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  1. And he sits again!!!!
  2. More K's would certainly help his cause
  3. What the heck dude.....Was cruising vs Sea and then then fell apart
  4. K/9 has not been great that last couple starts
  5. Kind of sucks
  6. Well this is not encouraging. Each start gets worse. I wonder if he's tipping pitches. His high K-rate from last year may be a thing of the past
  7. Well this stinks.....I would have started him in my Weekly league vs
  8. Man, if you can't start this tool vs Toronto right now who can you start him against?
  9. Drafting Syndergaard over Sale in round 2
  10. Control has sucked tonight......Hope this isn't a recurring theme
  11. Had such high hopes for him after the WBC
  12. Time to jump back on the Montgomery train...Anderson is sucking and likely headed to the DL.
  13. I have a couple different leagues where I am struggling with injuries and pitchers who have sucked, ie Joe Ross. Would you drop Joe Ross for Cahill, J.C. Ramirez, or Carlos Rodon? In another league I could drop Rodon or Rich Hill for Cahill and/or J.C. Ramirez? What say you guys??
  14. Oh My!!!!!!
  15. Rain Delay??