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  1. So if they don't win this game Gurley will probably see less usage moving forward and more missed games. What a sad state of affairs. Me on draft day: He's not injury prone Value pick Value pick Value pick Reality: OUT OUT QUESTIONABLE LEANING OUT IR OUT
  2. I wish I would have did the Julio trade. It's off the table now sigh
  3. It's been 10 days and he isn't practicing, he isn't playing lol...
  4. Limited practice but he's still in the protocol. That's good news if you ask me. What's more concerning is how complacent Goff is at feeding at Kupp. I get why as his safety net, but it turns Cooks into a boom bust option. WR might be deep but man but there's a lot of names you simply can't trust. My entire team is also questionable as well sigh.
  5. Man you can't cut him but you can't ever trust him to a start. I keep telling myself to never draft him and then he ends up slipping in the draft and looking like a value buy.
  6. Best to assume he isn't starting tbh. I'm rollign with Tate (Bengals)
  7. Sit out this week, Rodgers is doing great! We can start MVS again
  8. 12 team, .5 PPR QB:Dak WR: Watkins, Cooks RB: McCaffrey, Gurley TE: Engram Flex: Juju DEF: Titans Bench: Duke Johnson Christian Kirk Damien Williams Tony Pollard Auden Tate I just don't feel confident about my receiving corp because of JuJu and Watkins. Any suggestions? Or do I just wait things out? I'm 2-2 and I'm also sitting on the 1st waiver wire selection. I don't plan on using it until it's very obvious I should. Thanks so much,
  9. We need to sell him while he stay has value. He won't be getting much targets or looks downfield on this offense
  10. [...] They have 3 usable backs, Damien won't live up to his ADP
  11. Man if McCoy performs he may run with the job and never give it back
  12. Thanks! I was nervous about it because I waited super long on QB trying to shore up at the key positions. I threw some darts on some key guys like Johnson+Kirk hoping someone works out as well.