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  1. I don’t think any of that is relevant; he’s on a new team with a new qb and scheme facing a completely different opponent and Crabs himself has changed how he plays over the years. However, I am starting him as my 2nd flex player. Cincinnati has a fierce pass rush but their secondary can be beat. Crabs does much better vs zone defenses than vs man coverage and the Bengals played zone 63% of the time last year. Could play right into Crabs hands. I know he’s also TD dependent but even if he only gets 10 ppr points I think that’s a reasonable expectation for a flex2 who has upside for more.
  2. Stop being so insightful and reasonable. That’s not what we’re here for. Qunicy is is on a direct path to the hall of fame, full stop.
  3. I’m not saying it works every time lol; that’s just my baseline FA strategy. And fwiw, Cohen didn’t get bid in last year. He was drafted in both my leagues.
  4. For me, yes $100 budget and 12 teams. But what’s important imo is the scale of the bid to your (the royal ‘your’) league. I tend to to budget for 3 big FA targets a year. And in my experience, bigger bids are earlier in the year when everyone has near their full budgets. I shoot for 30-33% for my first bid, 20-25% for my second and third big targets leaving me 20-30% of my budget on lesser FAs throughout the year.
  5. 33% at minimum. The chance to get a potential WR2 doesn’t happen many times during the season.
  6. I’m doing the same thing. I love the overreactions; it’s why I win my F&F league year after year. Pros don’t get itchy trigger fingers after one week. Lots more football to be played (and not all games will be against top 2 Ds)
  7. Read back a page or two more. Rotoworld cherry picked a few lines from a larger conversation; the context is completely missing as are a few keys names in the middle of the quote. And Carr was the problem last night. He was jumpy, didn’t let routes develop, checked out of pass plays, and checked down far to often feeling ghost pressure. After he got hit a few times early in the 3rd including a knee-level roughing hit, he got stuck in his own head.
  8. I don’t pay attention to rounds since league size can skew it; I pay attention to ADP. In that regard, Cooper was typically in the 28-40 range. I look at Yahoo, RW, and FFC typically and all of them had him pegged in that range which is prime for WR2 selections. But it’s semantics and I’m splitting hairs. We’re saying the same thing; he shouldn’t have been drafted as a WR1, he’s a mid-to-low-tier WR2, and is not elite.
  9. Wow. That’s is click-baiting at its finest, I’m sure to spark debate in their forums and dive up impressions. That’s pretty terrible; makes me question much of what I read in the player headlines on RW. Aggregious.
  10. Totally hear you. But my question is more in general than to you directly... why would people think he’s elite? He has pedigree sure but not every player who comes from a big time college program is elite. He had two very solid seasons to start his pro career but didn’t reach the heights of truly great WR early production. He had a down year last year and plays on a team with no WRs to take opposing ads focus off him as the defacto WR1. Ive read in this thread that he was on an elite WR trajectory. I don’t see it. Look at OBJs or Julio’s 1st and 2nd seasons. Cooper was not on their trajectory; people who drafted him to be an elite WR1 didn’t do their homework.
  11. This week will be tough but should be smooth sailing after that. Yes, he faces philly twice but no other matchups ROS scare me at all; giants have one of the easiest WR schedules in the league.
  12. Who would ever say he’s elite? He’s projected and drafted as a WR2. Expecting anything more is a recipe for fantasy disaster. Hoping for more... that’s a different story but hope and expectations are very different things.
  13. Fair, but Amari didn’t get a chance to be good as the whole team was hindered by Carr. You could see how in his head he was with that 2nd pick. Nobody was near him but he ‘felt the pressure’ and lobbed the ball to nobody in particular without even looking in the direction he was throwing; was one of the worst football moments I’ve ever seen. Ive got no skin in the game; not a Raiders fan and don’t have any shares of Amari. But Carr was the sinking tide that lowered all boats. As for Gruden saying Amari needs a spark and he still believes in Carr... I think that’s just a coach who knows what his players will respond to. With Carr a disaster, he needs to motivate his best playmaker to step up and lead. Could be Amari just responds better to tough talk, call outs and Carr needs hug and kisses and reassurances. Just my two cents.