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  1. He's sitting on the waivers in my 12-teamer as well, what're your thoughts on him for Week 16 vs Jacksonville? He has to be a fade vs 49ers next week but potentially a sneaky Week 14/16 play.
  2. Love Henry, but the Lynch run was more impressive due to the context of it being in the playoffs. Also that was some of the most pathetic tackling I've ever seen from Jacksonville, 21 is the only one who doesn't look like their half-assing it, I'm guessing the rest didn't want a full stiff-arm to the face from a baby-rhino.
  3. You mean like how Darwin was the backup to the backup to the backup within the last month?
  4. Reminder that Jason Witten was making $4.5M as an ESPN analyst, and took a $3.5M base salary this year to come help Dallas "compete for a championship".
  5. Dallas by merit of a better divisional record.
  6. Somewhere someone drafted the following team and thought they were going to murder their league: QB - Cam Newton WR - Antonio Brown WR - Odell Beckham Jr RB - David Johnson RB - Joe Mixon TE - OJ Howard Flex - James Conner
  7. Antonio Brown has to be up there if we're not including mental injuries
  8. For those unaware, JG2014 filled up 4 threads worth of memes that literally crashed the servers:
  9. Was true last year too though right? Swap Tate with OBJ and it's basically the same situation.
  10. Then cry because they'll probably cannibalize each other making neither startable? 🤷‍♀️
  11. He went 14/98/2 vs Penn State and 24/121/2 vs Ohio State his final two bowl games, so not like he never performed vs non Pac-12 teams. I'd chalk his lack of run so far more to the incompetence of Miami than anything.
  12. Spencer Ware 🤷‍♀️ Weirder things have happened in that backfield...
  13. Plus when the other RB (that they admittedly aren't really using) is—or at least was—one of the premier receiving backs in the league.
  14. Myles Gaskin Ballage is now likely out for the rest of the season, and while the articles will be about Laird and he'll get all the waiver/FAAB love, his 16 for 36 (2.25 YPC) on the season isn't blowing anyone away. Take away his "long" run of 13 yards on the year, and it's even more dismal at 15 for 23 (1.53 YPC). I wouldn't want to start either, and it's no sure thing that he even gets carries, but Gaskin will likely be a free pickup, and I have higher confidence in him becoming a featured back long-term than Laird. For those who didn't see his thread earlier this year, I mentioned the following there:
  15. I'd drop Latavius Murray before Sony—I agree that I wouldn't feel confident starting Sony, but if you drop him there's a high likelihood that someone else will pick him up, and there's a decent chance he could come back to bite you in the playoffs. Pats play Kansas City next week (30th against the rush) and Cincinnati the following week (Dead last at 32nd against the rush), so keep him on your bench as a "keep away" move rather than a "starter" move. Plus, Latavius is just a stash at this point so you're dropping a stash for a stash, and there's a higher chance you'd be able to pick him back up after waivers this week than there is getting Sony back.
  16. How are the teams 8-8 after 13 weeks of football?
  17. I'm being a pedantic a**, but technically you didn't... 😁Congrats on making the playoffs!
  18. Commiserate by drinking some Glühwein at a Christmas Market! I miss Germany in December!
  19. Ballage now hurt, could be worth stashing this week, most of the waivers and FAAB are going to go to Laird.
  20. He's tied for 2nd in the league for most 20+ yard runs (behind Lamar Jackson), this is a terribly bad take.
  21. You mean like you hadn't when you declared Damien Williams the clear lead back literally 2 weeks ago? LeSean likely isn't going to be fantasy relevant but for someone who verifiably contradicts themselves every ~5 days you're awfully pompous.
  22. The same LAR that he went 8/8 for 103 yards at their stadium on? I think I'm okay with that for championship week.