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  1. Stupid Mets!!! With Davis and McNeil there was no need to sign Jed Lowrie. They should have picked up Keuchel and Kimbrel instead. Davis should be the starting 3B right now with McNeil serving a Lowrie type role. Just dumb!!
  2. Do you guys know of anywhere to find PRINTABLE Depth Charts for each MLB team?
  3. I won my 2 out of my 3 Rotowire Online Championship leagues last year so I was looking at trying my luck at the Main Event but I may need more I'm looking at taking 2 entries into the Dirty Dozen now
  4. So essentially guys are going to draft more conservative in the Satellites.
  5. I might do a 15 team Satellite instead. I think Draft Champions you draft 50 players and then there are no FAAB acquisitions. Main Event would be quite a bit different I believe
  6. Hey Guys, Not sure where to post this so here we go. I've played in some 12 team NFBC leagues the last couple years I'm and looking to jump to the 15 team Main Event this season. I'm sure drafting strategy changes a bit with 15 teams compared to 12. Anybody played in the Main Event over at the NFBC site? What do you guys like about 15 team leagues over 12 team leagues? How does your drafting strategy change when comparing the 2 leagues? Does anybody know of any articles on drafting 15 team leagues? Thanks ahead for any insight
  7. Too bad Rosario can't play CF as well. Lowrie could play SS and McNeil at 3B.
  8. Great value.....His ADP is 78 in NFBC leagues
  9. I wonder if McNeil can play CF?
  10. Well, that muddies up the OF situation in SD now. Myers, Cordero, Reyes, Renfroe, and Margot
  11. Hey Guys, I'm looking at getting a season long subscription to, Fantasypros, and or Rotowire mlb. Have you guys used any of these and prefer one over the other? I was looking at getting the BaseballHQ Forecaster as well. I primarily plan in NFBC leagues and usually have used Fantasypros and Rotowire in the past. Any insights would be great!!!
  12. Hope the hype stays low for now
  13. This dude is the NL version of Khrush Davis. I hope he is a sleeper going into drafts next season.