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  1. Jesus Aguilar 2018 Outlook

    Thames was OPSing 1.014 vs right handers prior to his injury. How do you keep that out of the lineup. I think Braun/Santana/Perez becomes a time share.
  2. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Yes, please drop in all of my leagues
  3. Joey Gallo 2018 Outlook

    Let's not forget that Gallo hit those 41 HRs in only 449 at bats and he was two years younger than Judge. How many with 600 at bats?
  4. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    I thought of Jimmy Wynn "the toy cannon" but it turns out he was 5'10".
  5. Scott Kingery - PHI 2B

    Ceasar Hernandez has 24 major league games under his belt playing 3B. I would assume that if the Phillies want Kingery in the lineup, moving Hernandez to 3B would also be an option.
  6. Eric Thames 2018 Outlook

    2017 Thames vs RH .933 OPS Aguilar vs LH .889 OPS I'd take a .900+ OPS 1B If it cost me a 10th round pick and a 25th round pick.
  7. Eric Thames 2018 Outlook

    He's golden in daily leagues, if you platoon him with Jesus Aguilar. You get top 10 or better 1B production for peanuts.
  8. He means Bum will pitch for 2 1/2 months (August, September, and half of July) after returning.
  9. Walker Buehler SP-LAD

    I anticipate another good outing today by Striker Buehler.
  10. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    Starting against left hander (Brett Anderson) today.
  11. Lucas Giolito - SP WAS

    I have no link, but read in a BP chat that pitching coach Don Cooper was rebuilding his delivery from the ground up. If so, expect quite a few hiccups before seeing progress.
  12. Charlie Morton 2017 Outlook

    Bases loaded with no outs in the 4th, Morton Ks two and serves up a fly out to get out the inning. Buy!
  13. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    Owners are discounting Thames based on the results of Park and of course validating Thames based on results of Kang. Both Park and Kang also had the distraction of adjusting to a different culture and also both were adjusting to major league pitchers for the first time. Thames has prior major league experience and has no assimilation issues. The fact that Park was DFAed by Minnesota is also seen by fantasy owners as a sign that Park was a failed experiment. Minnesota's DFAing of Parks was probably a calculated gamble. Given Park's lack of success, the uncertainly of his recovery from wrist surgery, and his contract, Minnesota gambled that no one would pick him up and in fact no one did, and Park remains with Minnesota. It is very possible that we have not seen the last of Park. His inability to make sufficient contact could be attributed to Park's inability to adjust to a new culture, pressing to live up to his contract, lack of confidence playing at the MLB level, and/or playing through wrist pain before succumbing to wrist surgery. If any or all of these were factors, then the comps to Thames are irrelevant. One a side note Park could be a sneaky waiver pick up.
  14. Ryon Healy 2017 Outlook

    Nicely put.
  15. Ryon Healy 2017 Outlook

    Healy was very unremarkable in the minors until last year. His first three years in the minors he never OPSed higher than .766. Last year he broke out in AA, AAA, and the majors. He OPSed 1.036 in AA, .867 in AAA, and .861 in Oakland. His breakout was attributed to a change in his approach. I don't remember what change he made, but I think it was a leg kick similar to the change Joey Bats made. I can't speak for the thoroughness of BaseballHQ, but if they are looking at Healy's entire body of work and drawing their conclusions, instead of 2016 alone, that could explain their "wet blanket" prognosis. Did anyone predict Bautista's breakout?