs going against tired defenders with nagging injuries. CJ Anderson looked like an all pro after replacing Gurley last year. Fresh legs and slightly lesser talent wins the race every day. In Gordons case we are talking above average talent with fresh legs. If you can get him cheap and have room to stash........
  2. Castro has not been a disaster as a hitter. In 70 games he's OPSing .777 with 12 Hrs. These numbers are well above average for a MLB catcher. It's also very possible that Garver has been so effective because he is so frequently working. I play in daily leagues and own both Garver and Castro in a couple. Catcher production has been awesome in those leagues.
  3. Breida is the more explosive back. Perhaps Breida is injury prone, but he is one tough son of a gun. He played most of last year with an ankle sprain, re-injured it every other game, and kept coming back. I dont know if he is injury prone, butI know he can play through pain.
  4. Had Abraham Toro not homered with 2 outs in the top of the ninth, the game goes to extra innings. Verlander at 120 pitches after 9 might not have come out for the 10th inning and there goes the no hitter. He could have become the next Harvey Haddix.
  5. I believe Gray has two more years of arbitration before he becomes a free agent. If so he may get traded out of Coors at the 2021 deadline, if the Rockies are out of the race.
  6. Dustin May has the answer to that question.
  7. If they don't trust a pitcher because he is 5'9", why would they trade for the 5'7" Stroman?
  8. I'm sure they do. Maybe not as much arm stress as professional baseball, but pitching for Louisville certainly required high effort. Good point.
  9. Last year McKay threw 78.1 innings. To date he's at 77.2 innings. With 30 -35 innings left in the tank how much of an asset can he be?
  10. I like Gilbert a lot, but the Ms won't compete till 2021 at the earliest. 2021 is when I expect his ETA.
  11. I think his absolute max this year is 140 innings
  12. Gallo hit .239 and OPSed .932 after the all star break last year. He clearly showed some growth in the 2nd half last year and while to date we have a small sample size, it appears to be on line with last year's 2nd half.
  13. Aguilar got his opportunity last year because of an injury to Thames. He took advantage of that opportunity and had a break out season. Now Thames is healthy and is OPSing 1.032 this spring. Aguilar is hitting well also OPSing .929. I'd expect some kind of a platoon at 1B with Thames also getting some PT in the outfield. With Thames being the lefty, he may well get more of the platoon. Whoever performs the best will play the most, but I don't think Aguilar is necessarily a lock to be that person.