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  1. Designated for assignment....Hopefully he finds a decent landing spot
  2. With Syndergaard out for the year basically this guys could really help the K's
  3. I wonder if his injury is still bothering him??
  4. Another good start so far: 3IP, 1BB, and 5K's - I should have picked him up already
  5. Redraft....Hard to say what is wrong with Bundy right now. Although, Morton has seen a good increase in velocity this year. The other WW options include: Rodon Tyler Anderson Morton David Paulino Pivetta - Good upside Tyson Ross Eddie Butler Homer Bailey Sean Newcomb Daniel Norris Porcello Tyler Anderson may be a good alternative to Morton it's just that he pitches a Mile High
  6. I just don't see the upside right now in Bundy with the loss of velocity and the lack of K's
  7. It's a shame that Houston can't see that Fisher is a better option than Aoki or Marisnick right now. There are every day AB's for Fisher it's just that Houston has to make it happen.
  8. I would think Marisnick and Aoki are replaceable but that is just me. Give their AB's to Fisher and Gonzalez. I mean couldn't Fisher play LF/CF thus giving them a even better offense overall? Keep using Marwin to spell multiple guys per week. Just because something is working doesn't mean it can't get better.
  9. Personally, I like the move as they will probably be similar in ERA and ratios going forward but you would get more Wins and K's from Morton. What say you guys??
  10. Praise the WHIP killer
  11. Sure not making the most of his time in The Show
  12. The last 3 starts have not been very good
  13. So.....This guy is supposed to be a decent prospect for Philly. Went 7IP, 0ER, 2BB's and 9K's vs Boston tonight. Went toe to toe with Sale and held his own. Anything to see here? Seems like control has been an issue but maybe something clicked tonight??
  14. I'm glad he didn't pitch amazing tonight. Hopefully the guy that picked him up will now drop him for another streaming option
  15. He needs to be in the minors working this crap out