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  1. He was feeling so good that he played 3 seasons in one year of course. Too late to edit it, so he'll forever be 30 now!
  2. I'll admit that I'm biased and want McCoy to succeed, but there are some examples of 30+ RB's having successful seasons: Curtis Martin (30) - 1,308 yards rushing Curtis Martin (31) - 1,697 yards rushing Tiki Barber (30) - 1,860 yards rushing Tiki Barber (31) - 1,662 yards rushing Walter Payton (30) - 1,684 yards rushing Walter Payton (31) - 1,551 yards rushing Walter Payton (32) - 1,333 yards rushing Barry Sanders (30) - 1,491 yards rushing Warrick Dunn (30) - 1,416 yards rushing Warrick Dunn (31) - 1,140 yards rushing Thomas Jones (30) - 1,312 yards rushing Thomas Jones (31) - 1,402 yards rushing Emmitt Smith (30) - 1,397 yards rushing Emmitt Smith (31) - 1,203 yards rushing Emmitt Smith (32) - 1,021 yards rushing John Riggins (30) - 1,153 yards rushing John Riggins (30) - 1,347 yards rushing John Riggins (30) - 1,239 yards rushing Adrian Peterson (30) - 1,485 yards rushing Adrian Peterson (33) - 1,042 yards rushing Frank Gore (30) - 1,128 yards rushing Frank Gore (31) - 1,106 yards rushing Frank Gore (32) - 1,025 yards rushing Priest Holmes (30) - 1,420 yards rushing Corey Dillion (30) - 1,635 yards rushing Ricky Williams (31) - 1,121 yards rushing Ricky Watters (30) - 1,210 yards rushing Ricky Watters (31) - 1,242 yards rushing Eddie George (30) - 1,031 yards rushing Fred Taylor (30) - 1,146 yards rushing Fred Taylor (31) - 1,202 yards rushing There's obviously the argument that most of those guys are HOF'ers, but as a counter LeSean is either ahead of, or within <700 career rushing yards of 9/16 of these guys. To be fair and give a point to #TeamDamien, while the above shows that it's not impossible to have a 1,000+ yard year over 30, there's an order of magnitude more examples of 30+ seasons that were <1,000 yards, so I'd still view Williams as a definite hold right now.
  3. Would love him on the Hawks, the other place I think he could be deadly (but he won't end up there because they already have 42,398 RB's) is the 49er's with Shanahan.
  4. Your original post just said "prove me wrong" and didn't have the find an Andy Reid backfield addition--so I went with that. McCoy got 11 touches in Week 1 and 14 in Week 2. If he never does a RBBC, and Damien isn't available, then doesn't that by default make McCoy the starter, even though when Damien comes back he'll have "3 solid backs who could all play"? Again, if the assumption is that Reid won't do a 2-back committee, and Damien is unavailable, doesn't that make McCoy the starter? Also, Davis looks like he's now riding the bench and Montgomery looks more likely to be a bellcow than Davis to be relevant. Well... Williams is injured now. You say this, yet your suggestion was to pickup Chris Thompson this week... who seems like would be rostered in any league that was competitive.
  5. Would a 53 man roster made up of Alabama/Clemson's current players beat Miami at a neutral site?
  6. This is true, if they're DNP on Friday it's very rare that they play. If they're limited on Friday they generally still have a shot.
  7. Fair question for a superflex league. I foresee a 200 - 250 yard, 0 - 1 TD, 2 - 3 INT day for Falk. Whether that's sit/start over those other folks will be league dependent and based on your scoring for passing TD's, INT's, etc...
  8. Yeah curious about this, I looked up for a source but couldn't find one. Seahawks lost draft picks for Sherman secretly playing hurt in the past, so this could be insult to injury for Pittsburgh if true.
  9. Because the Patriots defense looks to be deadly, and the Patriots offense will score significantly more points than Cleveland, meaning Falk won't just be able to handoff to LeVeon 30 times unless the Jets are just accepting they're going to lose the game. In the three games I watched Falk play against UW in college, he put up 4 TD's and 8 INT's, so I could be biased, but I'd be starting Brissett/Rudolph/Minshew before I'd consider Falk.
  10. If you get bonus points for completions to the defense then fire him up, otherwise stay far, far away.
  11. It's pretty close. If I were to do it I'd do it for Mixon, but I'd only do it if you think that DJ is going to continue to play poorly.
  12. I'd play Howard. Witten isn't a bad play either and if he scores a TD he probably outscores Howard, but Miami is so terrible that it's probably going to be the Zeke show after the second quarter, which means that if Witten doesn't score an early TD he probably gives you very little.
  13. I'd do Moore as well if Cam plays over Sanders, but the rest looks good!