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  1. Need a Flex for this week’s playoff matchup. Have #2 waiver wire spot. Who would you pick? Derrick Henry or Justin Jackson
  2. I’d take Doncic too, but maybe not Ayton. JJJ is really looking versatile, though Ayton does seem primed to put up easy numbers in Phoenix.
  3. Tough choice for #1 pick in a dynasty draft. I’d lean Doncic but it’s hard to say without seeing him in Summer League. Ayton has looked good, but not outstanding. JJJ, Mitchell Robinson, Wendell Carter, and Knox have gotten my attention. I haven’t been impressed with Trae, but I’ve heard the Atlanta coaching staff likes that he can create his own shots, even if they haven’t been very accurate.
  4. JJJ has looked great in Summer League. He’s got range, blocks, rebounds, and more. Dude is gonna be a good one.
  5. ^^ Agreed. Mitchell Robinson is putting up amazing numbers in summer league. 6 blocks today. The Knicks have some good young talent.
  6. For me it’s between Doncic and Ayton, with JJJ as a dark horse. Doncic scares me a bit coming from Euroleague, but I think I have to give him the edge over Ayton. I’m a little surprised to see no Ayton votes yet.
  7. Who do you think will end up being the best player from the 2018 NBA Draft?
  8. 1st HR tonight. Back-to-back multi-hit games. Could be starting to warm up.
  9. I was wondering the same thing. I still think they wait longer.