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  1. Wasn't fooling anybody today
  2. Still doesn't help
  3. I hope the Granderson acquisition doesn't cut too much into his playing time....Too bad Puig wouldn't have gone to the Mets in return.
  4. Yeesh.....Starting out with a BANG!!
  5. I'm seriously thinking about dropping Thames for this guy
  6. Yeah, I figured they'd knock Corbin around but I guess not
  7. Astros offense has been putrid lately
  8. I'm about done with this A's closing messterpiece
  9. Hitting 6th tonight.....If only he could stay there
  10. I guess I can be done with this guy
  11. Snell looking decent tonight
  12. I pick this turd up and he proceeds to sick again
  13. I sure hope he can limit the damage today. He sure isn't looking great. He isn't locating the fastball well at all
  14. So....Too many platoon players for this guy to get regular AB's?? Could really use the guy with Polanco and McCutchen injured