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  1. My 6 keeper selections are due today and I just want to make sure I'm making the correct selections. I play in a 12 team Yahoo 5x5 roto league where we have to keep 6 players every season. There's no limit to how long a player can be kept, so for that reason there is typically a premium put on youth and younger talent (can keep them as long as you want) because it can and will set you up in the future. For example one of the owners had Vlad Guerrero Jr. as a keeper LAST year and had him on the bench the entire season. He is obviously being kept by the same manager this season and would be going forward. The top players on my team in order of their Yahoo pre-rankings are: Nolan Arenado (3) Freddie Freeman (13) Giancarlo Stanton (16) Paul Goldschmidt (20) Blake Snell (30) George Springer (40) Gary Sanchez (64) Yasiel Puig (80) David Dahl (93) So I'm thinking I'm definitely keeping Arenado, Freeman,Stanton, Goldschmidt,& Springer. I'm undecided on my final keeper though of either Snell or Sanchez. I typically value hitting over pitching, and the catcher position is extremely shallow so I'm leaning towards keeping Sanchez instead of Snell. That would mean I'm throwing my only ace SP back and would have to build my entire SP rotation from the draft (also have to assume the top 72 players are already off the board due to being keepers). What do you think? Gary Sanchez or Blake Snell?
  2. No it's a 2 RB league with 1 flex. I've got Gurley and Mixon in the RB slots and Dalvin Cook in the flex. I've got Carson on the bench and trying to decide if I should switch out Gurley for Carson. Thanks!
  3. Yeah definitely Anderson over those. Thanks for the response to mine!
  4. With Gurley possibly seeing a reduced workload would you start Carson instead? This is for the SHIP! Thanks!
  5. Which RB should I put in my Flex for the Championship? Kalen Ballage Matt Breida Jordan Howard Thanks!
  6. In a PPR league which do you start? Matt Breida vs Seattle or Adrian Peterson vs Jacksonville Breida's ankle is a little concerning, but so is Peterson vs the Jacksonville defense. Who should I go with? Thanks!
  7. I'm in the 2nd round of playoffs and need to fill these 4 positions: RB, TE, & 2 Flex Spots Please choose 4 from the following: Chris Carson Jaylen Samuels (can start at RB, TEX, or Flex) Matt Breida Jordan Howard David Njoku Courtland Sutton Adrian Peterson Please help! WHIR! Thanks!
  8. Which QB would you start today? Jared Goff vs Philadelphia or Deshaun Watson vs New York Jets? Thanks!
  9. I need help in picking my RB2 and both flex spots in my PPR league. Please choose 3 from the following: Adrian Peterson Chris Carson Jordan Howard Michael Crabtree Courtland Sutton Thanks!
  10. Which QB would you start today? Deshaun Watson vs Denver or Jared Goff vs New Orleans Thanks!
  11. I’ve got both as well and am going with Watson!