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  1. Unless they have another injury, he is just keeping the spot warm until Soler is ready.
  2. He has not played at all in spring training, there is no question that Kipnis is going to start put on the DL.
  3. He sucks in homers, rbis and OPS if that is a category. Hamilton should be batting lead off and get runs. He seems to had made strides as a hitter and should at least not hurt your team in batting average or OBP. A concern is nagging injuries that caused him to play in less than 120 games the last two years.
  4. Year. I think next March there is going to be a lot of stories regarding how bad the shoulder of was and that it is now 100%.
  5. Orioles fan. Trumbo and Alvarez are free agents. There is some chance that Mancini could be the DH next year, but my guess is they sign a cheap DH type next February or March. Mancini tailed off towards the end of the year.
  6. I don't think it would impact arbitration or free agency unless he spends additional time in the minor leagues after this season. Even if he was brought up on August 1st, it would not be possible to be super two so he would not be eligible for arbitration until after the 2019 season at the earliest and eligible for free agency until after the 2022 season at the earliest.
  7. What does having Renfroe in the majors for a week and a half accomplish? Given his productivity in AAA this year, he should have been given a two month audition. He will be 25 before next season starts. Instead the Padres would rather sign Oswaldo Arcia who has been released by three teams this year.
  8. Next season I can keep Corey Seager in the 2nd round, Story in the 13th round or Turner in the 20th round. Today I made up my kind to keep Turner. I think he has 20 homer, 50 sb potential for next season. The power is a big surprise.
  9. Saturday will be 9 weeks since he sprained his ankle.
  10. He got hurt on July 2nd. Yesterday was exactly six weeks. September will be over eight weeks.
  11. Ubaldo being on paternity leave is apparently delaying the trade. It will be interesting how much Upton runs with the Orioles. The Orioles don't run at all (13 SBs for the entire team).
  12. You are obviously mixing Skaggs up with someone else. Skaggs had Tommy John surgery and did pitch at all last year. In 2014 he was traded back to the Angels and there was a lot of talk about how the Angels made some mechanical adjustments and he was throwing a lot harder than he had been with the Diamondbacks. Skaggs was in the middle of a dominant start against the Orioles on July 31, 2014 when he got hurt.
  13. I drafted Gattis in mixed league and I am really surprised and frustrated that he has only started two out a five games. A player that is only eligible at UT really limits flexibility and I don't know how much longer I can keep Gattis if he is not playing. The Gattis as a catcher thing reminds of when I had Matt LeCroy in a AL only two catcher league in what must have been 2003. LeCroy was a part time DH and catcher that had a lot of value as a catcher in a two catcher AL league but did not play enough to be useful at any other position. He had a decent year 17 homers, 64 RBIs, 287 average in 350 ABs. LeCroy was not eligible at catcher going into the year and we had a 20 game rule to gain eligibility. I kept him on my team the whole year waiting for him to get catcher eligibility. I think he became eligible the last two weeks of the year.
  14. Rotoworld has a hard time determing how Asdrubal Cabrera fits in with the Nats. The blurb says Cabrera should be able to pick up at-bats backing up Anthony Rendon, Danny Espinosa and Ian Desmond. Most everyone else seems to think Cabrera replaces Espinosa as the stating 2nd basemen. More comical is Rotoworlds depth chart for the Nats that has Cabrera as the starting SS and Ian Desmond as the back up. C 1 Wilson Ramos 2 Jose Lobaton 1B 1 Adam LaRoche 2B 1 Anthony Rendon 2 Danny Espinosa SS 1 Asdrubal Cabrera 2 Ian Desmond 3B 1 Ryan Zimmerman LF 1 Bryce Harper 2 Kevin Frandsen CF 1 Denard Span 2 Nate McLouth RF 1 Jayson Werth 2 Scott Hairston