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  1. My season went down the drain with Lowry but Oladipo is not a 1st round player
  2. I traded for him sending Westbrook and I regret it.
  3. I will never draft him again, my seasons essentially over
  4. No defensive stats, very little assists and 3's. Bad pcts too. I'm done.
  5. Eh.... the possibility of him going out there and retweaking it being forced to sit out is too large. The stakes are too high, if you have a viable alternative plug him in. Lamar Miller it is
  6. I am now 1-6 and in two weeks I'll be 1-8. lol my seasons over damn it.
  7. Kevin Looney is a nice speculative add. I can see his minutes going up.
  8. Right?! He is doing everything I expected from him in Philly.