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  1. I have always thought that drafting a catcher is similar to a tight end in fantasy football You can draft a stud early that is a productive as a regular position or you wait to the end of the draft and draft a tight end that is projected for 500 received yards and 5 TDS or a catcher that is projected to hit 250 with 15 homers. The problem today is the lack of stud catchers makes drafting a catcher early a bad bet. On the other hand I did an initial 30 team dynasty draft last year and it seemed no one was taking catching prospects. I drafted Keibert Ruiz in the 14th round, MJ Melendez in the 40th round and Miguel Amaya in the 39th round.
  2. I think that 16 year old J2 players should not be ranked before coming stateside. See Kevin Maitan. However, it was really unprecedented how good Franco was in the Appalachian League at 17, which is a big difference from the DSL. Franco is two years younger than Vlad and was 351/418/1,004. Two years ago Vlad was 271/359/808 in the Appy League. Franco also could stick at SS. I expect Franco to be the number one prospect next year and would be shocked if he was outside of the top three.
  3. Stevenson is not even in the Blue Jays top 30 according to Prospect Live. https://www.prospectslive.com/lists/2018/10/13/toronto-blue-jays-top-30-prospects The reason that Franco is ranked where he is and Stevenson is not close to the top 100 is because Franco is 17 and very young for his level and Stevenson is 22 and old for his level. You are underestimating age and level. Here are some random player that I like, that I have not seen in a top 100 list, but clearly should be higher ranked than Stevenson. Ryan McKenna - Dominated high A (377/467/1023) in 67 games. Struggled in AA but played well in the Arizona fall league. Strong defensive centerfielder. About six months younger that Stevenson Cristian Santana -109 RBIs in 131 games in High A while playing 3rd base. About six months younger than Stevenson. Tristan Lutz - Excellent in the Pioneer League in 2017 (333/ 432/ 992), struggled in full season A in 2018 ( 245/321/742). Lutz is two years younger than Stevenson. Shervyen Newton-He was in the Appalachian league with Stevenson last year. His numbers may not have been quite as good, but because he is three years younger and plays a more premium position, he is a much better prospect.
  4. I don't know much about Stevenson, but why was he is the Appalachian league instead of the Pioneer league? He played college ball at a big time program at Arizona and is 22 years old playing against a lot of high school kids. 2019 will be a big year for Stevenson, but putting him in the top 100 as mentioned in the article link above seems very premature. He is a couple month younger than Kevin Smith who dominated at high . Big difference from the Appalachian League.
  5. What a lost year. It has been one thing after another (vertigo, finger and now elbow). Also the Reds seems pretty set in the infield with Gennett, Peraza and Suarez and India coming soon. Senzel is probably going to move to the outfield and I don't think he has nearly as much value as an outfielder as he would as a middle infielder.
  6. Nunez is a 17 year old 3rd basemen that the Cardinals signed for $300k which was the max that they could offer due to the penalty from the Astros scandal. A lot of scouts say the DSL stats are meaningless, but Nunez's numbers were obscene . In 44 games he hit 415/774/1272 with 13 hrs and 59 rbis. I think 82 in very aggressive but Nunez is someone to keep an eye on as least. It will be interesting to see if he makes it to full season ball next year.
  7. Malcolm Nunez was part of the 2018 J2 class but not in the top 30 according to the rankings above. After winning the triple crown in the Dominican Summer League, Nunez is 82 on the Top 500 from reddit.
  8. Correction it is actually Malcom Nunez not Melvin .
  9. Two 17 year olds that are obviously years away. D'Shawn Knowles in the Angels organization from the Bahamas turns 18 years old in January. He is an outfielder that was impressive in the AZL in 30 games. Got promoted to the Pioneer league and has been even better in 17 games. Combined Knowles has a 331/420/915 slash and should be in full season ball as a 18 year old in 2019. He has 5 hrs and 8 steals in 47 games. Melvin Nunez from Cuba was the Cardinals biggest international signing in 2018. Due to penalties the max they could was the $300k they gave him. Nunez turns 18 in March. He is only in the DSL but his stats are amazing. In 43 games he has 13 homers with 59 RBIs and a 415/500/1286 slash. Nunez in a 3rd basemen.
  10. No real reason for the Padres to push it this year. It was said earlier in the thread that Paddack was going to caped at about 90 inning this year. He is at 75 now. Btw, hitters are hitting .096 against Paddack in AA.
  11. Eric Longenhagen first mentioned Dodgers righthander Gerardo Carrillo in a tweet on June 19th after his 2018 two inning debut in short season in the AZL. Carrillo has since been promoted to full season A ball where he has been dominant in two starts. Carrillo turned 20 in September and is listed at 154 lbs but he is someone to keep a eye on in deep leagues.
  12. I think that is reasonable probably after the super 2 deadline around June 1st.
  13. Oriole pitching prospects are dinged quite a bit. However, DL Hall should have more buzz than he is getting. Hall is a lefthander that was the Orioles 1st round draft pick in 2017 out of high school. Hall turns 20 on September 19th and has spent the whole year in full season A. He was up and down the first couple months but has been great the last seven starts. In 32.2 innings, Hall has allowed 2 earning runs with 38 strikeouts and a whip just under 1. Hall throws in the mid 90s and has made a lot of progress in 2018 with his off speed pitchs. In deep leagues, owners make mistakes by just ignoring prospects because of their organization. Orioles and Rockies pitcher lose some value but talent is important.
  14. Potts is really young for high A (turns 20 on October 28th) and has been really good (276/349/868) with 48 extra base hits including 16 homers. The strikeouts has picked up since the originals post but has already walked 31 in 2018 after only 23 walks in 2017. Potts is good enough defensively to stick at 3B. Potts should be a consensus top 100 prospect in 2019.
  15. I have not heard Rios at all in Machado rumors. The Orioles have Chris Davis' contract for four more years after 2022 stuck at 1B. Mark Trumbo is signed thru 2019 although he has been decent enough that possibly they can find someone to take him off their hands. They also have Trey Mancini who belongs at 1B or DH. Edwin Rios does not seem like a fit for the Orioles although from my dynasty team perspective, I would love from to be playing regularly in Camden Yards.