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  1. He put up solid numbers even with trubisky. Had a 100+ in week 1 and went over 12 pts in ppr in two of the three weeks before his 2 td game with Chase. Both QBs target ARob heavily as evidenced by his 8.6 targets and his 25.9 percent target share on the season. He’s a solid WR2 and an a amazing WR3 with a safe floor high ceiling imo.
  2. Don’t overthink this. McLaurin shouldn’t be anyone’s WR2 or WR3. If he is in week 5 then you’ve had bad injury luck or a poor draft. He’s a bye week plug WR3 and a solid flex. I don’t mind that Callaghan wants to run a lot. That’s great. Even dead runs still get the D focused on the backfield which makes play actions more effective and allows for more 1:1 coverage with minimal or no safety help. In a worst case scenario o the skins pass 15-20 times a week. McLaurin will still get 5-9 targets and I’d still their best red zone passing option. There’s literally no one else in the pass game other than Chris Thompson, which again, keeps the safeties focused on the line of scrimmage, so McLaurins targets should be more lightly contested. Qb accuracy could be an issue, but a 50% catch rate and the possibility of a red zone or break away TD is always possible with F1. Low output to me is 3 rec / 40 yds / 0 td / 7 ppr pts. Reasonable expectation is 5 / 80 / 1 / 19 ppr pts. High is 7 / 110 / 2 / 30 ppr pts. This to me is his go-forward per game projection as long as Keenum is playing. If he starts getting yanked after 2 ints then all bets are off. For now, Terry is super safe high upside every week starter and best in class bye week flex fill in my opinion.
  3. Not even close. Diggs set up in a good spot. Eagles have given up 100 yards to Julio Ridley Marvin Jones and huge games to Adams and McLaurin. Start with confidence.
  4. Coleman outplayed Breida over the course of the game. His pass pro was far superior; Tev saved a couple sacks and Breida wiffed a few times. But after Breidas amazing 83 yard gain and awesome option route TD, he averaged 3.1 yards per carry on his next 10 carries constantly getting stopped behind the line. Coleman ripped off chunk gain after chunk gain constantly getting positive yards even when hit behind the line. And on his 19 yard TD run, if there were more yards to be had, he would have a huge gainer TD too. Not saying Breida won’t have value; both SF RBs are on the RB2 map. Just saying I thought Coleman was the better back tonight even though Breida ended up with the better stats. #watchthegamestowinatfantasylol
  5. ^This. He had the great run and then the TD catch. After that, he went for 31 yards on 10 carries. And he he missed a few blocks in pass pro. I thought Tev Coleman outplayed him honestly. Coleman’s pass pro was way better and he was gaining chunk play after chunk play. Dont get me wrong, both SF RBs have value and are on the rb2 map, but I don’t think Breida breasted at all after watching every play of the game. He had a couple amazing plays in the 1st quarter and was below average for the rest of the game.
  6. I’m not so infatuated with Terry, however productive he’s been so far, to think a QB changed couldn’t adversely affect his per game stats. Not every highly drafted rookie QB is Mahomes; most follow Murray’s path. Up and down, good games bad games, but typically a bit inaccurate though could be elevated by rushing or a high volume offense. The thing that makes me feel good is that he played with Haskins in college. While Terry didn’t have a high target share at OU he was extremely efficient and made plays after the catch resulting in tds. Hopefully that would translate to the field, the comfortability, preexisting connection and timing. Fingers crossed should Haskins get in the game. I do know that Colt McCoy is bad for all Redskins skill players fantasy-wise.
  7. I’m not so sure. He is the better receiver and best blocker of the group, so he should be in on 3rd and longs and in the 2-minute drill. But the other RBs showed well while Coleman was out and probably have carved out roles. I can see this being a 40-40-20 split with Mostert getting the short straw to start and the hot hand dominating early down 2nd half touches each game for the 1st few games after Tevin returns. I do think Coleman is the most well rounded back but each has value in their own right. As a Tevin rosterer myself, I hope he take reigns eventually but he’s not going to be handed the job right off the bat.
  8. This. But I don’t thinking finding a guy like McLaurin will happen.
  9. Offer on the table in a 1pt PPR... Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks, Evan Engram for DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Mark Andrews. Which side would you want? WHIR as always; leave a link.
  10. I see a 3-man committee, with the hot hand dominating 2nd half touches and Coleman in for the 2-minute drill since he’s the best route runner and pass blocker with Mostert getting some goal line work. Wilson will go back to the practice squad imo as he’s got a duplicative skill set to Mosterts. Im not counting on Breida getting hurt either. I’m more worried about Coleman getting reinjured than anything else. Hopefully he’s the cream that rises to the top though.
  11. Tate was a ppr machine in Detroit when matt Stafford was entering his prime in a pass first offense. He was not a ppr machine last year for the eagles or the lions. Shep is the wr1, but he’s not an elite talent that will dominate targets. To expect that Engram will get 10 targets a game is far fetched; that’s 160 targets. Nobody thinks that’ll happen. But can he get 7 targets a game, a few with 4 and a few with 10 target games with shep Tate Saquon in the lineup? I feel like that’s reasonable. And 5-7 tds is a reasonable expectation too. Im a giants fan and huge Eli fan. He knows more than Jones, he’s seen it all. He’s a master of the playbook and has a good rappprt and timing with Saquon Engram and shep. Yet he still couldn’t get it done. His arm was a noodle, he was jumpy in the pocket, and the biggest detriment was he couldn’t extend a play. If he didn’t have a clean pocket or couldn’t step up, he was toast. Jones should be able to extend plays. He’ll scramble when needed. He makes up for a shoddy oline with his feet. It may offset Eli’s knowledge and savvy. And Engram should benefit from broken plays as a middle of the field, intermediate distance receiver that burns Lbs all day with his speed. I feel like the giants are gonna throw 30 times a game, the league average attempts per game so far is 35 and last year it was 34. maybe they pass it more if they get behind a lot (spoiler alert: that will happen). That’s 500 attempts if we round up. At 7 (112) targets a game for Engram, that’s 22% target share. Feels reasonable especially considering objs gone. Shep and Tate can still get their 8-9 targets a game on average and still leave plenty for Saquon and the other receivers. Thats a low/safe prediction too.
  12. I watched every snap of this game. It was brutal to watch the titans. But fournette was met in the backfield with st least 1, many times to or 3 defenders on every single run in the first half. The titans schemed to take him away and make Minshew beat them. And it worked, for both teams. But a lot of that also had to do with the jags o-line. They ole’d edge rushers on nearly every run play. In the second half, fournette had a bit more room to run but it was cause the line improved. He was still facing 8 in the box on every down. On the last drive after he broke the long one, he did have a shot at the end zone but slipped on his own. That was the only play I think fournette blew it. He did what he could and thank goodness he got 8 targets to offset the tough rushing night, at least for ppr players. i don’t own him but I was actually impressed tonight. He could have given up and took some big hits but kept on fighting. Didn’t complain, didn’t sulk... just kept going and finally broke off the big one. Hopefully teams start respecting Minshew and the play calling affords fournette more runs to edges. But with his volume and effort, I’m gonna try to buy low on him. The tds will come.
  13. Love that Drakes week 3 projection is 2 points while Tevin Coleman’s and Kallen Ballage’s are 4. That’s all you need to know about the dolphins O, and yahoo for that matter
  14. Point 1 changes my opinion if correct. I hadn’t heard that before and abs comment that they voided his guarantees and that he was week to week led me to believe none of his salary was guaranteed. Your point 2... per the espn article it’s for the altercation. That’s why it’s on Mayock/the Raiders. They’d already made up, he apologized, gruden says he’ll start, then they fine him? Poor form and terrible management of a terrible situation.